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  1. Thanks for your insights guys. Odd thing I noticed yesterday on a mission carrying 2 GBU 10s, 2 GBU 12s and a centerline fuel tank. Approaching the target head on, straight and level on autopilot, 12,000ft alt and around 10 miles from target I slewed the TGP to target and set point lock. The display came up with INR P which I only usually see when the pod thinks its line of sight is about to be obstructed by the airframe. In this case it was looking forward and down with a direct line of sight to the target. Can this be caused by something wrong in my
  2. TM Warthog. I know all the buttons are working correctly and bound correctly as the problem is intermittent. I can slew the TGP onto target, TMS up short to set it to point track, TMS up long to set it to SPI and china hat forward long to slave all sensors. When I go china hat forward long, the TGP and all sensors slew away to the current steerpoint, but not always, maybe 9 times out of 10. Going long I count to 3, so not inadvertently pressing short. I've gone into controls and checked the buttons are working and jump to the action they are supposed to ju
  3. As above, on moonlit nights, just before dawn, as the moon stops illuminating completely and what i presume are dawn effects starting to pre load, there is a bright flash of light and a view of dawn just as just before sun up lasting maybe a half second. Then darkness returns.
  4. As above. Since the update,on spawn in, the left console lights are illuminated with dimmer rotary off and battery off. All other lights are off.
  5. Having had flight simulators since flight unlimited 2 in the late 90s, around the time I signed up for DCS, I was heavily into another WW2 flight combat simulator, based around the south coast of england and northern france. My chariot of choice being the venerable Bristol Blenheim or occasionally, the hurricane. I could be found also manning a bofors on airfield defence regularly, shooting down sneaky raiders or giving pithy chat comments over the landing prowess, or lack thereof of some of the higher scoring "aces" on multiplayer. When VR was starting to look like a thing about
  6. Perfect. Just tried it with the multimeter and it works a treat. I was caught up in trying to utilise all six terminals with common and switched wires. To add insult to injury, I tested the common and switched inputs to the board. It seems that the common from the board is +5v and the wire to this in the plug is coloured BLACK... while the switched wire back to the board is coloured red. No wonder my head was hurting, I find electrickery a chore at the best of times, slept through most of the auto electrical modules at college, but to have wires coloured in the reverse to expectation
  7. I have just started to add to my collection of switchboxes in A10C configuration for my VR pit using zero delay USB encoder boards. To date, in addition to my warthog HOTAS, I have the electrical panel, Canopy raise and lower, Signal light /fire bleed /Yaw and pitch SAS switches and takeoff trim on another panel. Fuel panel is fitted with boost pump switches, the crossfeed / external tank cluster of switches and the fill disable buttons. Everything is placed in the location where the eye sees them in VR and works as expected. I can pretty much cold start the jet by flipping switches now. Rotar
  8. Another happy customer. Arrived in quoted timeframe, nicely packaged, even came with some spare screws; it was fitted and calibrated in less than 20 minutes at a leisurely pace using the clear instructions found on the deltasim website step by step. The difference over the OE setup is amazing and well worth doing even if your OE nub is still functioning. For those still waiting and trying to gauge where in the queue they are, my order number was 4635.
  9. Firstly, kudos to ED for not scalping us on the price of the early bird update. I was expecting it to be double and most likely treble the price and need some careful thought before purchasing, but happily its a first day no brainer. :) Control bindings. Will TM warthog HOTAS owners have their controls automatically bound to the correct settings on update as with the original A10C? I have a load of switchboxes and analogue joysticks that come with the required usb encoder boards and just striking the joysticks from all the axes will be a fairly lengthy task. Every little helps.....
  10. Around Haifa. Hope you Ugra guys get a few pointers if you have not seen it already. TLDR, pretty awsome, but some things could be better. Might be worth reaching out to the guy if he is what he says he is.
  11. Be nice to see the street lighting reviewed and replaced. At present, it appears that the globes atop the lamposts are 2 mtrs across when viewed from a few thousand feet above. It looks odd. Be far better to keep the illuminated areas of the road as is, they are very well done, but reduce the size of the light itself and increase the brightness to an almost intense, pure white colour, or whatever colour the light source is in Syria. Taxyway lighting is the same, perhaps these large light globes are an ED issue, rather than an Ugra issue. I know I'm not the first to notice these issue
  12. Critical first impressions..... ok. Firstly it's a great map, Ugra have come up trumps with this one. Secondly, it's early access, it's not finished, there are areas of road groupings without buildings, clearly the road networks for future built up areas. ..Third. it's early access, so performance is an issue at ground level, due to poor optimisation, particularly in VR and my rig is no slouch. Placing additional static objects hits performance massively and I do like to populate my airbases.... Lighting is good in general, although I always tend towards long moonlit night to dawn
  13. yes thats what I said in my edit above.
  14. Err. No this particular forum is for the plain vanilla Hog. To the OP, your taxi and landing light switch is on the left of the main panel near the landing gear lever. It is the long switch with three "pips" on it. For both landing and taxi lights on, it needs to be in the up position. Edit: Apologies Yurgon. On landing on the hog 2 forum, I see this thread has been moved by the mods from there.
  15. Areas around square YB62. Follwing the valley floor and the Isreali perimeter wall, the surrounding hillside terrain mesh is more low res and sharp edged than not. There are quite a few areas like this dotted around, but this seems to be one of the more concentrated areas I have come across.
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