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  1. You don't need a flight director for Cat I minima. And in DCS you don't really need an ILS. Its pretty easy to just do TACAN down to those minima. You have DME. Hold the descent rate for a 3 degree glideslope. A much bigger problem is the lack of compatible NAVAIDS in the maps for the aircraft flying there.
  2. My guess would be because the game was built for a twin engine airplane, which does have a maximum allowable takeoff weight and it is not worth the bother to fiddle with reprogramming the loadout screen to account for the differences.
  3. Why? Its TACAN/ILS with needles works fine for any weather that this bird would EVER actually launch into
  4. As I said, I tried NAV several times from a new aircraft each time with no success. When I tried the same mission offline, it worked the first time. Take from that what you will.
  5. Actually, the mission date is 1990 so GPS is available. I did not know that yesterday so I ended up trying both methods several times to no avail. I tested the Allied Assault mission offline this morning and was able to get everything working properly on the first try. I think this is an intermittent bug with the F/A-18. I avoid it in my missions by setting CV Hornets to Hot Start.
  6. I spent an hour trying to get the Hornet properly aligned with no luck. I will test some more and report back.
  7. There is a user fix for the ram air lever https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3317307/ .50 cal guns work well at convergence.
  8. NDB’s are not necessarily limited by line of sight. I am not implying their behavior in DCS is correct.
  9. The question is why don’t other liquid cooled engines in DCS suffer from these same issues if the P-51 is modeled correctly? P51 Bf109 Slow Speed overheat comparison https://youtu.be/merlb5souSQ
  10. That wasn’t me but I will be putting together a comparison set of videos and tracks with regard to this issue. There is a definite disparity in behavior. Yes, you can blow the 109 engine if you exceed its operating limits but the P-51 engine will fail when operated within its limits and the reasoning presented is lack of radiator airflow. If this is the case, it should similarly affect all liquid cooled engines.
  11. Radials in DCS are all air-cooled so the P-47 and Fw190A8 are excluded from this conversation. However, if there is a failure mode in the P-51 due to insufficient airflow through the radiator at high power settings, one would expect to be able to achieve similar failures in the Spitfire, Dora and 109. I have not specifically tested the Dora or Spitfire but the 109 certainly does not fail in this manner. So, why not? Either it is incorrect in the 109 or incorrect on the P-51. Please let me know which so that I may submit the report appropriately.
  12. So, why doesn't this same failure occur in the other water cooled aircraft in game if it is airflow related?
  13. Fast service and it already came in handy. Thanks!
  14. Alpenwolf, Any chance we can get Show Transmitter Name enabled on the SRS server? This will show who is talking on the SRS overlay and would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
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