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  1. Evening all, I'm working on a small project to modify the F-16 HUD, and I've hit a roadblock I'm in the mods folder, in the F-16/Cockpit/Scripts folder, under Displays/HUD/indicator/Pages/HUD_Common.lua At the moment, I'm just trying to get a number on the HUD to change. I can make the element appear, but for some reason a parameter won't modify it like on other HUDs. Here's my code that I'm adding to HUD_Common.lua: local superSecretModStuff = addStrokeText("EVEN_MORE_SECRET_MOD_HUD_NAME", nil, STROKE_FNT_DFLT_100_NARROW, "RightCenter", {0, 0}, nil, {{"text_using_parameter",0,0}}, {"%2.1f"}) superSecretModStuff.element_params = {"TOP_SECRET_PARAMETER"} I'm modifying the "TOP_SECRET_PARAMETER" in an avLuaDevice, and it is successfully being altered and set, as a second avLuaDevice is able to read the values and print them on screen. For some reason though, it doesn't show up on the HUD. if I change the first "nil" (this sets the value) to a number, a string, or anything at all, it does show up, but it doesn't change based on the parameter. In short: I can get a string of numbers to display onto the HUD, but for some reason, I cannot get a parameter to change the numbers. I've tried (more or less) this same code in the F/A-18C HUD and it works absolutely fine. Thanks for any help anyone can provide, - Sly
  2. You'll need to get TeamSpeak. Here's a link :) https://www.teamspeak.com/downloads Just download it, install it, and open it up. Go to "connections" then "connect". Enter the IP I've posted into TeamSpeak and then any nickname you want and hit Connect!
  3. Alright, rickberry, you were connecting through TeamSpeak right? That sounds... Incredibly odd... Also, javelina, feel free to stop by just about any time you'd like, I'm on almost every day during the usual hours of the day as well as a lot of time at night. I don't have any "session" times set up, so just stop by whenever and I'll teach you whatever you'd like to know!
  4. TeamSpeak IP is now in original post. Stop by and let me know if you're interested.
  5. Well, I've been convinced. A few moments ago I saw a very kind community member offering to help train new A-10C pilots and was spurred on by his efforts of kindness! I'd like to offer my services as a relatively skilled A-10C pilot. Over the last few months I've finished the A-10C's systems, and have officially learned the entire aircraft inside and out. Now that I've said that, let the "Wait a minute, how did I not know it could do this!? Gah!" moments begin! Anyways, upon completing this task, I'd like to extend an offer to anyone who has recently purchased the A-10C (or had it for a long time, I don't care) to come and join me for a flight where you can become acquainted with your new module(/old module) in a learning environment. Though I understand the reservations of the member who offered to do this for people who had learned the basics, I'm here to cover just that! I'm perfectly willing to teach people how to do anything they'd like to learn, from the absolute basics (Startup, control mapping, and even the basics of flight (such as how lift is generated and how a jet engine produces thrust)) to extremely technical questions, like setting up countermeasures profiles, creating flight plans/using the CDU effectively, engaging SAM sites and AAA properly, dogfighting, etc. Keep in mind that I'm also willing to teach things like terminology, brevity, and combat maneuvers, as well as in flight refueling! My only requirement for this is that you come to our "sessions" with a few things: Your phone, tablet, or another PC monitor as I may provide links to sites with useful information or study material as we progress; a pad of paper and a pen/pencil. You can use your phone or whatever, but I'd prefer it to be paper and pencil/pen as it tends to be a bit faster to use; please have the aerodrome charts open for taxi references and lastly, please keep the A-10 manual handy as I will most likely give you references so that you can read through and relearn anything you need to in case you forget afterwards. I also ask that you have TeamSpeak 3 and a working mic, although if it's absolutely necessary, I am willing to have you respond through the DCS chat or TeamSpeak chat should you not have a mic. Headtracking and a HOTAS/Joystick and rudder pedals are a nice addition, though DEFINITELY not a requirement for me to help you. Just something to keep in mind! Thanks to the community member who originally came up with this! I won't mention your name just in case you don't, for some reason, want me to, but again, I couldn't have done this without you! I've gotten a few requests now, and I'd like to edit this in: If you're interested in learning, I'm on TeamSpeak most days. Just hop in and come down into the channel with me. I'll be happy to set up a time for us to learn. Enjoy your day everyone, Slydog486, Veteran DCS Noob PS - If I get enough requests, I'll find a day that works for everyone and we can do a group training session where we go through as much of the A-10 as we can in one night!
