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  1. It's been updated to be more realistic. Use the "STD HDG" (stored heading) button on the HSI page to cut the time from something like 8 minutes to 1,5 min. Provided you haven't moved your jet since it was last started of course.
  2. Fantastic campaign! Recently finished it, felt so sad it was over so soon! Hence, I started all over again.... :smilewink: The only thing I could have wanted more of was references to last mission in the following briefings. But other than that, all great! Fantastic voice acting, compelling and engaging missions, good variation. Really recommend it! Worth every penny! I'm hungry for more!
  3. It's not viacom, it's vaicom, if you want to google it. There is a subforum for it here as well. It's used as a plugin for VoiceAttack, so you need both. Can be a little bit finicky to set up correctly, but once you get it working, it's wonderful. Especially if you're using VR. And it really adds to the immersion to really talk to ATC, ground crew, your wingman, etc. I really recommend it!
  4. Yeah, that's what I figured was needed, but when I tried, the bombs dropped in pairs. But others seem to have made it work, so maybe I just missed a step! Will try again! Thanks!
  5. Yes, I got that down, as I tried to describe in my post above. The question is: How would I go about releasing all 4 bombs with a single pickle? Is it at all possible?
  6. Yeah, I did some experimenting, and as long as I have 4 jdam:s on 4 different stations I can drop on 4 different targets with one long pickle. jdam page -> msn -> designate tgt with tpod -> step -> slew to next tgt -> step -> slew to next tgt etc -> undesignate tpod -> return-> select all 4 stations -> pickle. But if I have dual racks, i.e. 4 bombs on 2 stations, I can't do it for the life of me. I can get the 4 coordinates to be stored on stn2 too1+too2 and stn8 too1+too2, but I can't get the bombs to drop on the 4 different coordinates in one pickle. Could you please enlighten me how to be intelligent about this?
  7. It is absolutely out of the question that in real life you wouldn't be able to pick four targets with the TPOD and drop on them simultaneously. It's just too easy to solve with software. To stump one's ability like that would be just silly. Maybe ED is required to depict the behaviour like that because it's classified, maybe they just don't want JDAM:s to be too powerful. But it's simple logic: Each weapon is capable of storing its own target coordinates. The TPOD is capable of generating coordinates. To not write software that can send different coordinates to each bomb and then release them all at once in a modern jet would be silly. Only thing that could be a problem that I can think of would be if you couldn't send different coordinates to each bomb when you have two bombs on the same station, due to the wiring.
  8. The fundamental problem is Eagle Dynamics monetization system. They make money by selling new modules, not by completing old ones. There is no economic incentive to finish anything with this model. A subscription based system would turn things around I think. I don't want a subscription based system though. Anyway, I'm sure ED will own up and finish this module eventually. They are honest people after all.
  9. Ah, that figures. Like you aren't busy enough in the cockpit as it is anyway. And the possibility of a calculation error on top of that... Really goes to show why only the very best can become fighter pilots!
  10. This really shows why units of measurement are important... In real life I would just radio back to the JTAC and ask him to convert the coordinates. Or at least specify the format. Not possible with a computer, sadly... ;)
  11. I never found it, completed the mission anyway! But thanks, now I know where it is!
  12. Yeah, a very well done mission! Had so much fun! Only thing I never managed was to locate the 7-story building. Had to look it up here in the forum. But I'm flying VR, so my vision is a little blurred.
  13. The estimated recovery position in the briefing text is way inland, in the middle of the desert. I think maybe 22N should be 25N?
  14. Hey Adam... just want to point out it's V_AI_COM, not V_IA_COM. Viacom is a telecom company, Vaicom is the DCS addon. It's an easy oversight.
  15. Forget that. There is no shortcut to hovering, just practice, practice, practice. Don't give up! It's incredibly satisfying and rewarding once you get the hang of it!
  16. It's just a visual illusion. Since the carrier deck is closer to you, it's seemingly moving towards the stern when you are taxiing towards the bow, and the movement of the waves passing toward the stern is cancelled out with respect to the deck. This gives the illusion that the carrier stops, while it certainly doesn't.
  17. Sharkku


    I would be happy just to have the aircraft move backwards on a given command, never mind pushback trucks and animations...
  18. Thanks @Hollywood_315, I really hope you can find a fix! I really miss this functionality!
  19. Good to hear I'm not the only one with the issue, sad to hear VAICOM support doesn't acknowledge the problem. I e-mailed them as well, we'll see what happens.
  20. The commands for selecting menu items, i.e. pressing F-buttons is not working anymore. I used to be able to say "take one", "take five" to select from the radio menu, but it's not working. Voice Attack is recognising my commands, and commands are sent to VAICOM, there is a line in the VA log window saying "menu item 1 select" or something like that, but nothing is happening witin DCS. I can still select from the menu by physically pressing the F-keys. I deleted the export.lua files under \saved games as per the FAQ instructions, no joy. This used to work, and I can't figure out how to fix it. Someone please help? Is it a bug in latest VAICOM?
  21. I recommend Bankler's recovery trainer, free mission! Great for practicing perfect approaces! https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=221412&highlight=Bankler%27s+recovery+trainer
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