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  1. I have read this elsewhere on the forums. Yes, the last update created an issue with tail scrape. I am sure they are hard at work making lots of corrections
  2. I do the same thing in the F/A-18C even though it is not there in RL.
  3. The last patch introduced the behavior you are describing. My assumption is that it's bugged and will be corrected.
  4. Yes, I am sure. Just tested RWS and TWS. In every stage of TMS UP, (incl. TWS bugged) that the contact was in, the lock was dropped when pressing the EJ button. Sucks when you want to keep tanks on as long as possible and want to jett them mid fight. STT is the final stage of TMS UP when just your contact is shown on the radar display as all radar energy is on the contact. Also, before the last patch, you could switch from NAV to MOM or DFM and not drop the lock as well. Also, also, as I seen posted elsewhere, the actual HUD pipper freezes and does not track the contact when switching modes as well. I am sure ED is aware of all this. I just wasn't sure if any of this was intentional to try and make it more accurate.
  5. Before the last update, you would keep a track bugged or STT locked when you pressed the Emergency Stores Jettison button. Now you lose lock. Is this a bug or was the update trying to be more accurate? Thanks
  6. This is a bug that I have noticed as well. Not sure if it's reported, but it appeared in the last update.
  7. 104th_Crunch F-16C Question: F-16 can carry AIM-120A, correct?
  8. Would it not be more reasonable then to not have the AGM-88C even available in the loadout menu for Pylons 4 and 6. I foresee that newcomers will continually go to load them there for months to come and not know why they are not firing. At least put some kind of note there in the loadout menu perhaps. Also, I did not do this very same thing last night
  9. Bullseye Flight model update DTOS Mark points Target steerpoints DEST and CRUS page And JHMCS !!! Yes!
  10. Would using the DRIFT C/O switch not throw your accuracy off as you are no longer compensating for wind?
  11. Push the ICP Dobber switch to the right while the DED is in the default page. You will see current wind direction from, and speed. You can also check out the mission editor for wind info.
  12. As per today's patch notes. Copy and pasted below. Is this all explained in the manual in the docs folder after the update? Can't check now. At work. Added Remaining options for HOTAS A/A Radar Surface TWS EXP Mode Azimuth Scan Centering Change azimuth using cursor on tactical regions left and right Mode A/G Radar Mode Freeze EXP1, EXP2, EXP3 Pen/Fan Silent Range Air Active A/G EXP FAST RDR Data Age TDC Azimuth on Radar Attack Range on SA Auto/man TWS option PRF and Reset Event Marker On/Off SA EXP Sensor control switch depress then right CIT manual interrogation TDC cursor added for AG EXP mode
  13. Thanks for the news! Look forward to the updates and any updates you may have on the updates!
  14. No issues on my end. You should note your problems and if you think it's a bug, post a track.
  15. That was intense and fun! Thanks everyone for joining and 104th_Tiger for his work!
  16. Finally figured this one out. Yes, as mentioned above, kill the Windows Store temporarily! You can make a bat file that does that and starts Control Manager. Example: Taskkill /IM winstore.app.exe /F c: cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\CH Products\" start CHCtlMgr.exe
  17. This was a blast! The mission design and the Comms setup was excellent. Great to see the 104th only has gotten better at hosting events like this. Looking forward to the next one! Thanks for all the work guys! Also great to see so many people still around after all these years. 51st! S! P.S. Never park your aircraft at the end of the runway while others are trying to land!!! Wake is a killer!
  18. I thought I was up to date as I just checked the day before. Thanks for your help!
  19. Hello, Using the latest Open Beta version. The Campaign shows in my modules to download, but I get the following error when initiating the download. Logfile also attached. Thanks for your help! autoupdate_log.txt
  20. Negative. If in Standby, the indicator bar would still show in the SA Page. As of the last patch, they are not.
  21. Live to Fly. Fly to Live.

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