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  1. Any word on this? Is it being worked on?
  2. The culling algorithm for shadows creates a mismatch between left and right eye when the shadow-casting object is close to the edge of the screen. Shadows are culled for one eye but not the other. Same thing with clouds. Visible when turning your head while flying among clouds.
  3. This is still an issue with the latest beta. Any news about a fix?
  4. Same here. Grass flashing in VR. I noticed that the grass only flashes in one eye, if that's any help to the bug hunter... In any case, it's very uncomfortable.
  5. Heat haze only shows in the right eye since the 1.5.4 update. Apologies if it's already been reported, but I couldn't find it anywhere.
  6. Yeah, that's pretty bad moderation if you ask me. I also reported this in the VR issues thread, and when moved here, my post appeared pretty incomprehensible and out of context. I can understand the will to keep the forum neat, and the thread count down, but not to the price of added confusion.
  7. Horizon tilted in 1.5.4 I'm having the issue with tilted horizon as well.
  8. Nope, I have to do that as well. I don't see it as a problem though... However, the horizon is tilted in VR. That is a MAJOR problem. Please fix this with high priority! And heat blur only shows in my right eye, worked in both before the update.
  9. Yep, I noticed this as well, with the "Aurora" mission in "UN pilot" campaign. Martell group wouldn't move, changed the same way as you did, and it worked.
  10. Yeah, we know it's ALPHA, that's why we are providing feedback. To maybe sway the developers in the direction we want before it's too late.
  11. Aha, now I see what you mean. Yes, the Leap needs to be properly supported by DCS, that's why I posted this in the Wishlist subforum originally. The thread was moved by a mod, hence the confusion.
  12. @hansangb: Thanks, I know, I'm using 1.5 as well. Thanks for the link, Derek! And thank you for agreeing, kuabi.
  13. I'm not sure what you are talking about, @wormeaten. The Leap tracks your hands in space 6 DOF. You attach it to your Rift, and then your hands are there in virtual space. You can move them however you like, as long as you keep them in view. I'm assuming you don't own a Leap or HMD yourself? But if you do, I suggest you get yourself FSX or P3D and download FlyInside, and try it out for yourself. It really works! @MacThai_75: I haven't read up on different versions recently, but as far as I know there's really only one Leap. Bundled together with different mounts etc. Doesn't really matter how you attach it, velcro will do fine I guess. @Derek: Hi man! ;) So you come here as well? :) I agree that the Leap isn't perfect, but it's by far the best option out there for 3D cockpit interaction. What would you suggest otherwise?
  14. This is the top thing I'm missing now! It nothing short of AWESOME to be able to flip switches with your virtual hands! Believe me, I've tried it with FSX and FlyInside.
  15. Please, I want the option to use regular mouse interaction in menus etc, instead of having a selection dot attached to my face.
  16. Great! Hope it fixed the Huey campaign as well then, although I'm not at home so I can test it.
  17. You're welcome! Glad I could help!
  18. Ah, ok! It happens! :) Thanks a lot!
  19. It's not just Mission 12, it seems like all missions have AI that doesn't move or do anything. Attaching a test-mission I did though, see if it works for you. For me, the karavan group just stand there. Oh, and I'm on win 10, GTX970, i7 2600K group activation test.miz
  20. Thanks for replying! It's good to know I'm not the only one who encountered this. I thought it was specific to the Huey campaign first, and posted in that sub-forum and got zero replies. But then I started fiddling with the mission editor and discovered that I couldn't use "late activation" at all. Wonder how long this bug has been there, I've played the whole campaign with no issues besides my own stupidity up until mission 12. There was a game patch the day before or so I think.
  21. If a unit or group is set to "late activation", it will not start moving after trigger action "group activate". This happened with road vehicles and waypoints set to "on road". Unchecking "late activation" will cause the vehicles to appear at the beginning of the mission and move as they should. I discovered this since I couldn't complete mission 12 in the Huey campaign "UN pilot" because of this bug. Edit: I figured out a dirty fix. I was able to circumvent the problem with the mission editor by making the group active from the start, but standing still until the proximity trigger was activated by the player. I could then complete the mission. The bug is still there though...
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