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  1. Great to know, thanks. Any idea why this isn't always visible? Sometimes I have it, sometimes i don't. Just need to know if it's me
  2. Ah great link, thanks. The F15 was transmitting to my Hornet even when I wasn't tuned to that frequency, so maybe there's a FC3 simplified radio or easy comms setting I need to look into.
  3. Never crossed my mind to think about that default unit frequency. I'll need to test some more, but so far the F15 was transmitting to my Hornet even when I wasn't tuned to that frequency. I'll look into the AI Task Push as well. Thanks.
  4. Hoping to get some or all of these questions answered from the mission editor gurus out there. Thank you in advance for taking the time to help me out! Questions involve advanced WP actions, transmitting messages, radio messages, power (W) parameters, and others. ${1}
  5. Did you ever get this issue sorted? My buddy and I are having the same problem - cannot get the target designator to stop blinking and stabilize. Frustrating for noobs who cannot tell if it is a bug or user error.
  6. Appreciate the weather info 71st AH Rob. In my case as described above, we spawned at the same airfield with vastly different weather, so perhaps there are more multiplayer hiccoughs at play. Weather issues are trivial though so long as there are invisible planes flying around. Cheers anyhow.
  7. Hi all, Thanks in advance for the help. Forgive my ignorance. I made a quick mission in the editor and then hosted a server. My buddy found it no problem, joined it, assumed a role, etc....all went well. He then had some TrackIR issues, so he had to close DCS. Upon rejoining, I could no longer see him in my server. All the server dialogs let me know he joined, spawned in a Hornet, etc...but I could not physically see him in game. He could see me, however. I was watching his screen cap of me as we were flying around, yet I couldn't see him. Bizarre. Any ideas? I of course restarted the s
  8. Hey Devrim. Your mod isn't working for me, even though I've used your handy dandy Read Me :). I extracted your "mods" folder from your zip into my "DCSWorld" folder. It asked me to merge your mods folder with the one already there by default. This obviously added your "english" folder and its contents. I then selected "English" from the pull down menu in the Options>Special Tab>SU-25T section, clicked OK, fired up free flight.....Cyrillic....Cyrillic everywhere. Any ideas? I'm using 1.5.3 through Steam, fyi.
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