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  1. Some commands are binded like: - F1 to F12 View - Trim and cargo windows - Flashlight - Jump from pilot to Gunner seat - Activation of the weapons system - .... Most of the commands of my other modules are also binded on my streamdeck.
  2. yes I did but only for the Mi-24P. I don't currently fly with my other DCS modules.
  3. Thxxxxx You can find some movies here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1oqfhAP4J95lgkIMtFxySQ/
  4. Has anyone ever tried to connect a second monitor with the Mi-24P. I have a second monitor in my Mi-24P Simpit and I want to use it for the mapping system but...I have no clue if it's already possible.
  5. I deleted the stable version, installed the beta and now all is working fine! Thx a lot guys...
  6. So, as many of you, I encountered an issue with SSA after the install of the Hind module in EA (DCS 2.7 OB) I have installed the SSA beta2.2.3 version from f4I0 (by the way thx a lot for your work !!). But At the end I am encountering the same issue. I didn't uninstalled the previous stable installed version, could that be the cause ? Thx a lot for the support...
  7. I was generally dissapointed by the sounds in DCS but I totally agree, the already available sounds of the Mi-24P module are just perfect! The engines and rotors sounds are amazing ! It's the first time that I regularly push on the F3 button when flying. It is also the first time that I will not look for a patch correcting the original sound. I'm already looking forward to the new improvements... Great work gents!
  8. Other light switches are also located on the left front panel (above the landing gear panel).
  9. Not available yet, will be added later
  10. Alexander has clearly stated before that Petrovitch will act as a human operator which means with a percentage of errors and missed fires...
  11. As far is I know, Waggs should release today a new new video of the Hind. The famous "Pew pew pew video" ! I hope that It will be before 9PM (Brussels time) because the Belgian football team is playing against......Russia ! So, a Belgian victory + a new video will make me very happy ! And may the best win comrade!
  12. Hide it ? Are you crazy! The fan in the Mi-24 cockpit is as important as the weaponry it carries !
  13. Just to remember, when the Hind will be released in EA, only the Shturm (9K114) should be available. The Ataka (9M120) should be added later.... TBC
  14. Here is my file... No engagements from my SA-12 and SA-10 SAM sites....and I really don't know why.... If someone could help me....Many Thxxxxx TESTS.miz
  15. Same issue as Anduriel. Tested with S-300PS and SA-12 sites. They don't engage any ennemi aircrafts. Last version of 2.7 OB is installed (not via OVGME) screenshot in Ann
  16. Alexander as clearly announced that the NS430 will be not modeled in the Hind.
  17. Compatible OVGME ? If not, What's the correct name folder in the Tech file ?
  18. Ohhhhhhh Waouwww that's a nice update! I am very glad to seen that your project is not dead and is still going forward. I am currently only flying with helicopter in DCS but it's definitely a module I would install ! I really like the design of this aircraft and its air-to-ground capabilities... Thank you for keeping us informed. Many of us will undoubtedly appreciate the progress made.
  19. I have the same assessment and I would be happy with a release mid-July(just after my holidays). End June, Mid-July seems to be the most realistic agenda...
  20. If you want to have further information on the Mi-24P module, You can check on the russian forum. https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/834-dcs-mi-24p-hind/ Alexander (PilotMi8) is in charge of the module and is posting a lot of interesting information... You can easily translate it via Google or Deepl.
  21. Александр упоминал, что системой прицеливания Raduga можно управлять с помощью мыши или клавиатуры, а также с помощью джойстика. В настоящее время я изучаю возможность управления системой прицеливания с помощью джойстика, полностью предназначенного для этого. Было бы неплохо получить подтверждение, что система Raduga может быть отображена (в опциях DCS - управление) с джойстика... Извините за мой плохой русский, google - мой друг!
  22. 11 May 21 and I have still the same issue. Troops don't embark when on stable. Same mission played on the 2.7 OB and all goes well !
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