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  1. Condition: I was creating a mission where several flights of 4 ship F-16s were required to refuel from a tanker prior to pushing. The F-16 4 ship will fly formation on the tanker's left wing, then the flight lead will take fuel, no problem. When # 2 tries to refuel, the aircraft will close into initial position, and then porpoise to just above the elevator of the KC-135, then collide with the rudder. This behavior is included in the tracks attached, however, I was fortunate enough to run a test where the tanker was not immediately destroyed and witnessed the 3rd AI pilot repeat the same maneu
  2. The post gets updated, it was last edited the end of August. Sent from my SM-S102DL using Tapatalk
  3. I haven't started the campaign yet, but if you are given WP targets you can use TOO mode, and then on the HSI or SA page designate the way point with one of the OSBs. The way point will become a target for the JSOW. After launch choose another way point, designate and launch again.
  4. If you go to E-shop, then campaign on the main page you will find SH2 Sent from my SM-S102DL using Tapatalk
  5. I have had this issue in the past, turning off MSAA seems to correct it. Then you can try turning it back on again and see if the problem is resolved. Definitely no flickering with MSAA off, and some times toggling this setting with game restarts in between will make the black box effect go away.
  6. A similar issue was reported in vr bugs... try setting msaa to off. It has worked for me thus far. Sent from my SM-S102DL using Tapatalk
  7. Good to know, thank you. Are you guys by chance all using WMR headsets?
  8. Today, the same thing occurred. It is hard to recreate, in fact I thought it had gone away. The black square flashing occurs most consistently in the JF-17, I am attaching a log file. dcs.txt
  9. I have experienced the same. In the f16, while the instrument floodlight is above %0, this occurs. It seems to be related to instrument lighting in many aircraft, and reminds me of the issue the harrier had with canopy reflection a few months ago. Sent from my SM-S102DL using Tapatalk
  10. I experience the same thing in both occulus and now reverb. I also noticed some artifacts, as if the drops with motion are occurring, but with a weird orientation or perspective when in VR. If I can grab a screen I will. Sent from my SM-S102DL using Tapatalk
  11. The news letter contained the items on the todo list for ED and those features have yet to come. Sent from my BLU R1 HD using Tapatalk
  12. Heatblur, Since voice attack profiles for Jester are inevitable, it would be a nice function, in the specials menu, to force the Jester menu to the top level on each call. The current menu call will load a menu corresponding to the main HUD mode selected. This would allow for consistent menu flow, regardless of main mode, and thus allow for easier voice attack programing. Another suggestion would be to allow the user to hide the menu, as well. This would allow for a more immersive experience with voice attack, as well as provide an option for removing the menu from playb
  13. Fire your first harpoon, then on the DDI with your stores page, deselect (unbox) the HPD store. Then select the HPD again. At this point, reenter FLT and UFC parameters, setup your turn point, and release the weapon. Rinse and repeat. Sent from my BLU R1 HD using Tapatalk
  14. They said something about the first harpoon tracking, but in order to fire a second you have to reset tgt data. I do this by drselecting the harpoon then reselecting. Sent from my BLU R1 HD using Tapatalk
  15. Seems like LTWS is enabled in your radar's data page, (which is enabled by default now). Depressing once with the TDC will track the target and continue scan, hence the slow refresh rate on the HUD. A second depress of the TDC will hard lock the target. You can lock multiple targets now, but only for SA. Also reducing bars and azimuth scanned will allow the tracked track to refresh more frequently... Less bouncing around the HUD. Sent from my BLU R1 HD using Tapatalk
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