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  1. I guess thats not 100% correct: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2003_Baghdad_DHL_attempted_shootdown_incident :smilewink:
  2. Hi thank you all for this interesting information and help! After a bit training, it's ok now, so I've made a little youtube video because I havn't found something similar. Sorry I forgott to enable the input window but see the description of the video for more info1
  3. Will the carrier drive a different course than normal to compensate the resulting side-drift of the aircraft?
  4. Hello, are there any plans to support emergency carrier net landing? :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sD_mUwzpUs4
  5. Hello I have one question: Can a F/A-18 land with a faliure of one engine on an aircraft carrier in real? Or will the pilot eject in the case beside the carrier if there is no runway within fuel range? Because I tried it and it seems to be very difficult..., and on a runway it's much more easy. If yes, is there any video / procedure for it? Thanks!
  6. Did nobody noticed that the DCS ingame encyclopedia is now avalaible in VR? I'ts since 2.5.6 isn't it? I have nothing read in the changelog... :thumbup: Well done! However, I've noticed that for some models I became a "black" screen (E.g. for the "Centaur MK IV" ).
  7. Hello, just an Information for DCS user with NVIDIA card and VR: yesterday I have tried to update my NVIDIA driver using the "NVIDIA System Settings" using the "Search for update" function. As always, there came the message box that no new driver had been found. This mades me a bit incredulous, because I never had a message that new driver had been found since more than a year or so... Then I downloaded the drivers manually from NVIDIA and there was a new driverversion ( ==> After the update, I had the full 45 FPS in VR under heavy conditions. Now I have only trouble with FPS rate when displaying full object shadows (trees, buildings) on the terrain, but I gues thats normal... Also in X-Plane, the FPS rate increases noticeable. I guess also the problem displaying airplane shadows is now gone (or much better) but not 100% sure... maybe it was because of the last update. I use the occolus rift with an GTX 1080TI.
  8. Hi I started military flight sims with SU-27 Flanker. This game was the reason why I installed Windows 95 :-) I remember the old dos game "EF2000". In this game there was the best dynamic campain in a flight sim I ever saw. I found that you can download the manual here: http://www.starehry.eu/download/simulation/docs/EF2000-SE-Manual.pdf and on page 257, it descripes how the dynamic campain worked. This was awesome for that days! (1995) Gameplay Video example:
  9. Hello, I noticed that the little wheel of the analog airspeed indicator has a little offset ~ 8 to 10 knots. While the airspeed in the HUD, the "info bar" and also the pointer of the analog airspeed indicator are indicating exactly at 200 knots, the wheel shows additional 9 knots but should be 0 knots. See attached screenshoot: I mean the little wheel inside the analog airspeed indicator inside the red rectangle.
  10. Hey ED Team, thank you very much for this free A-10C update of this old lady! I'm verry impressed! It was absolutly worth to buy the A-10C (10 years ago?), and still one of the best ever DCS modules!
  11. Hi in this inteview Matt Wagner told, that the replay system will be updated. I don't know when but I hope it's all fine after that...
  12. This is exactly what I did. But if you enter a heading for the autopilot after, the HSI heading shows the entered heading, but the autopilot holds still the magnetic heading. You cann see this in the track file. If somethink missing to mark this as a bug please let me know... Thank you!
