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  1. I would love to see some missiles that have more range. Tired of getting shot down at 4km by tanks (even when behind trees/hill)* *not trying to be a hater... I really love the bird, just not the dang sniping AI tanks! so maybe the fix should be on the AI and not the bird...lol.
  2. Thanks again for the feedback. I am not having much luck. 2 more tries and 2 more deaths. both were behind a ridge (treeline) and I was approx 5nm from target area. Died to machine guns of some sort. I really like the Gazelle, but these short-range missiles are really hard to hit targets with. Guess I will try some rockets next time and try to move fast. I think what I really need is a 2nd gunner in multiplay. That way I can concentrate on maneuvering while the gunner takes out targets. Thanks, Backtrap
  3. Thanks for the tips and video link guys. I appreciate the feedback. I will keep practicing!! thanks, Backtrap
  4. I recently bought the Gazelle, which is my first helicopter. I am having a blast learning to fly with my warthog controls. The main issue I am having right now is engaging ground targets without getting shot down. I looked up the range of the HOT-3 and it said 4300m which is roughly 2.3 NM. When I close within that range to fire, I am getting shot by the ground targets. I am staying low (treetop) and using terrain to help block, but the rounds go through trees and hit me. One other thing. I noticed when I tried firing from longer ranges (4-5NM) the missile just explodes midair before hitting the target. TLDR: If you have any tips on engaging ground targets with HOT-3 without getting shot down, I would be thankful. Thanks, Backtrap
  5. Ok, thanks for that information. Much appreciated.
  6. I went to the DCS home page and saw there was some video training downloads. I downloaded the F-15C and Fighter weapons School videos (Torrent download) I thought they would be video files, but they are .exe. Can someone help me understand why the video training is an executable? Not that I don't trust the website, but I am hesitant to install software I do not know. Thanks,
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