  6. Thanks for the quick reply! Since it was 2 months ago, do you think there's a chance we'll get the functionality soon?
  7. The Synthetic Runway is the runway overlay on the HUD, yes. From what I've read, you must have a "landing waypoint" set up to use it, but certainly that isn't a requirement in the real Mirage. How do you set it up from in-cockpit?
  8. I've searched through everything I can, and I still haven't been able to figure this out... It seems like everyone who wanted to use the synthetic runway asked about it in early 2015, but now it's been an entire year and I'd like to figure out what the heck is going on... Has the INS system been updated enough to where we can create the waypoint necessary to use the synthetic runway? If so, does anyone know how to do it? I've looked in the manual with no such luck, but if someone knows about it, please let me know. Thanks all!
  9. So, I have my TM:W, and I've had it for a while now. I'm hoping to fly the Gazelle with a few friends, so I hop in and notice something rather worrying. The stick wobbles. Left, right, forward, back, not the base. The stick. On the warthog, there's a ball joint thing that houses the spring, etc. in the base. Then there's a small pole sticking up, with a point to screw the joystick into the base. On the joystick, there's a pole sticking from the joystick down to the plate that screws down onto the base. The "connection" point (for lack of a better term) between the pole and the joystick is loose. Loose enough to have a noticeable wobble in the stick. Not sure if that's supposed to happen, but if it isn't, I'd like to fix it. I put a lot of money into my setup and would really rather not have to spend even more sending it back or having to buy a new one. Thanks, Slydog486
  10. Gerry Abbott right? [TBS] [TFP] Slydog486, Veteran DCS Noob Sent from OnePlus Two.
  11. I completely agree. I'll look around and see if I can find some info. Also, how are you liking your OnePlus Two? I'll be trying to get from my Two to a Three soon... What about you? [TBS] [TFP] Slydog486, Veteran DCS Noob Sent from OnePlus Two.
  12. I apologize greatly if I've missed something, but I'm almost certain this wasn't formation flight. I'm looking for formations, not solo acts. Again, if I missed something, please let me know, but I am looking for more of a 4-ship or 8-ship approach to an airshow. [TBS] [TFP] Slydog486, Veteran DCS Noob Sent from OnePlus Two.
  13. Yep. [TBS] [TFP] Slydog486, Veteran DCS Noob Sent from OnePlus Two.
  14. Thank you guys so much for this help, I'd even say that the BS community is more helpful than the A-10. Offering to teach me the Ka-50 over TeamSpeak in your free time, are you kidding me? Thank you! Every reply in here has helped, I've even managed to start flying around a little without landing upside down (also known as crashing, but I don't consider it that... Mostly...). [TBS] [TFP] Slydog486, Veteran DCS Noob Sent from OnePlus Two.
  15. Normally, I fly planes. A-10C, F-15C, Mirage, etc. However, lately, I've felt that I need to expand out to helicopters, but... The Gazelle is just too simple (I like the feeling of being surrounded by switches. The Gazelle has about 30 of them, the KA-50... Ha... Haha... Yep. The huey, well, I just have no desire to fly it due to its size and looks, same with the Mi-8. So that brings us to the BS. Unfortunately, after 5 minutes heads down in the manual, I almost gave up. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for starting out on the Ka-50, as I'd love to learn it. Thanks! [TBS] [TFP] Slydog486, Veteran DCS Noob Sent from OnePlus Two.
