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  1. Hi! Show "6" in the DED align. Playng on line MP, Awacs in 321.00 UHF Runing some times the align in Stored Heading align , the data link appears! Thanks Man! And remenber, Fly Safe!
  2. ok, ok, i see the 2 videos, and do a normal align, up to show 6.... flashing align in the hud no data link yet.....
  3. Hello, I'm having trouble connecting my data link I follow the manual of the f-16 but I think there is still a button to connect ... Manual to turn it on ===> "Link 16 is part of the MIDS radio system and must be activated by rotating the MIDS LVT knob on the Avionics Power Panel to the ON position. The DL switch next to the knob is not applicable to this block of the F-16C and may be left OFF if desired " But in my MFD, HSD and radar display continues black ...... Thank you, and Remenber Fly Safe
  4. Thank you, now i found it! "Additional properties of aircraft" Thank you, and Remenber Fly Safe.
  5. thanks for the answer, I haven't found it yet .... in the mission editor on the left bar where there are 3 signs, would it be the "view unit list"?
  6. hello, I've been looking for how to put the j-17 on a mission in the parking hot without the refuel probe, of course in the missiom editor, I even found a single topic that said "there is a letter for this" and the other pilot replied "I found" .... I'm in the misson editor and I didn't find it ..... Does anyone know where it is? To disappear the probe !? thankyou, and Remenber Fly Safe.
  7. hi, i 've played one missim im MP,and i can atake an american tank, if you shoot from the view from inside the tank, you will miss the target (about 10° rigth side), if you press the "insert" view, a camera out side the tank with a aim , in this view you can hit the enimies and you can see the error of aim fron inside the tank.
  8. To amplify the radar distance I got to test at 1 bar (1b / 1) and 20 ° of scan, using the correct height of the target, theoretically this amplifies the signal, but even so when it passes to STT the target is lost. ..
  9. Hello everyone. I noticed that in the last update the radar is unable to acquire a target over 36 ~ 38 nm. Above that distance he cannot lock on the target, he simply loses the lock. Playing in MP right after the update I noticed the difference and I had reports that something on the f-16's radar was also different, as I haven't learned the f-16 yet, I can't say anything about the difference on the radar. I was realizing that the F-16s were able to fire their 120c's at a distance greater than 36 ~ 38mn, playing in MP with few pilots I was able to confirm, that while I was at FL45 at 1.02 Mac
  10. Same bug here, after change radar mode to guns, when back to BVR the radar stuck......
  11. Hi Big, I did a test in the mission editor and it worked perfectly, I'm sorry for taking your time. I'm going to do another multiplayer test because there I missed a defect in the oxygen system.
  12. Oxygen & Hypoxia Modeled on the F / A-18. A while ago the oxygen system was semi functional on this aircraft, I realized that in the last 2 updates the system is no longer simulated. Follow the link of Squad GR comparing the systems in the f-14 (simulated full until today active) and in the F / A-18 (semi sim) that was deactivated ....:doh:
  13. The map area there would be quite large, our old Tucanos have already bombed many pirate tracks in support of arms and drug trafficking in our Amazon forests. Our toucans with updates look a lot like the A-10C's panels, of course, in ammunition because they are mono-motors carry much less bombs. I know that this year the Tucano for DCS will be released, the map would be cool for them!
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