  13. If the aircraft is loaded with AGM-65E's and the weapon is activated in the stores menue, the "FAID/FLIR FOV Select Button" is not working to change the TGP zoom. See attached track file tgp_fov_mav_e.trk
  14. If the aircraft is loaded with harms and the weapon is activated in the stores menue, the "FAID/FLIR FOV Select Button" is not working to change the TGP zoom. See attached track file [Edit] I just noticed that the reason could be that the button is used for the HARM to toggle the targets and has priority over the TGP (Same as for FOV of the mavericks), but maybe it should be used for the HARM (and overwrite the TGP) only if the HARM is SOI and/or in TOO or in SP mode? I don't know how the real behaviour is... tgp_fov_harm.trk
  15. It's not possible to change the TGP Fov in A/A mode, if the AGM-65F has been activated before in A/G mode. By going back to A/G mode, choosing another weapon and go back to A/A mode, the "FAID/FLIR FOV Select Button" is working again. See attached track file. tgp_fov.trk
  16. If you carry a AGM-65F or a HARM and it's activated in the "stores" menue. Same for AGM-65E but I guess its a bug because the button is not used for this weopon as far as I know (You cannot change the FOV here because it has a laser seeker). Or if you do that and after you change to A/A mode (this could be a bug so I allready reported this) This behavoiur is corect because the Maverick ==> Change of FOV (And maybe also the HARM ==> Change of the desired target) has always priority of the "FAID/FLIR FOV Select Button" over the TGP as far as I understood. So you have to use the PB 6 of your DDI to zoom in/out or you need to deactivate the A/G weapon in the "stores" menue. If you have only mavericks and you cannot deactivate it by choosing another weapon, you can first deactivate A/G mode and then click again on the weapon in the "stores" menue to deactivate it.
  17. As title descripes. I would love it but it feels wrong, or is the MAV also able to transmit a picture to the data pod? :thumbup: If this is the case, I can't select the right channel of the data pod. See attached track file mav_data_pod.trk
  18. Ok thank you, I havn't seen this discussion but I havn't found a current thread here in the "bug" forum which was marked as bug, so I have reported it here also :)
  19. If true heading is set in the HSI (DATA => A/C), and after a heading is entered, the HSI will show the corect heading, but the autopilot for heading seems to still use the magnetic heading. See attached track file. true_heading_0.trk
  20. The no escape zone of an AIM-120C between the F-15C and the F/A-18C is different and I'm sure it's not corect for the F/A-18 See the attached pictures, which shows the HUD of the F/A-18C and a F-15C for a very similar situation (Speed ~350knots, Alt~6000ft). For the F-15C, the no escape zone is at @ 6nm, while for the F/A-18 it's not visible because it's marked at the same point as Rmax which cannot be corect. Mission file is also attached. noEscape.miz
  21. No it's working. It's MFD button 1 (lowest left site)
  22. I tried to summarize the issue here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=251866
  23. I tried to summarize the issues in this thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=251866
  24. Hello ED Team, I think it would be verry good if you can repair this and I think it's important for this product, and I will explain why I think so: This is a good point where also people who can't fly your great but complex aircrafts can make the experience in VR to "fly with them", and maybe later they decide to buy the modules ;-) I want to share my experiences to help you to hopefully to enclose the issue (All points are just guesses and the result of long year observations ;-) ): I found that there are still four noticed reasons for brocken track files: 1. By taking of from a carrier in a F/A-18, the "brocken track issue" happents mostly to me. When I only take off and try to land on the carrier again immediately, there is an "offset" of the delta between the carrier and the aircraft. This could have different reasons: A) The course of the carrier is different in the mission and in the replay (Maybe the orientation could be the same but the "direction of moving" not?) B) There is something happening with the aircrafts orientation/position/velocity/acceleration during takeoff (leaving the boat) (E.g. affecting wind effects?...) C) A difference in the positioning / orientation / velocity / acceleration on initialisation of ship and/or aircraft between mission and replay When I take of from a land based runway and land on the Stennis, this issue is not (Only by taking off from it). However, I also have a "little" offset if I have a mission when the ship is holding it's possition all the time and without any wind... But it's not so big... [Edit] I just had to try out another Idea and I hope this can help you defenetly for this issue: When I tried out to use the carrier "CNV-70 - Carl Vinson" instead of the Stennis, this issue is no issue and the replay works perfect! So it seems that it's depending on the ship! [Edit 09.10.2019] I just tried it again using the CNV-70 - Carl Vinson and using this ship the track