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  1. Marvelous! You just made my day.
  2. It is hell of a lot better than what we have now. :smilewink:
  3. +1 Cyprus doesnt need to be detailed at all. Just the RAF Akrotiri.
  4. Mavericks were first planned for April, now we know they are delayed again. Is it reasonable to expect them June 3rd? Can we get some information about Viper development? Has Viper been completly abandoned because of other projects?
  5. Indeed. BigNewy confirmed on Discord that Mavericks are still WIP, almost a month later since the planned "release". Also if you read the Hornet mini-updates, you will know that Viper has been pretty much abandoned until at least 2021. :smilewink:
  6. Yes, in late April Kate from ED said they hired a new engineer that is currently working on AGM-65D and they plan to deliver it later that month ( April). Obviously didnt happen yet. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4287187&postcount=1
  7. Last official info was that it will maybe have AGM-65D for the Viper.
  8. This is precisely why we need a roadmap for Viper also. Few weeks ago it was said that Viper will be out of EA in 2020. Now we're told that Viper development will be slowed down even further (after very little development in the last 7 months).
  9. Thank you Kate and team for this update. As a customer since 2003, I can say that your continuous commitment to this great product and flight-sim genre as a whole is inspiring. Without ED and its partners, flight-sim genre would be a very empty place. Stay safe & healthy during these trying times and thank you for all your hard work.
  10. It used to be that ship borne CIWS could engage AGM-65's, but this no longer appears to be the case.
  11. Silvern

    Hellenic Vipers

    To fly them of course! Why would I shoot down the best looking F-16's on the planet?
  12. Silvern

    Hellenic Vipers

    Looking forward to these skins. :) Good luck with your project.
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