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  1. I have very huge FPS drop down on the new Marianas Map in VR, is it normal?
  2. I realy feel ripped of. Look what Jak525 wrote in the previous bug report: There was no comment from your site how the expected behaviour will be. And previously, this has worked as expected with the TDC cursor but not anymore since the last patch. The only point missed was that pushing the button by clicking it with the mouse has not worked. That was the intention of this bug report. If I had known the way you fix it before, I wouldn't have created a bug report. So you are sure that there is no way to make the TGP SOI as long as a target is locked in ACM without losing the lock? Sorry, I don't belive that.
  3. Previous bug report has not been fixed as descriped in the change log. By pressing PB7 to exit ACM now, (or by using the tdc), the target will just be unlocked and it's possible to exit ACM by pressing the button once more, but then the lock will be lost. To unlock a target, the undesignate button is allready available. But as discussed in the previous bug report, the lock should be keept in STT but ACM mode should exit to enable the pilot to get back HOTAS controlls to make the TGP SOI for example. ACM_Exit_II.trk
  4. After engine shutdown I noticed that the AIM-9M wheel has contact to the extended flaps:
  5. Sometimes, the radar zone is limited to 20° after switching from gun to amram. Steps to reproduce: - Press "Select Gun" - Press "Select Amram" (when the radar line is not moving? Or when it's at the centerline?) I cannot exactly determine when it happens. But when I try it somtimes it will happen somtimes but not always... Expected: Radar horizontal scan zone is set to the value it had before (140° for the trackfile): Observed: Radar horizontal scan zone is 20° gun_amram.trk
  6. Yes I know, but it's the same thing for me, first post was "I guess it makes no sence if I can activate ACM mode in SIL mode. " And then the answer would be b) It's possible to deactivate SIL mode (temporarly) in ACM mode somehow (I just don't know how) And maybe it makes sence this way... I don't know the solution of this contradiction, that's EDs job to find it out or to explain it
  7. Thought more about it... My guess is as follows: In SIL mode, you have to press TDC Depress, and the radar will do a single pattern for the active ACM mode and try to lock a target. Or radar is just on as long as you press TDC Depress But thats just my expectation.
  8. I thought about this. Following scenario: - You have a visual contact, not sure if friend or foe. - You activated the ACM (very short) to lock the contact for an IFF - You have identified that contacts as frindly and want to go back into SIL
  9. Procedure 1: - Select GUN, note that ACM mode is activated and PRF toggles to MED - Select AMRAAM, note that ACM mode is deactivated and PRF mode toggles to INT Procedure 2 - Select BST (I don't tested different ACM modes) , note that ACM mode is activated and PRF toggles to MED - Press PB7 to exit ACM, note that PRF mode keeps in MED No question it makes sence to toggle to MED for ACM, but when exiting ACM the behavoiur should be the same in both cases. PRF_ACM_BEHAVIOUR.trk
  10. I just noticed: While fixing this bug, please note that the radar line must move to the corect position or search pattern, depending on the ACM mode (Same for elevation marker).
  11. So then it's a bug if SIL mode is active and you activate ACM and the radar cannot lock something from my point of view. But I can imagin that the SIL mode is only deactivated in ACM mode because it has less emmissions I guess and so it's ok to have the radar on for ACM only if you don't want to be get detected by hostiles RWRs. But if you then deactivate ACM, SIL mode should be active again (I guess).
  12. I guess it makes no sence if I can activate ACM mode in SIL mode. 1. You cannot lock a target in SIL mode 2. You cannot deactivate SIL mode in ACM mode directly (Because the SIL pushbutton on the ddi becomes the ACM button in ACM mode, so you cannot click it to deactivate SIL) So if you are in ACM mode and in SIL mode, you have to exit ACM first, deactivate SIL mode and then go back into ACM mode again to lock a target. As I can imagin, there are five possibilites: a) It's not possible to enter ACM mode from SIL mode (Stay in SIL mode instead) b) It's possible to deactivate SIL mode in ACM mode somehow (I just don't know how) c) SIL mode will be deactivated automaticly by entering an ACM mode d) SIL mode and ACM mode buttons are different, so you have still a SIL button in ACM e) The real hornet is buggy for this use case SIL_ACM.trk
  13. - Activate SA or HSI map on the AMPCD - Fly over 35550 feet Obeserved: Map deactivates Expected: Map should not be deactivated map_deactivates.trk
  14. - In BST: It deactivates the ACM Box on the radar ddi => Actiavtes the possibility to assign tdc priority to a device, even after locking a target in BST - In WACQ: It enables the possibility to move the search area of the radar - In HACQ: ? - in VACQ: ? Should it has the same function for HACQ and VACQ as for BST? I've added a track file for the case if this is a bug. TDC_Depress.trk
  15. What does uplook mode? It's implemented?
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