  16. Recently, I've devoted my spare time to creating a virtual aerobatics group for the F-15. So far it's going great, we're practicing turns, loops, all sorts of fun stuff in formation... My question is this: does anyone know of any documentation for different formations that we can fly in? I've found tons of formations online, but it seems that the same formation might have two different names. Does anyone have a good reference point for me to go off of? Thanks in advance! [TBS] [TFP] Slydog486, Veteran DCS Noob Sent from OnePlus Two.
  17. Added on Steam. I look forward to flying with you soon. [TBS] [TFP] Slydog486, Veteran DCS Noob Sent from OnePlus Two.
  18. Email sent. [TBS] [TFP] Slydog486, Veteran DCS Noob Sent from OnePlus Two.
  19. Hey, thanks for starting a new post about this. I'm beginning to think that this is the route to go down in order to teach newer players how to fly. New training missions and videos do need to be made, and should also be made by the same people each time to keep up with consistency. A single series is much easier to follow than a giant mashup of 200 videos. Thanks for all the great suggestions Rick, and I'll see you in the skies! [TBS] [TFP] Slydog486, Veteran DCS Noob Sent from OnePlus Two.
  20. Yeah but that's water, not navigation. You aren't the only one who watched SpongeBob as a kid! Anyways, the autopilot on an A10C unfortunately isn't navigational. It won't do a route for you. It has 3 modes: Altitude and Heading hold, Altitude (includes roll, so good for holding an orbit) Path hold, for holding, say, a climb Sorry to disappoint! [TBS] [TFP] Slydog486, Veteran DCS Noob Sent from OnePlus Two.
  21. Haha nope! That's the DSMS that you're talking about, or Digital Stores Management System. The CDU is used for navigation and things related to navigation. [TBS] [TFP] Slydog486, Veteran DCS Noob Sent from OnePlus Two.
  22. Alright, so I'm going to break this down. First, I'd like to start by saying this: if you need any help learning the A-10C, let me know. I'm always looking for people to fly with and would be happy to teach you anything you'd like to know, including the entirety of the A-10. Hardest part: the CDU. Definitely. Most people don't realize just how much functionality is here so they think it's easy, but in reality it's the most powerful piece of equipment on board the A-10. I've been flying since the A10C came out, and I'm still learning it. Hard but turned out easy: this has to be the various weapons. I thought it would be a serious process to achieve clean pickle on every weapon, but it was actually relatively simple for all of them. [TBS] [TFP] Slydog486, Veteran DCS Noob Sent from OnePlus Two.
  23. Yeah, I remembered that after about two seconds of posting but someone had already posted the correct version haha. Thanks for the corrections though. I hadn't flown the A-10 in nearly 6 months [emoji14] [TBS] [TFP] Slydog486, Veteran DCS Noob Sent from OnePlus Two.
  24. Wow! Thanks so much for the reply! This is seriously being considered. If enough people have this view, I will move the topic from making videos to making training missions. [TBS] [TFP] Slydog486, Veteran DCS Noob Sent from OnePlus Two.
  25. I was not asking how to set mark points. Next time, learn the facts before attacking someone, because you will lose the argument otherwise. First, I was asking how to turn a SPI into a waypoint. A complex procedure. Second, just because he CAN do in depth tutorials doesn't mean he does. Once again, you have assumed that I am saying my videos are better. This is an incorrect statement. I stated that I will be releasing more thorough tutorials for newer players. He's great at tutorials, but the fact of the matter is that if I were to point to a page in the manual over and over again, eventually I'd find a subject that he hasn't covered. I aim to create a tutorial series that fixes that. It will cover the whole manual. Now, if you have more points to this discussion you'd like to be shot down because you can't come up with something that's true, then please send them to the email above rather than clog up this thread with more hate. I'm donating my time to help you and your peers learn more about the A-10, and you're saying that everything I'll do has already been done, and you're also filling my post with hate that simply isn't true. [TBS] [TFP] Slydog486, Veteran DCS Noob Sent from OnePlus Two.
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