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  1. Thanks, Art! I wanted to play around on Phil's server, and don't do any of the German birds. Fly the P-51 right now, but want to figure out the Spit. I'm about to give up on the tutorials...I set binding for trim control (rudder and pitch) and while doing the taxi/takeoff class, I trimmed the rudder back and forth for 10 minutes with no results, using the trim top-hat on the stick. Then I found out that the tutorialonly responds to the mouse doing the trimming. I'll look up some of the others' tutorials. Phil's instructions on changing the pitch curve saved my ass a lot of trouble.
  2. Got it fixed! Renamed my Spit directory, and DCS wrote a new one. Had to set up all the controls all over again, but the problem was solved. Must've been something in my bindings that I just couldn't find. As an aside, always had problems taxiing the Spit, until I solved it MY way. Binding both rudder pedal toe brakes to the wheel brakes, all I have to do now is step on the appropriate rudder pedal and hit the toe brake. Lot easier to control. Now I just have to figure out how to fly it.
  3. For awhile, I even suspected my Voice Attack app, though I try to mute the mic when I'm not giving a verbal command. Thought maybe it was picking up garbage sound and interpreting that as a valid command. But even with VA not running, it's the same thing, the same few controls - flaps, gear, mixture - that keep autonomously activate. Back to the investigation.
  4. Well, first of all, that extension wouldn't work with my X-56 stick, so I'd need a new, more expensive rig to do it. Right now, I've mounted my stick between my legs where the grip would be, and after watching Philstyle's "Twitchy" video, finally figured out how to trim the stick to move properly. But thanks for the input. I doubt I'll ever get around to those expensive controllers - the most I've spent so far is for the Honeycomb Bravo throttle quad.
  5. I recently posted a new entry up here, pining about the problems with random controls, but the few times I have actually got it in the air, I had a hard time controlling it because of the sensitivity issues. So I'd love to pick your brains about how to fly it, because your descriptions seem too good to be true. I've tried the tutorials (which I also had peculiar problems with) and it's the only DCS aircraft I can't fly. So I'll take any help you can offer!
  6. Pardon, guys, but since I have purchased the Spit, I am having several problems that I cannot fix. They are all random control movements that I do not touch but move on their own. I have checked and can't find any duplicate bindings. I go to do the start-up, and while I'm clicking on what I'm supposed to, the Flap switch operates. I make sure it's set to UP, and continue, and next the landing gear...sorry, undercarriage handle goes to the UP position. Luckily, I haven't started it yet, so I move the gear handle back down. Upon starting the taxi/take-off lesson, as I'm warming up, the Flap lever goes down again...I put it back up. Then I start my taxi, and the gear fold up - the gear lever is the culprit. Get it going again, and as I finally make the runway and start my roll, the Mixture lever slides back, and the engine quits. And sometimes, I get to the runway, and while I'm checking everything, the instructor tells I didn't complete the lesson, and to start over. I don't have this problem with any of the other aircraft I own - from the P-51 to the F-16, F-18, F-14 and A-10C. Only the Spit! Help! I want to fly this thing but it's driving me crazy!
  7. You're talking about the mini-stick on the stick, right? Can you get it to even show up in the Controller settings...I can't. DCS sees every other button, switch and hat, but it can't see the mini-stick. Not in the ALL settings or the AXIS settings. So I'm interested, as well. Is anyone else using this stick?
  8. Don't need a total clear - still want the keyboard, mouse and TrackIR. But I think that, aside from the "standard" axes on the stick and throttles(and maybe rudder pedals), any other peripherals should start wit an empty slate, i.e. no default entries at all. Well, (again) except for the MFDs, because the buttons are correctly set going in. And I will do a repair, because when I clear a category, it re-populates to some degree. MY biggest wish is that when I have an aircraft all set, all I should have to do is "Save Profile," and it saves every peripheral for that plane. I hate saving each peripheral individually, and they never go where I though they did. AS it is, I just don't bother saving at all, and hope I don't lose anything. BTW, MSFS2020 has a unique way of clearing a peripheral - you just make a new one from scratch, and it's empty to start with.
  9. I know the AXIS settings can be cleared easily, but if I choose ALL and clear it, why wouldn't that clear EVERY setting for that category? And why does DCS automatically fill in the settings for peripherals? Example: I go to the AXIS settings, and almost every controller has filled-in settings for the axes. I mean, even guessing, no controller with buttons is going to have axis settings. My Orb Weaver is set up with pitch and roll keys that don't exist. Come on, DCS! Just give us an empty Controls list, except maybe for the Warthog or other HOTAS controllers. It's a bitch having to go through every setting and remove the superfluous settings.
  10. I love this upgrade! BUT - I have a bunch of peripherals: X-56 HOTAS, Logitech pedals, 2 Cougar MDFs, CH Throttle Quad, and a Razer Orb Weaver. Opening the Controls section, damn near everything is populated with nonsense settings, i.e. axis settings on the Orb Weaver. So I thought I'd just go to the "All" setting, and clear out everything on each peripheral, using the "Clear Category" choice. It looked like everything was cleared, until I went to the Axis choice, and there were more bindings there, even though I had cleared the "All" column. I ended up having to go down every peripheral column and individually clear everything. And it still didn't clear everything. Is there any way to completely clear all settings for everything? Then I tried saving the profile for each controller - every "Save" command tried to save to random folders. And some wouldn't even save. And then, when I went back, a lot of the settings had been removed or changed. It was a total cluster-****, and I ended up resetting everything manually and not saving anything. SO - I know (or thought I knew) that whatever I programmed for the A-10C II should remain if I close and then re-open the program. But may I ask a stupid question? Can there be some way, going forward, to save an entire profile (all peripherals) with ONE command? Instead of saving each device individually, why not just click on "Save Complete Profile", which would save every setting for the selected aircraft? If that IS now available, I am unaware of it. Sorry for all the confusion, but that's part of growing old for me! :joystick:
  11. Any updates on Star Wars Canyon? I'd love to fly this route, and I'll bet it would be rather popular!
  12. Joining the Page Hey, Phil! Signed up on the SoW Web page and got the requisite email reply that my request was being processed. That was a few days ago, and I haven't heard back from anyone yet. I'd like to participate on your forum up there. Will someone approve my application soon? :music_whistling: Cheers!
  13. I can see only one P-51D on my DCS inventory, so how do I figure out which one I have? I see both types on the server, so where does the other one come from?
  14. Far as I knew, the only two were the trainer and the D model. Don't think the trainer would be up there. Is there another model? I tried to set the freqs for the mission on SRS before I clicked on FLY, and as soon as I did, the freqs were all deleted. Add: Okay! Found the radio functions. Only one radio in the Mustang, and the buttons are preset by the mission. At last! And it seems that joining the server this morning, the controls worked, too. I think I've got a handle on this!
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