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  1. Currently impossible to download...
  2. It is clear that ED and its partners have done a great job in 2021 and once again we have had some new and very interesting things that have continued to improve our favourite simulator. We know that the implementation of Vulkan will take time and is not something that can be achieved quickly. However, there are other points that deserve some clarification: The development of the Mi-24. Since its release there have been some improvements, bug fixes and module additions such as Atakas. However, it seems to me that since the last few months, the improvements are minimal and that the module does not receive the attention it should. Some buttons in the cockpit are still not activable and programmable, there is still no manual, some weapons are still missing, Petrovitch still doesn't speak. One gets the impression that Alexander's team worked very hard to get the module out, but that since then it seems to lack the resources to really give the Hind the improvements it deserves. The improvement of the old Air and Ground assets. Despite the 2021 roadmap regarding the improvement of some "old" aircraft and vehicles for 2021 we haven't seen much during the year. What is the status of the announced SA-22 Pantsir? Many vehicles also deserve to be renewed in terms of textures. For fans of the next Apache I think it would be appropriate to give a real boost to some ground assets that are now from another time. I personally would have liked to see this kind of thing instead of a ZIL-135 which in the end is of limited interest. Some tanks, armoured vehicles and command vehicles (URAL C2 for example) need improvements to reach the same standard as the magnificent T-72B3 or BTR-82A. Best regards and once again Happy New Year to all the members of the ED teams
  3. Concerning the last newsletter,the discussion about the usefulness of modelling the pilot's watch in the Hind has already been discussed and everyone has their own ideas about it, but I hope that the next Open Beta will give us more progress on the Hind than just this one. There is still a lot of work to do to get a complete and finished module and I hope, and I'm not the only one, that the Hind will not pay the price of other priority modules. Hopefully Alexander's team is still fully dedicated to the Mi-24's progress. I'm not sure that bringing forward the modelling of a watch as an advance on the Hind is the most welcome news for fans of this beautiful helicopter.
  4. Hi Guys, I have a problem with the installation of my mods on a new PC and I confess I don't understand the problem. I have since a few days a brand new gaming computer and I have completely reinstalled DCS open Beta, SRS, Tacview,... Everything works fine. Then I transferred my missions (created with the mission editor) as well as the mods I was using on my old PC to the appropriate file on my new PC (savedGames/DCS Openbeta/Mods/Tech). The missions are displayed normally for loading but apparently it doesn't recognize any of the installed Mods even though they are exactly where they should be... How is it possible ? Many thxx for your help...
  5. Hi, I have just reinstalled SRS after a complete installation of DCS on a brand new (and very performant) computer. When I am conecting on the server with SRS, my mouse is moving more slowly. Same issue when I am clicking on it, the latency is quiet high (1-2s) When I disconnect the server, all is working again as normal. Is it a known issue with SRS ? Thxxx
  6. N'hésitez pas à venir jeter un coup d’œil à notre tout nouveau site Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/930736214533111 Vous découvrirez notre organisation, nos missions, nos fiches "Recco", des conseils de vols,etc...
  7. Thx for your reply Bignewy, I'm sure that's the case, but when you're passionate, especially about this machine, you always hope to have the improvements that are "still in progress" with each update. It might be interesting to have an idea of the team's priorities as well as a (brief and approximate) timetable of future achievements. Example: - Petrovitch voice: Q2 2022 - Kord in cargo: Q1 2022 ...
  8. I'm quite disappointed by the improvements made to the Mi-24P since the beginning of September. Apart from the arrival of the Ataka missile and the correction of a few bugs we haven't seen much. At this rate I'm afraid it will take years to complete the module (hopefully one day). I don't know what this is due to, probably some explanation or explanations, but it looks like Alexander's team is already busy on something else...too bad.
  9. Bonjour à tous, Et bien le moins que l'on puisse dire c'est que notre campagne de recrutement est un beau succès depuis maintenant presque deux mois! Nous ont rejoints dernièrement : - Chroma - Fox - SID - "Papy" Daniel - Denis (finalement reparti vers une escadrille de pointu) - Mrlion qui pourrait également prochainement nous rejoindre Mais pas question de nous reposer sur nos lauriers, nous avons eu également quelques départs et c'est ce qui fait que la vie dans une escadrille virtuelle est aussi un lieu d'échanges, de rencontres et de complicité! Nous sommes actuellement plus d'une dizaine de pilotes et nous avons actuellement toujours UNE place de libre pour un novice complet ainsi que plusieurs places pour d'autres pilotes qui ont un minimum de connaissance sur hélico... Alors n'hésitez pas à nous rejoindre!! N'hésitez pas à me contacter en MP si vous désirez en savoir plus
  10. Look here: https://www.escuadron69.net/foro/index.php?/topic/71654-mod-isis/ Download here : https://drive.google.com/file/d/11GiECtlrGhXEkoMwl_yJP00sCzeLlQGP/view?usp=drivesdk
  11. For sure I will check on that during the first quarter of 2022! Du coup je ne sais pas si tu es francophone ou anglophone The Gazelle is now also part of the closed club of the 06th MHR "skins"
  12. Petit update au niveau de notre recrutement : Cette petite campagne de recrutement a été un beau succès pour nous puisque nous venons d'intégrer 5 nouveaux pilotes hélicos avec des niveaux différents. Nous allons maintenant nous concentrer sur la formation de ces derniers. A l'heure actuelle, et afin de limiter les formations à la 06, le recrutement est toujours bien OUVERT pour les pilotes hélicos mais uniquement à ceux qui ont une maitrise avancée d'au moins une de ces machines : UH-1, Mi-8; Gazelle et Mi-24P Hind. Avis aux amateurs et @+ pour de prochaines nouvelles...
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