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  1. Yep, same here. I turned it on and off, worked for a while, then it popped back up again. Back to .lua editing!
  2. Yeah, i am sorry, ED, but this is absolutely pathetic. This much time, for something so stupidly simple, and when you finally get around to it, you screw it up. Shame!
  3. Well, it's even dimmer now, since the 2.7 update. It must be fixed.
  4. Same for me. I am pretty sure I disabled the frustum culling, but I'll check, just to make sure. Edit: stereo parser/Frustum culling was OFF.
  5. Well, the problem seems to be that this is not true in VR. No matter what settings, the clouds are the same low quality.
  6. Yes, the clouds don't look good at all in VR. It's just a blurry mess, no details at all. Doesn't look at all like the 2D promotional clips. Even the old sprite clouds looked better, as long as you weren't turning your head. I am very disappointed, and really hope this gets fixed soon.
  7. Agree, it sounds much better than before!
  8. That markpoints get erased with WOW is just so utterly stupid. If it is correct-as-is, I can only shake my head in disbelief.
  9. I noticed this as well. TDC depress produces no diamond anymore.
  10. Disregard for now, I don't seem to be able reproduce at the moment.
  11. Before I file a bug report, I'm asking here. Has anyone else experienced this? Since the 2.7 update: A/G mode, Gun selected, Rdr alt or AGR doesn't matter. The bullets land way beyond the target, the pipper seems to be placed too low.
  12. Glad to hear it's being worked on as a priority. It completely ruins the VR experience. I was very disappointed when I loaded up some heavy cloud layers and noticed this.
  13. Steps to reproduce: 1. Spawn in cold start Hornet on the Supercarrier in multiplayer server. 2. Take off, then die somehow. 3. Respawn without going to spectators in between. Hornet will spawn on the catapult, attached, with wheel chocks applied and non-removable. (This bug is especially annoying on the server I play, since it has persistent and limited fuel and weapons. If you spawn, you have to de-fuel and de-arm before going to spectators, otherwise the fuel and ammo will be lost, and you will become impopular amongst your fellow pilots for wasting resources. De-fueling a fully fueled Hornet takes quite a while.)
  14. Well, you wouldn't call "Hornet ball" if you are in a, say, Tomcat. Then you say "Tomcat ball". etc.
  15. I agree. The convention was: right mouse button to turn a selector clockwise, left to turn it anticlockwise. I would like it to be this way.
  16. I use a very similar setup, with main spring removed from the TM Warthog HOTAS stick. TM Pendular rudders are costly, but boy, what a difference compared to my old Logitech plastic pedals. I have the Index headset now, pretty similar to the CV1, just a little higher resolution. Used to fly with the CV1. One important thing: Do you have the collective axis reversed, so that you increase lift/collective by pulling backwards? It mimics real life more closely, and enabled me to fly a real helicopter competently on my first lesson. Really recommend it.
  17. Is this perhaps the same bug as this: ?
  18. In the bindings, there are two different entries for pilot and co-pilot control stick buttons. This means that every time you switch between pilot an co-pilot you have to go into settings and edit your bindings.
  19. And hello to you, sir! I believe Draconus beat me to it here above!
  20. Poor prioritization by devs. They have a list of fixes that they are working through in order, no matter what. This is literally a 5 minute job, that would make a lot of people happy. But it doesn't get done, because there are other things on the prioritization list, and noone cares to move it up the list. It is utterly ridiculous. I guess I'll keep editing the file after each update...
  21. Cheers, thanks for the instructions! However, my opinion is just that, you shouldn't need those instructions. You shouldn't need to create channels or anything. Because there is always some people who don't do it. It should be on by default, talking locally to those in the same aircraft with you.
  22. Multiplayer is awesome! One thing I found myself lacking though, was just being able to open my mouth and talk to the guy sitting next to me. No SRS, no Discord, no external plugin, no push-to-talk is what I want. DCS has voice communication, I know as much, but it doesn't seem to work? I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, but I shouldn't have to configure anything. It should be active by default if you're in the same space as someone else.
  23. You know, it can be like this with old equipment sometimes. Oxide layers on the wires, rust, poor maintenance, can lead to faulty connections.
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