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  1. Is it still anybody living in DCS ??? No news since may !!! BS was annouced for 2008 but we heard now 2009 !!!! We are waiting since sooooooooo long. Guys I think it's time to workkkkk. I am bored to wait your product and I will see wat's possible with FSX !!! My simpit of the KA-50 is ready but I have to fly since february with the SU-25T !!!!
  2. Tell me whatt you want exactly and I will release it for you or others with pleasure ! Don't forget that I haven't used IO-Cards but only X-Key devices... Raz
  3. Hi Wasserfall, Sorry but it's not possible for me to join you in Ahaus. I have still to work for a "mobile" solution for my simpit. It's still a litte bit heavy and not so easy to move. During the evening, I will put a movie on the web, be patient... Anyway thanks for your comments:) Raz
  4. Here is the link for the pictures overview on picasa : http://picasaweb.google.fr/KA50Razorback Enjoy Raz
  5. Finally, after 8 month of work my Ka-50 Simpit is done !! My first flight into it was thursday evening. I will put all the pictures on picassa and send you the adress soon. For info, I have installed a dolby surround system into the simpit and the sound is really great !! I have still to fligh with my SU-25T but my collective lever is ready for the release of BS (soooooon ?????? :D) Have a nice flight of keep going with your simpit... Raz
  6. Waouwwww, It's realy a great great job !! For sure, KAMOV will contact you soon for his new helicopter !! You have now only to find two engines and ready to take off.... Raz
  7. My simpit is well open on his back, hopefully ! I don't want to fligh naked !!! It's a simpit not a sauna !!:D
  8. Goooooood evening crazy simpiters That's it !! After 8 months of work, the outside part of my simpit is now finished !!:D In fact I have just to add a big panel in front of it to close this part but I have to put first my PC and connect all the USB cable. Tomorrow I will normally place the seat. Of course, pictures will follow !! Have a good flight !! Raz
  9. Here are two pictures of my seat. before and after works. Tomorrow I will paint the extern part of the cokpit, maybe more pictures during the evening...;) Raz
  10. No IOcards, I am a very bad electrician. I have only two X-Key and with my Saitek X52 pro, I have all the commands in order to fligh with my SU-25T (FC) and the future KA-50 from BS.
  11. Hello guys, I am back with new pictures !! My carpenter and ironman have finally finished the work and I can finally begin the latest part of my simpit. I will post a lot of picures during the next day then be prepared !!!:D My seat is not yet finished (maybe tomorrow) then pictures soon. I have also to paint the outside part of my simpit. As you seen on pictures still a lot of work. Enjoy ! Raz
  12. I a first used the X52 from SAITEK and now I am using the X52 Pro (more military looking). I have windows XP and until now I am happy with this system (I have also the SAITEK Pro flight rudder pedal) The configuration of the X52 Pro is like a child game. raz
  13. Hi Roketter and Cat 101st, For your information some of the labels above or under my switches are real cyrillic legend. But some of other are only words made with cyrillic letters and even one of our russian "camarades" could not translate it ! lollllll But anyway if your are still interested, I have made these legends with Powerpoint and if you send me your e-mail adress in my private message, Its not a problem to send you that. Best regards Raz
  14. Finally !!! Yes, I have received the last wooden part of my Ka-50 from the carpenter. The windscreen is not totaly finished but I have now the most part of them. The rounded flank will be added during next days. After that I will place my 22' flatscreen inside. I have also received my new computer : MB s775 Asus Striker Extreme CPU Intel s775 Core 2 Quad Q6700 2.66Ghz 4X2Mb 3 Gb DDR2 memory 2X HDD Stata 160Gb Nvidia Asus GForce 8800 GTS 512 Mb FC is running with the biggest graphics option and everything is very smooth (Even with Track IR 4 Pro) It's a pleasure to flight with the SU-25T. I have still to wait my seat and his support from the ironworker. (5-7 days) Of course pictures soon ! ;) Here are the first picture of my simpit with the windscreen... Have a nice flight Raz
  15. Hello Guys, I have just received my nex computers. It's now ready to fly with FC and all my add-on. Everything works perfectly ans It's a pleasure to fly (with Track IR) Here is my hardware configuration : MB for Intel s775 Asus Striker Exrtreme CPU Intel s775 Core 2 Quad Q6700 2.66Ghz 4X2Mb + fan 3X Memory DDR2 Kingston 1Gb KHX6400 D2 HDD SATA 160 Gb 7200 Maxtor +...
