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  1. Thx but only the gear lever is connected. All other instruments and switches are placed in order to have an immersive environement but are not connected... Maybe later...
  2. Finished ! https://youtu.be/GEC1IB_5pQk
  3. I never flew on MP since 2 weeks ago. A joined a French Squadron (2nd FFS) with my Mi-8. Now, I only play in MP, but with members of the squadron only. I found motivated and serious people, realistic scenarios and exciting flights ! You must be lucky to find this kind of thing. For sur I will never go back to SP.
  4. Not a surprise for me. I was expecting a release around June... 2d quarter of 2021 as announced... So fine for me. 6 more months to perfect my skills on the Mi-8 MTV2...I can live with that
  5. I don't have additionnal info. But for sur I will be connected and watching...expecting some news and new pictures...
  6. Hi, I know that there is a mod with the real sound of the trim for the Mi-8. Could you tell me where I can find it? Many Thxxxx
  7. In russian but maybe some new images and movies on the DCS Mi-24P https://vk.com/wall-132656047_4674 "Friends! On Friday, January 8th. On Friday, January 8th, at 19:00 (Moscow time) we will hold a live stream about Mi-24P in DCS. Our guest is Alexander Podvoisky aka PilotMi8, DCS Project Manager: Mi-24P. Accordingly, no one will be able to answer your questions about Mi24P in DCS better than him. The stream will be on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/VargTV. Maximum repost is welcome)" Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  8. And the video is great ! So better twice than none !
  9. Who as not yet watched this video ? if you're one of them it's because you're on the wrong forum and it's time for you to go and see what's new on the F-16 and F-18 forums!
  10. I know that you are like me, one of those who await the Hind with enormous impatience. For my part I have become a little more patient because I am confident in the work that has been done. Before 2020 It was a lot of discussion on the Hind but we didn't see anything coming. Even though we have been very, very calm over the last few months in relation to the module, we saw in Aug 20 with the video over Syria that things have really progressed. The last delay seems to be mainly related to the Multicrew and this is now resolved. We probably have to wait a few more months before a re
  11. We know that the things are going forward and I am pretty sure that we will see the release of the Hind in 2021... A lot of thinks have been already done during 2020...Some of what we are not aware of (which is unfortunate). Yes on my opinion there is a lack of communication but obviously not a lack of work ! May the faith be we you Grodlund...
  12. That makes my day ! I am already impatient and curious to see what else we will discover in addition to what has already been shown during the flight over Syria.
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