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  1. By the way, the GAIN rocker switch does not function if it's the first switch to be pressed after loading, as can also be seen in the .trk. It's been like this since before last update though, and I can live with it. It works if you click something else before it.
  2. As of last open beta the gain of the moving background map can no longer be adjusted down to a sufficiently low level so the symbols are well visible in VR (Valve Index). This worked perfectly before, why even touch it??? When there are tons of bugs that get bumped way down the list! Please change back immediately! map gain.trk
  3. ...but then I got this error trying to fly it from mission editor.
  4. Yes, we are in agreement then. What I miss about the FA-18 are a lot of small things. Just check the bug reporting section. FLIR - AGM-65 behavoiur, not able to set laser codes on ground, JDAM TOO mode clearing coordinates on undesignate, just to mention a few. There are tons of bugs still.
  5. Well... I would prefer functionality being prioitized over this. Agree, it should be fixed, but the aircraft should be working correctly first.
  6. Shhhush, don't make them nerf this wonderful functionality!
  7. Yeah, this has been bugging me too for ages! Would be awesome if it was fixed.
  8. Great! I think the main difference was that I didn't engage all of the F5:s at first, just the ones on the left. This gave Wave some room to engage the other two, and after that he behaved as he should.
  9. Got it to work now, even using AIM-120C:s Going to work on making it with Sidewinders now! Tacview-20211104-170058-DCS-HKPersian 8 The Batillus.zip.acmi
  10. I've flown this mission 9 times now, without succeeding. F5:s get me every time. I'm not going to fly it with Sidewinders only, sorry. However, this last time I flew, I didn't shoot the F5:s on the right. They started chasing my wingman towards the mainland, and then I shot them. This time he didn't fly toward the western island. He ran out of fuel and crashed though, so I wasn't able to finish the mission this time either. Now I'm going to bed. Thanks for helping! And thanks for a great campaign, although I'm a little frustrated with it right now! Tacview-20211104-000821-DCS.zip.acmi
  11. Hi @Badger633! I got this bug with mission 8 today as well, wingman flies to the western island with the SA6. Posted in the other thread as well. Didn't save a track, only have a Tacview file, if that helps... Tacview-20211103-201455-DCS.zip.acmi
  12. This bug happened to me today (nov 03). I killed all the F5:s very quickly, so that's not the issue. I did send a "Engage bandits" command to my wingman before engaging the F5:s, but got no reply. It was the "increased difficulty" version.
  13. This time when it happened for me was when playing mission 5 "A matter of mine over water" right after playing mission number 4 "Hammers and nails" in campaign "Rise of the Persian Lion".
  14. I have this issue as well. Seems like it always happens if starting a night mission after a daytime mission. Not entirely sure about that though. Sky becomes black, sea becomes very bright with reflections. Moon invisible. GTX 1080 Ti Core i9 10900K
  15. I agree, shooting ir-mavs is an absolute pain. If the DCS implementation is realistic, I feel sorry for the poor pilots that have to use it. And the engineers constructing the system should be ashamed of themselves. It SHOULD be as easy as placing the marker in the FLIR over the target and pressing fire, slew to next target, press fire etc.
  16. I have flown mission 2 several times now. I'm doing as recommended and assigning Pickles and Hooters to SEAD. However, there are no SAM:s turning on their radars, and hence Pickles and Hooters are not doing anything if I give them HARM:s. And if I give them laser bombs, they just circle around the carrier. What do I need to do to make them shoot something? It's getting frustrating...
  17. Great that this is being worked on! And simply AWESOME that you added options to NOT interact with stick and throttle! I applied the LeapC.dll fix. It's still not usable though. 1. When de-selecting "Hands use cockpit stick" the hands don't show anymore. 2. The left hand becomes invisible for far too long after removing it from the throttle. Better not make it invisible at all, just don't let it interact with the throttle when the option is selected. 3. I can't interact with anything with my left hand. 4. Interactions are still clunky, just let me bump switches, twist rotaries with my finger and thumb in a pinch-grip, like you would in real life etc. 5. "Use Pointer"-settings are not respected, I'm getting pointers even if I selected "no pointers"
  18. Hi! Nice campaign. I'm now on the mission called "At arms length". I noticed that "hangar" is consistently spelled "hanger". I would like to point out that a "hangEr" is something you hang your coat on, whereas a "hangAr" is a building you put planes in. kind regards, Sharkku
  19. Completely agree. Call it a bug or a bad design, in any case it should be changed. Just take a look at how it works in the Hornet for example, and make it work like that. Works very well with the HOTAS Warthog which has an idle detent and activates a button press below that which can be mapped to cut-off.
  20. Yep, I checked that server again. Even if it lists Easy Comms = no (local) in the server listings, it somehow forces easy comms ON. So, it was the server's fault. In other servers and singleplayer it works as is should.
  21. I re-checked, Easy comms is OFF. Instant select is unchecked. But it happened in multiplayer, maybe force easy comms was enabled on the server. Thanks for the input, guys!
  22. The other day I was flying a multiplayer mission, me and my buddies were setting up for an A-A refueling. When I was in close, I called "ready pre contact" on VAICOM, but no matter how close I got I had a "return pre contact"-response. It turned out that there was a second tanker in the map, and sending the "ready pre contact"-message autotuned to that other tanker, even if I tuned to the correct frequency right before sending. And yes, I DO have easy communications turned OFF. Anyone have any ideas? Some other setting I need to adjust? Or is this a bug?
  23. Could you make it so that the default head position is saved between sessions? I have a Valve Index with fixed mounted lighthouses. It would be wonderful if I didn't have to reset headset position every time I start the game. It could then be tweaked to fit my virtual cockpit.
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