is definetly not brocken again, but using the Stennis it is (with one exception where I landed on the deck I the replay but in another cable than in the mission, so a small error was still there...) I flew ~5 minutes and landed in the replay on the Carl Vinson exactly as I did in the mission. So the workaround to create a good track with carrier take off and landing could be to use this ship :-) D) Another idea I just had is that the error also could occurs during the plane is anchored onto the catapult. A little difference here could result in a big error by flying arround a bit... [/Edit 09.10.2019] 2. Another issue seems to occur if wepons are used. I noticed that when I fly around even with AI aircrafts, it seems to be ok as long as nobody shoots. I don't know how the DCS engine works but maybe you are creating a new AI aircraft for the missile? You are also deleting aircrafts when they have been destroyed I guess, so do you have respect this on all points of the reading/replay/track file etc.? Just an Idea... So you should make sure that the recorded inputs are always put in into the right vessel. (==> No confusion with the array index of the object / "max index" etc.? If you are working with arrays, you need to "copy the upper indexes down" in the mission and replay and change the new "max" value of the array, if an object has been deleted. However, please make sure that the inputs are always used for the correct object(s) on replay, even if new vessels have been created and if vessels have been destroyed... ;-)) You also need to make sure that the behaviour of AI aircrafts and missiles is the same in mission and replay (No time based random for weapons and AI aircrafts. If AI aircrafts react on weopons and the weapon behaviour is different between mission and replay, this could lead to a different behaviour of the AI aircrafts also). (Maybe this is what Dougall reported and means with 1vs.1 dogfights) 3. Module based issues (Multicockpit?): I notices that I had a brocken replay issue each time I changed the seat in the C101 (Maybe also in the F-14?). In a C101 replay, even the takeoff in the replay is not working good and can end into a crash if you have played it in the front seat an if you change to the back seat in the replay (C-101). You need to make sure that the inputs can be made and are used for "the right seat" in the replay. My feeling is that the "center of gravity" and or the "aerodynamic focus" is set relativ to the pilots seat and if you change the seat, it could be wrong for the replay, but it's just a guess and maybe I'm wrong... 4. Time acceleration: If you have a different time acceleration in the mission and in the replay, the replay is not correct. So you should deny to change the time acceleration in the replay as long as this cannot be fixed. I also noticed that if you - Create a mission with rain and much wind - Start the mission and wait some seconds - Note that the raindrops falls with an angle - Exit the mission to the mission editor - Change the wind to '0' in the mission editor - Start the mission Note that the raindrops falls with an angle first. Only after a while, they are falling the corect 90° towards earth (because there is no wind anymore). That means for me that it will take a while until all wind/weather effects are "reseted" to the values which are set in the mission editor (Maybe the weather conditions are not "destroyed" on mission ending?). That brought me to the idea that If the wind in the replay is different to the played scenario, this could also break the track file... So you should make sure that the weather conditions will be set to the ME values immediately and each time on mission start and replay start (Not only for wind, same for air pressure and maybe more...). The wind must also fit immediately on replay start for the deck of the carrier (The carrier is moving so the wind for the deck is different to a land based runway). Also please make sure that if in a mission "wake turbulences" are used (or not), they also must be used (or not) in the replay, no matter what the setting in the options is to avoid a different behaviour! I don't want to tell you how you can realise it, but did you ever thought about to save/load all positions, orientations, current accelerations and velocities in a "timestamp" from time to time (e.g. each second) and set this values during replay instead of just recording all the inputs? Same for events like "missile hit" or damage things and that... Because sometimes I have destroyed an aircraft in the mission but the missile pass it in the replay, so the aircraft shoot me down in the replay! Thats not funny! ;-) I guess that not all guesses are right ;-), but I guess they are worth to be checked. I Hope this will help a bit...
  25. The "Mode Switch" (NVG / NITE / DAY) is not working before generator is running (If Battery is the only supply). Normaly the Engine Status panel should be lighted green after switching to NITE. This is only possible when the engine is running. There is also no change of the mode after starting the engines (Generators), when the switch has been set to NITE before starting the engines.
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