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    Resetting buttons

    NM figured it out
  2. I don't know what I did not I screwed up all my buttons. Of I remember correctly the F18 startup up panel works perfectly out of the box like the TM Warthog did. How do I reset the WW startup panel back to stock? I tried deleting the LUA file in the input folder but no go. Thx!
  3. I think some of the razbam devs should come in our discord channel and we can tell you all about the AV8. Bring a pen and paper though. Maybe 2 pens
  4. Yeah sorry. Sometimes I can get pretty heated. I literally go right from the server and while my plane is starting up, i type in the forums. My bad, gotta learn to cool down sometimes
  5. If you are unsure what the above acronym is for , I am sure it'll be on google. This AV* is the single most biggest POS in DCS. It is so inconsistent on how it operates. I do the same thing every time when using mavs, for example. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt using exact same steps. I am sick and tired of beta testing this sh** that I don't even report bugs anymore. You want your modules tested, come on a derver with me, pay me what I make an hour and i'll do it for you. In the mean time fix your sh** please. I offered to make a $100 bet that the F15 will be the same thing. No one o
  6. Like tanks getting stuck in tumbleweeds. This is RIDICULOUS. Almost as ridiculous as how long with has been going on for. ED get you SH-- together please
  7. Come on ED, fix this already. How many years has it been now? Sheesh
  8. Thats what I am saying. I think the profile is way off. Like I said, the initial speed on the jdam is 500-600 kts. Thats 10 miles per minute. It would take only one minute for the bomb to reach 10 miles. Now of course the bomb is decelerating. Lets say on the lower end of things the bomb has an initial release of 300 kts or 6 miles per minute. Thats 2 minutes to reach 10 miles. We all know the bomb will stay airborne longer than 2 minutes. I think ED needs to revisit the profile and correct it. get a hold of an aeronautical engineer and they can probably give you a much better idea what the ra
  9. Has the distance on the 31's been reduced. AT approx 37,000 feet I used to be able to get about 25 miles on them. Now it seems like 10 or so. Considering when you release the 31 at 37000 the initial speed of the 31 is 10 miles a minute, I think the new distance is bugged
  10. If I join other servers, it seems to work fine. No one else on the server gets it though.
  11. This tainted client thing is driving me through the roof. Now I join my fav server and I get the integrity check in the attached screenshot. I uninstall the F16 and its still there. ED what are you guys doing?????
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