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  1. I've had trouble closing the Huey door in VR as well, but I'm only using mouse in VR, never controllers. As in your case, I can never reproduce, it occurs randomly.
  2. Map to HOTAS or use VAICOM. (And PLEASE, for the love of Dog, dont call it VIACOM!!!)
  3. In the editor you input wind course, as opposed to wind direction. Wind course is the direction the air mass is moving towards. Wind direction is the direction it's coming from. It's a thing. It's just not as common to use wind course as wind direction.
  4. Am I the only one getting this?
  5. Well, I got me one of those perfect passes now as well! The LSO only gave me an (OK) rating though... :D
  6. It should work with the Vaicom addon theoretically, but I haven't tried it.
  7. Yeah, of course the fuel pumps would be damaged, but you should still be able to get fuel into the tanks. In any case, a repair doesn't work. You still don't get any fuel after a completed repair.
  8. If you run out of fuel completely on the carrier deck, you can't refuel again. You get the "Copy" acknowledgement from the crew chief when requesting refueling, the refueling noise is played, and you get the "refueling complete" report, but the gauges aren't moving, and you can't start the aircraft afterwards. This happens both on the Stennis and the Supercarrier. I haven't tested on land. Including a trackfile, but I doubt it is of much value. Open Beta refuel bug.rar
  9. Oh, you absolutely can start her up with just mouse and TM HOTAS Warthog. After activating engine crank, you have to wait for spool up to around 25%. Then you have to advance the throttles past their idle detents. On the TMHW throttle quadrant, retreating the throttles past the detent is achieved by lifting them and dragging back. This works as button press button #29 and #30 left and right throttle respectively. Bind button #29 to "Throttle (right) - OFF/IDLE" and button #30 to "Throttle (left) - OFF/IDLE". Now when starting, you need to have the throttles behind their idle detents, and after cranking, you advance them, and the engine should ignite.
  10. It's possible to just switch the carrier to Supercarrier in mission editor. But I'm sure Bankler will release a version for Supercarrier soon enough.
  11. Most likely not available to us mere mortal customers (yet?). Fingers crossed for future updates!
  12. Agree, I really want those reflections as well! They make that last cat-shot look absolutely gorgeous! The only thing that hints it's not reality is the water, and the froth. Still looks unrealistic. The rest... is way past the uncanny valley!
  13. I would like to think it would work with OvGME as well, but I'm not familiar with OvGME. It's simply a .rar-archive with the edited file, and relative path saved within. If OvGME works in a similar way as JSGME it should work.
  14. Disrespectful, and completely unnecessary. People are not cry-babies, those are perfectly valid complaints. I happen to be a real life pilot, and I want to use this sim with as much immersion as possible, without artificial overlays. It should definitely be optional, and it's frankly unbelievable that ED has imposed such a feature on its customers. So don't go calling people cry babies, it contributes nothing, and only serves to make you look immature. And you should learn the difference between "hear" and "here" before making arrogant comments like that.
  15. Solution by astazou. I made an edited file according to the instructions above, archived and ready for JSGME. See this post: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=4340476#post4340476
  16. Solution by astazou, previous page. I made an edited file according to the instructions above, archived and ready for JSGME. Attached. FLOLS overlay off.rar
  17. I concur, big thank you, ED! It's awesome already, and I know it's only going to improve!
  18. You're absolutely not alone! Seems like an oversight by the dev team, hopefully it will be fixed soon.
  19. Seriously? To turn it off there is a file edit needed? Not even a checkbox in settings? Granted, a simple edit, but still... Big thanks for finding it, astazou.
  20. Yeah, flying in VR is currently like having 20/60 vision or something. But on the Stennis, the IFLOLS is visible enough to use, even in VR. With the Index, it's not so bad.
  21. Very nice video! Thanks! However, I'm more than a little concerned with the IFLOLS not being visible, to the degree you need an artificial IFLOLS overlay. I want immersion above all, since I fly in VR. An artificial overlay like that seems very immersion breaking. Is the "real" IFLOLS usable at all?
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