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  1. Thanks for your research, @andyn! I had basically the same problem and was able to solve it through what you found out. The error message in my dcs.log was: 2021-04-02 20:53:50.289 ERROR EDCORE: Failed to load D:/Games/DCS World OpenBeta/Mods/aircraft/C-101/bin/C101EBSys.dll: (87) Falscher Parameter. The German "Falscher Parameter" just means "Wrong parameter". In my User Path variable I found an old entry which was not a valid path anymore. After removing it, all went fine. I hadn't used the C-101 for a longer time and it seems they have changed their loading
  2. Hi, same for me. Sounds are much too quiet in general, but especially in the external view when the plane is approaching you can hear almost nothing. It also seems that there are too few high frequencies. Also the afterburner sound misses some crackling. Sounds are always a matter of taste but for me the result is rather disappointing.:noexpression: Regards Chris
  3. I'm a big fan of the series since its first steps with LockOn in 2003 or so. Barely two years ago I invested in a completely new system mainly because of DCS. We are dealing with a beta version so I'm confident and I hope that the guys at ED will improve the performance significantly until the release and also in the future, especially with further evolution of the graphics engine. But if I now had to spend another 1000 Euros again this would definitely be the end of DCS for me. At least for the next few years. Chris
  4. Thanks for your reply. I just finished the initial mission again, and now the next generated mission was correctly shown in the briefing. The score in the DCS summary was 51. I did exactly the same several times last week, so this is strange. The only thing I changed in the meantime was the variable "fullpath" in the file "MiG_21_CAMPAIGN_EN.cmp" so that it points to a valid path on my system. Don't know if this has any effect... Chris
  5. Hi, after completing the first mission I'm asked to accept the results and a new mission is generated. The capaign status changes to 'active'. Everything seems to be ok so far. But it never opens the new mission, instead it shows the briefing for the first mission again (ferry flight). I already tried to fly it a second time, then I win the capaign and it's over. I'm almost sure the problem is on my end, but I still couldn't figure out what the reason is. Anyway a big Thank You to MBot for doing all this work.:thumbup: I already liked the 'Guardians of the Caucasus' missions, so I'm r
  6. I'm experiencing the same problem. At first i thought it was triggered by the movement of the flaps (set to automatic). But I observed it also when the flaps were not adjusting.
  7. Thanks, Belsimtek. Even now the best sounding Jet engine in DCS, BTW :thumbup:
  8. Hi, I've got the same problem on my end. I already tried a repair of the installation, but nothing helped. I think we have to wait for a patch... Chris
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