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  1. No, rockets are not covered by the other two triggers. Only bombs and missiles.
  2. Well, that the question about an announced module was moved to the "wishlist" section answered it - it is dead
  3. So looking at the 2021 and beyond trailer and the Discord FAQ summary, is it save to assume the AH-1 is off the table?
  4. Unlike on Normandy map, German Flak units do not dismount and man the guns. All AAA assets remain in their towed configuration, yet engage the aerial targets normally. See attached screenshots. Time of day does not matter.
  5. Thanks so much! The Mk 83 Air was not included, someone on Facebook said they were only in the encyclopedia, but not implemented in the game? Though the definition section of the common bombs looks to me, like it should be. However, the files are a tremendous help, as I found a lot of other codes that I needed. Thanks again and happy Easter :)
  6. Hi, I would like to add the Mk 83 Air to the possible loadout of an aircraft. However I cannot find the respective CLSID for it. I browsed the other aircraft, but non seems to have the bomb. It is in the game however (or at least the encyclopedia shows it). The Harrier shows CLSID = "{7A44FF09-527C-4B7E-B42B-3F111CFE50FB}" for the Mk83 and CLSID = "{Mk82AIR}" for the Mk 82 Air Any help is welcome
  7. Maybe one of the talented livery makes, might want to consider this beautiful VMFA-323 skin? I know we have a couple hi-viz 323 skins, but this would be my personal favourite :)
  8. Yes there has been an official DVD version of the Huey, though it is pretty old. The charme about it is the low price and it works fine to activate it in DCS - yes, I have it as well. Problem is not the DVD, but that the pre-owner already activated it.
  9. Two months have gone by - anything new to share on map and assets?!? Eagerly waiting for this map for my Harrier and Gazelle
  10. Awesome! Thanks, i have been waiting for French vehicles to accompany my Gazelle for a long time - highly appreciated. A big thumbs up :)
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