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  1. Good Tuesday Afternoon cosmicdoubloon.

        I'm in Winston-Salem, North Carolina at 2:32 P.M. EST cosmicdoubloon !!!

  2. Hello all :) Yes, we are still here and we're still alive. I apologise for the lack of updates, real life has not been too kind to members of the team over the last few months. I am currently in the process of writing up a more 'proper' update for release in the near future but for now I just wanted to assure everyone that we're still around and development is continuing. In the meantime I will continue to monitor this thread and answer questions people may have about the mod. Thanks again to you all for your enthusiasm and passion for the MiG-25, we do not want to disappoint!
  3. It's at Maykop airfield with custom airfield assets by the looks of it
  4. Sirius is helping the team out, primarily with research/translation of documents and being an extra pair of hands for the coding team. I'm not sure what you mean by TL, but if you mean team leader, he's not one. Thanks :thumbup:
  5. Hi all, Apologies for the lack of content, times have been turbulent for us all. Work has slowed over the last couple of months, partially due to impacts from the Coronavirus and partially due to one of our main developers moving house (and country in the process!). However work does continue albeit at a slower pace than we would like. We are currently finalising some content behind the curtains and we hope to be in a position to show something off in the coming few weeks and I'll post a more complete update and project progression report when these few bits and pieces are finalised and
  6. maybe a somewhat usable workaround for now using the editor would be to set up some triggers so that when a ship is hit by a Harm (or 2/3 depending on mission requirements) it disables the radar. My thinking would be something like: if : missile in zone [AGM-88, target ship] (make this a small zone so that it would only be triggered by a missile impacting the ship) - action : Unit emission off for multiple missile impacts it would change to: first trigger if : missile in zone [AGM-88, target ship] (make this a small zone so that it would only be triggered by a missile impacting the ship
  7. There is a civilian regional jet in the game already, the Yak-40. Maybe that will suffice if the mod isn't working?
  8. Our MiG-25RBT will be equipped with: FAB-100,250,500 general purpose bombs FAB-500T Special purpose bomb - This variant of the FAB-500 was made to withstand transit and weapon drop from mach 2+. SAB-100 illumination bombs BETAB-500 anti-runway bomb (not sure about the upgraded BETAB-500SHP version, will find out) Recon cameras and pods. As far as the documentation and information we have shows, contrary to popular belief the MiG-25RBT did not carry any air to air missiles, not even R-60s for self defence. Its primary method of defence was speed and altitude, but certain versions were
  9. Hi all, We're still here and still alive :) Now that the holiday period is out of the way work is resuming. Not much to show at this point, mostly coding work. Once I have enough to show you I will post another major update post, but will answer any questions people have in the meantime. Thanks for your continued interest and support everyone :)
  10. maybe you could use some triggers in conjunction with some advanced waypoint actions? A potential solution might be something like: trigger for 'Once - Unit damaged - target truck - Flag on (1)' advanced waypoint command 'hold' with start condition of flag 1 after X seconds (I'd suggest 20 to give the first truck enough time to burn out but with practice you could shorten it to the perfect time to sync with truck destruction) turn the waypiont command off using 'stop condition - 20 seconds'. Something like that might work, yes the convoy will stop whilst the lead truck is on fire
  11. I think there's still something funky going on here and would request another look is taken. I've attached a second track where I am at 55,000ft with a cabin pressure of 20,000ft. I turn off the oxygen again and still do not experience hypoxia without dumping the cabin pressure. I also climb to 60,000ft with a cabin pressure of 22k ft with still no effect. Now I'm not IRL pilot but I'm fairly sure even in a pressurised cockpit if the cabin pressure is 21k+ feet I think you'd need to be on supplemental oxygen at that point. Could you have another look Bignewy? F5 o2 bug test 2.trk
  12. thanks for the investigation and followup Bignewy, and thanks for the informative post tom_19d. It hadn't occurred to me to check if the F-5E has a pressurised cabin and the detail provided by you two absolutely makes sense. Glad it got checked out regardless!
  13. Per the title, the F-5E currently does not require the pilot to turn on his oxygen supply for high altitude work. This bug is present regardless of hot start, cold start and air start. In hot/air start you start with oxygen on but if you turn it off the pilot never blacks out. If a cold start you never need to turn it on. Track attached. F5 o2 bug.trk
  14. All information being used for this project is publicly available online. Due to the nature of this being a free mod with no intent to commercially benefit from it we are not seeking licensing or any sponsorship or similar. We are of course very aware of the troubles faced in the past by other mods and projects (the TU-22M3 mod and the ED full fidelity modern redfor struggles come to mind) and we're being careful to minimise risks posed by doing an aircraft such as the Foxbat. We appreciate the concern though! If we decide in the future to pursue a third party status with the Foxbat th
  15. Hi guys, Work is continuing at a steady rate, the current focus is on the landing gear. Progress is being made on both the coding and artwork for the gear, the team is currently deep into the kinematics coding for landing gear behaviour at varying speeds (such as overspeed damage or very fast/heavy touchdowns) and the coding behind the extending/retracting animations. That said, progress continues in the art department though at a slower rate than the coding. See below a rough, early WIP screenshot of the nose gear which is serving as a placeholder to help test the coding mentioned earl
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