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  1. I often thought about this every time that I watch a video of F16 driving to the track take off, it is true that the nose of the plane goes up and down depending on the condition of the taxiway. Something we don't have in DCS. It would be great to have it, thank you in advance.
  2. Seen like this yes you are right that they terminate the bridge crew, but that they include this crew in the forrestal. On the other hand, I would find it normal that this addition should pay off because all work deserves a salary. But that does not prevent me from saying a big THANK YOU to ED for their work.
  3. It would be nice if they merge to bring the same deck crew on the forrestal but it is no use asking them because their commercial interest is clearly more important than we who support them.

    Rain fix

    ok tank you OK, thanks lot

    Rain fix

    So since 2.7.7 how should we install the mod (rain correction)? Thank you in advance Mr TAZ
  6. 261 / Here is the end of the download and DCS is unfortunate. hangs at the second window just before the one that gives the list of what we want to do (mission, quick mission, etc.) so I do a repair to see if it will work after (first time it happens to me)
  7. So if I understood correctly 4MB / s is good and it is normal? if so, that's fine with me I was just afraid to be picked upmerci
  8. I see the images of MAXsenna which downloads has almost of 62 MB / s second, I would like to download this speed because despite that I have the fiber I do not exceed 4 MB / s and 1 hour 40 minutes to download the file, I wonder where the problem is!
  9. update today works fine I'm downloading without problem see the result when the download is complete
  10. Hello, I have windows 10 and when I select HDR in Windows the graphics in DCS display HDR. So it detects DCS
  11. ²A big thank you for your contribution, I hope I won't be the only one to like it your effort
  12. PLUTON

    besoin d aide

    yes the idea is good but I did not find anything that corresponded see another idea or that whoever made the mod say so! wait
  13. PLUTON

    besoin d aide

    ho excuse me I forgot to specify that Black and white pod screen was for the F-14B thanks in advance
  14. PLUTON

    besoin d aide

    Could you inform me, (djpshy) created a mod (black and white pod) to replace the green color pod I would like to know the installation path. I do not use OvGME and neither JSGME. thanks for the help
  15. hello, the update of 09/17/21 removed some skins from F 16 and made me lose some FPS (around 5) not yet checked everything. TO BE CONTINUED
  16. Goes for 1 month of chores if the VIPER flight model and in today's update
  17. Hello I can't find this page !! could you tell me please?
  18. Hello it is thanks to people like you that our DCS simulator also takes value in our heart. a thousand thank you gentlemen for your beautiful skins
  19. Hello it did exactly the same to me, but now I no longer use barthek n y OVGME's normandy mode, I install the files manually after each update on the normandy files of DCS and it works every time. try without the barthek normandie mod (while saving the original textures)
  20. on the other hand, I forgot to point out that the mod only works on open beta, at home does not work on stable. good flightbouuuuuu
  21. hello Morpheus, thanks for the answer .ok I understood and I did it and it worked, thank you very much. so that means that as many games as we have as many times as we can program it. Logic. Thanks again
  22. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1kyBH6LrDzl_KlEL7Ju0KeOZnbokhBAj-?usp=sharing Here is the link for Norman winter textures I thank in advance the creator of this mod which of course is not me. good download
  23. Sandmonkee the file will be online (google drive) in a few instant .j working on it
  24. OK Sandmonkee explain to me how I should proceed to drop the zip file in user files and I will do it because I don't know the procedure (excuse my ignorance)
  25. OK but how do we create a download link so that you can download it ??
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