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  1. Hi richiej, welcome to DCS! If you want to start with the supercarrier module I would recommend the F/A-18 to start with. It is one of the best DCS aircraft you can buy and the offered content is amazing. You can choose from a variety of available campaigns and missions. It is easier to learn than the F-14 (which is a suberb simulation btw). Regards and have fun! Joerg
  2. The syria map is awesome but the DCS background wallpaper is ugly as hell.
  3. After ten attempts to finish this mission I give up and hope for the next patch. At the moment you really need to hit with every shot you have onboard to be able to succeed in this mission. The hardest part are the two houses. The bomb does nothing here and you need every bullet to get them down. And then you have to kill the flogger which instantly shoots R60 at you. Very hard mission 3!
  4. Yes! Finally I made it. The Strike Package destroyed the runway and after that I got the RTB call. Maybe they missed the runway on my first attempt. Thank you! The campaign was awesome!
  5. I get the calls that SA-Missiles have been destroyed but nothing more. When flying low over the Mozdok airbase I can still see some manpads but no enemy bombers or stuff like that. I called any available attackers and the CAP flight (via F10).
  6. I'm stuck on mission 10. What are the winning conditions for the raid on Mozdok airbase? All flights drop their ordnance and all bandits are down. But i never get any RTB call. Am I doing something wrong here?
  7. This campaign is awesome! Thank you, kaba. What level is the enemy pilot AI set to? Is it random?
  8. Vielen Dank! Das war's was ich gesucht habe. :thumbup:
  9. Hallo zusammen, wenn ich im Mission Editor mit SAMs hantiere, habe ich oftmals das Problem, dass ich nicht genau weiß was eine SAM nun wirklich alles benötigt, um auch zu funktionieren bzw. zu feuern (Tracker, Launcher, Search-Radar, Ammo-Wagen). Gibt es da eine Übersicht, welche SAM was benötigt und wie die Fahrzeugtypen genau heißen? Oder kann ich diese Abhängigkeiten sogar im Mission Editor selber sehen? Danke für Antworten im Voraus. Gruß Joerg
  10. +1 Same problem here. Happens with every aircraft and only on channel map.
  11. After switching from OB to the new stable I cannot edit or delete any payload in missions which where created with the beta. Anyone else with this problem? Regards Cornflex
  12. Yes, DCS ist awesome! It can be frustrating and rewarding at the same time. I never played a "game" for so long. The more you learn the more fun you get. Once you master the steep learning curve there is so much to explore. I hope we will see dynamic campaigns in the future.
  13. 1) line up with the tanker; the hose points down vertically from the pod on the wing of the S3 2) LOOK AT THE POD NOT AT THE BASKET. NEVER LOOK AT THE BASKET! 3) adjust speed (S3 is 315kts to 316kts) 4) when you LOOK AT THE POD (NEVER AT THE BASKET) the probe should snap in the basket automatically. 5) hold speed between 314kts and 315kts and correct if nessesary. Look at the hose to see if you are getting to close or to far from the tanker. Most important point: NEVER LOOK AT THE BASKET. JUST LOOK AT THE POD!
  14. Same for me. Performance is far better now. I tried the aggressor campaign with the F/A-18 and did not see any performance problems. Even at ramp start everythings runs very smooth. Thank you, guys.
  15. What bothers me most is the long flight to the combat zone and back to base. It is nothing but boring. The time you spend fighting is way too short compared to the time you spend getting there.
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