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  1. That's good to know. When multicrew was (pretty much) working it was hands down the best experience I've ever had in DCS. Sneaking from tree to tree, popping up and quickly taking out a target, then slinking away was so much fun, particularly because it was a shared experience and both participants had their own role to play.
  2. Russia's Christmas holiday season starts in a couple of days, so consider raising a support ticket. You may get a faster response.
  3. Yes, a menu that pops up requiring a mouse click to Allow or Deny. See page 158 of the Huey manual for a pic.
  4. That's it - Request Aircraft Control (default 'C'). You can only "take over" control if you occupy the priority seat (as described above), otherwise you are "requesting" control. Example: the Huey is set to Pilot has priority (right seat). The co-pilot can press 'C' to request control (which can be approved or denied by the pilot). If approved, the pilot can afterwards press 'C' to take over control with no approval from the co-pilot, because the pilot has priority. Obviously this would be the other way round if the co-pilot has priority. And if it's set to Ask Alwa
  5. It's the Aircraft Control Priority in the unit's settings in mission editor. See pic. As I understand it, if you don't want prompts when switching pilot then set it to Equally Responsible. I think the settings are: Pilot - right seat in charge and can take control from left seat without approval. Left seat must ask. Copilot - left seat in charge, and can take control from right seat without approval. Right seat must ask Ask Always - both seats can fly and must ask each other for approval. Equally Responsible - no priority, no ap
  6. Ok I think I've replicated your issue. I placed down 2 Hueys, each with 2 door gunners. One was set to 'solo flight' (so multiplayer incapable) and one was not set to solo flight (multi-crew). I loaded the mission in single player. Solo flight - I was glued to the pilot seat. Unable to occupy any other seat Multi-crew - I was able to switch between all 4 seats I next loaded the mission on my server and connected via multiplayer. Solo flight - I was glued to the pilot seat. Unable to occupy any other seat Multi-crew - I was glued to t
  7. Some of the best experiences I've had in DCS has been multicrew based. The Gazelle was immense fun with multicrew (until it became unplayable), and the Tomcat is excellent. It brings DCS to a whole new level of teamwork. Tried the Huey yesterday with a buddy and we loved it. Very well implemented and was great to be able to share control, as well as go through checklists together. The door gunner experience, as others have identified, was a bit 'meh' but I'm sure it'll improve. Fingers crossed we'll get multicrew in the Mi-8 at some point. I've had that module for
  8. Perhaps he's referring to the 'solo flight' option. See pic. Not sure what it does though, or whether it's related to your issue.
  9. Agreed. I love the idea of having to deal with defogging, but given engine limitations and balance against other modules it's simply way too early to implement such a feature. It just doesn't seem to work well (for me). I'm loving this module, and can only applaud Deka's skill and attention to detail. But the fogging is not for me right now! You mention a mod to remove the effect. Can you point me to it please? I couldn't find anything in User Files other than one that removes baked reflections.
  10. Hi Hopefully quick and easy question. How do I get AI helos to taxi to the runway for takeoff, rather than takeoff from their parking spot. I've got a couple of CH-47 (just AI immersive 'fluff') parked up at Incirlik. Their starting waypoint is 'takeoff from ground'. I set a 2nd waypoint at the start of the route I wanted them to fly. They took off from their spot and went directly to waypoint 2. I was expecting them to taxi to the runway first. So I changed their parking to 'takeoff from ramp', and added some waypoints to the start of the active runway (23 in this case). Each wayp
  11. Are the waypoints actually needed? I always delete them from every playable aircraft. Purely because they make a mess in the editor, and if me or my flying buddies don't know how to manually add waypoints then we shouldn't be in the pilot seat!
  12. Great to see the forum design evolving. Looking a lot better than previously. The categories (e.g. International Support, Legacy Versions etc) need to be collapsible. Other than that much, much better.
  13. This change was badly thought out and shoddy in its implementation to say the least. For what is effectively your most customer facing interface you never make such a drastic change without taking extra precautions. The sensible thing to have done would have been to run forum layouts side-by-side for example, or have an alternative read-only copy in the new format for people to experience and provide valuable feedback. What you don't do is a major upgrade and redesign, then stick your head in the sand when people complain. It's a long time since I've upgraded a vBulletin site, so perhaps
  14. Terrible. Simply terrible. Unreadable, unengaging, uninspiring. Who signed off the new forum design? Take their pen away.
  15. I'm sure you've probably done this, but have you tried simply unplugging and re-plugging the USB cable? I've had issues with the Warthog randomly not picking up button assignments, and a unplug/replug worked for me.
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