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  1. Hi! Nice campaign. I'm now on the mission called "At arms length". I noticed that "hangar" is consistently spelled "hanger". I would like to point out that a "hangEr" is something you hang your coat on, whereas a "hangAr" is a building you put planes in. kind regards, Sharkku
  2. Completely agree. Call it a bug or a bad design, in any case it should be changed. Just take a look at how it works in the Hornet for example, and make it work like that. Works very well with the HOTAS Warthog which has an idle detent and activates a button press below that which can be mapped to cut-off.
  3. Yep, I checked that server again. Even if it lists Easy Comms = no (local) in the server listings, it somehow forces easy comms ON. So, it was the server's fault. In other servers and singleplayer it works as is should.
  4. I re-checked, Easy comms is OFF. Instant select is unchecked. But it happened in multiplayer, maybe force easy comms was enabled on the server. Thanks for the input, guys!
  5. The other day I was flying a multiplayer mission, me and my buddies were setting up for an A-A refueling. When I was in close, I called "ready pre contact" on VAICOM, but no matter how close I got I had a "return pre contact"-response. It turned out that there was a second tanker in the map, and sending the "ready pre contact"-message autotuned to that other tanker, even if I tuned to the correct frequency right before sending. And yes, I DO have easy communications turned OFF. Anyone have any ideas? Some other setting I need to adjust? Or is this a bug?
  6. Could you make it so that the default head position is saved between sessions? I have a Valve Index with fixed mounted lighthouses. It would be wonderful if I didn't have to reset headset position every time I start the game. It could then be tweaked to fit my virtual cockpit.
  7. @NineLine or @BIGNEWY Could you please close this thread or move it to the general discussion forum? As it is now, it lights up as an official update every time someone makes a comment.
  8. The thing is, you keep track of when there is a new post in the official updates section. Now it lights up all the time, as soon as a user comments, and you think, "great, official news", when there is none. I agree with Hekktor. @NineLine, would you please lock this thread, move it to the user section, or start a new discussion thread there.
  9. Known bug, still present in A difference is that now there is a blue background showing on zoom levels where the map should be visible.
  10. I agree with you, @Mivina. It needs to be fixed. The argument "it's not an autopilot, it's intended to simulate a co-pilot" doesn't mean it shouldn't be able to keep a compass heading. A real copilot would be able to.
  11. This bug is fixed in the latest beta.
  12. It is rather bright though, even in its lowest setting. I wish it would be able to be set even more dim before it turns off at the lowest turn of the knob.
  13. The change was in regards to different LOD textures being shown in left and right eye. It also affected other things, like supercarrier crew etc. That caused a "shimmering" effect, and the sensation of things being less solid, and uncomfortable to look at. Now it's the same in both eyes, and as you say, the world is much more solid. A very much by me appreciated fix!
  14. Wow. Finally!!! I have been wanting this for soooo long!!! I can't believe it's been implemented for so long without fanfare, and that I've missed it! I played Flight Simulator X with FlyInside and Leap Motion back when VR was new, and I was blown away. It's just so fantastic to be able to just reach out for buttons and controls. You learn a cockpit, you train your muscle memory to reach in the right direction, instead of reaching with your left had for your mouse all the time. It's amazing. And you don't need tactile feedback. You have to look at your hands with the Leap mounted to your headset anyway, you can see when you touched a button. It's a shame it's so clunky in DCS though. You have to push your fingertip through the buttons, some controls overreact with rotation when you just want to flip it (I'm looking at you, Gear Handle!!!), there are blue and green lines coming out when you don't want them, and sometimes the hands get stuck to the throttle and stick. But just imagine the potential!!! If only they made interactions more like real life, physics simulated would be best. I want to pinch a rotary with my thumb and index and twist, not some artificial gesture to "induce rotation". The Leap tracking with Gemini is good and well enough sensitive enough to allow for this kind of fine dexterity. If I bump a flipswitch or a handle with my hand I want it to move, regardless of what part of my hand touched it and regardless of what gesture my hand was making. And specifically, don't attach my hands to the throttle and stick!!! I have a HOTAS already, I don't need throttle and stick to be interactable by my virtual hands!!!
  15. This bug: is still present in latest update, despite LOD:s being adressed according to patch notes.
  16. VR. Reduced clouds jitter. Awesome news!
  17. Ah, so that didn't work either. Too bad. Are you sure you pointed the tool to the correct install directory?
  18. Try using DCS updater utility. Handy tool.
  19. What happens is, the wheelchocks are applied when you spawn, and they can't be removed. See this thread:
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