  16. Hello guys, Like I said last Thuesday, I was yesterday on the Belgian Helicopter base in order to receive a course on the A-109 Agusta multirole helicopter. It was really great. After one hour in the helicopter (With the exploanations on the cockpit), I have passed 85 minutes in the real A-109 simulator. It's really hard to control all the things but it was really interesting. It's very difficult to fly an helicopter and afterwards a plane, the control of the helicopter is completely different and you have to check a lot of things. (I crashed during the landing on a Belgian airfield at St-Hubert :smartass:) Don't forget to give power just before the landing !!!!;) Here are two pictures, the first one is the Tactical simulator and the other is the real simulator. I will post others pictures soon because I can go back wen ever I want ! ( mmm I like the friendship between the men of the Ground and Air Componand !! :D) Raz
  17. Thanks for the information. As you say, a lot of thing for a simple command ! But anyway, if it's works !! I will try this for the other 14 free buttons with BS, we have just to wait the release of BS!! Have a good week. Razorback PS : By the way, wednesday I have one hour on a A-109 Agusta simulator ! (Pictures later) Razorback
  18. I am still waiting the windscreen from my carpenter (1 month) Grrrrr:mad: I have done the configuration of my 2 X-keys model.(You know that I am a very bad electrician or electronician than the IO-Cards and so one are not for me !) Here are two pictures of my X-key. Some commands are made for the SU-25T. There are still 14 free command. I am waiting BS to configurate them. These 2 X-Keys will be placed above the windscreen and will replaced some boxes of the real KA-50. I have just to place some switches in order to have a good resemblance with the real Ka-50 Razorback
  19. Hi Bengo, Youpeeee, I am not the only Belgian guy on this forum ! So you must be Flemish and I am coming from Brussels but for our friends we will keep on talking English. Don't worry about your X-key, I have the same problems (Windows XP). In fact I have two X-key models : The X-Key 20 Desktop and the X-key Button Panel (24). The X-key 20 Desktop is working perfectly but I have had some problems during the configuration of my X-Key Button Panel (Macroworks II). I have now resolved this problem, in fact I use my X-Key button Panel for single command (I, E, F1, 7, etc...) and my X-key 20 Desktop for the combination of commands (Alt-E, Ctrl-space, Ctrl-=, etc...). This combination of commands makes trouble only on my X-Key button panel and I don't know why ? That's all I can tell you about the programmation of the X-key. I don't know why we have some problems with Macroworks II (With Vista and Windows XP). Greetings from Brussels, Razorback PS : Ik woon bij Waver in Waals Brabant.;)
  20. Hello simpiters, First thanks a lot for your remarks, I appreciate :) For Boberro : My ABRIS and TV shvalk are not effective. The Shkval screen are coming from an old portable DVD device and the ABRIS is hand made. I have ordered most of the switches in a hudge french shop by internet. I don't want to pay too much for my simpit, that's why i haven't choosen for IO cards and so on... For Roketeer : I have written all my switches letters in cyrillic like the real Ka-50. As you know my switches are not effective. I have a lot of pictures of the real Ka-50 cockpit than it's easier. If you know the command of the switches you can directly translate it to English (One of the latest BS video could help you ?). Maybe you can also take a contact on the russian forum to ask some help ! There are many "comrads" there ! ;) For Wassefall : Some switches are indeed effective, they turn ON/OFF some lights and LEDs in my simpit like the Weapons Ctrl board, Gear lever,...) Have a good WE Regards, Razorback
  21. Hello Guys, I am living in Belgium and since Aug 2007 I am building a Ka-50 simpit. I have posted some pictures on a french LockOn forum and today I have also started with this DCS forum. Anyway, My simpit will normally be finished in few weeks. I tried to have a realistic cockpit but most of the switches in my simpit are not effective. I use 2 X-key to give command to my plane/helicopter. (I am really a bad electrician !!;)) I want still to play with the SU-25T of FC than my simpit must have a normal power throttle (X-52 Pro) for my plane but also an helicopter collective lever fur my future Ka-50. (some pictures soon). Today I join some pictures of my simpit. I you have some questions... Have a nice fly !:pilotfly: Razorback
  22. Ka-50 simpit Hello guys, Here is my first messages and I send to you some pictures of my Ka-50 simpit. It's not finish yet, I am still waiting the windscreen from my carpenter ! For info, all the switches are not effective ( No IO-cars used !!). I have build this first cockpit only to be in a realistic environement. I use only two programable X-key Enjoy Razorback PS : Sorry for my english !;)
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