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  1. In case others have similar problems with the install - like I had ... Did you: Validate your interactive kneeboad? ('About' tab on the config window). Thiss puts the new Vaicom commands onto the Windows clipboard. Click 'Finish' on the Editor tab page to get the instructions on updating the Keyword Collection? Delete the old and paste in the new Keyword collection? Exit by clicking 'Apply' then 'Done'? That should get you the new kneeboard display. However, to automatically show the various pages, there is one final step. Make sure you tick
  2. Exactly. That was designed in. It stays where you point it; not trying to get back to where it started. Just what you need when trying to aim it at something. (There is a NACA wartime report discussing this feature, but I can't be bothered looking for it again)
  3. Perhaps this little utility program may help. t certainly solved joystick problems in the past for me. Before you worry about DCS curves and saturation settings, check the first link in the chain which is the the input values coming from the joystick. I have seen errors in the upper or lower limits which then cause an incorrect center valuu, which may be the case here. Get DIView.exe and you can accurately adjust the joystick output and remove any errors.
  4. Eventually I managed to get here to post! For me this new format is unusable. It may be great for mobile devices, but I run DCS on a desktop computer and I want this forum to be usable on a desktop computer. Sorry, but while it remains like this I am out of here.
  5. I am converting an old Cougar joystick to be a rigid stick to use with the F-16 module, so this information may be useful for you. The state of the 18 buttons in the Cougar handle (19 in a Warthog) is sent out in 3 Bytes of data using the SPI format. Here is the handle circuitry. (I used toggle switches here instead of momentary switches so I could run a simulation to check the position of individual bits in the output). For USB output the bit order needed to be changed slightly to arrange buffer and switch type boundaries. This was done by programming the 18F4550 which I used to h
  6. Yeah. It should really blow up the whole aircraft if someone is crazy enough to try dropping bombs while applying negative 'G'. 'Dropping' and 'negative G' are mutually exclusive.
  7. As Paganus stated it will depend on your hardware. I have a Warthog setup and use curve 30 and dead-zone 5. I arrived at these settings by flying close to another aircraft and adjusting the curve until I could hold position without oscillating. A small dead-zone seemed to help, but too much caused oscillating again. After trimming into the dead-zone it is almost hands-off flying this close. :)
  8. If you would like to RTFM and see how it is supposed to be done, the have a look at The Air Combat Tutorial Library Some good stuff there :thumbup: Attacking Bombers #1 - Stern & Side Approaches Attacking Bombers #2 - Overhead & Head On Approaches Thanks to Sundowner here is The US Air Forces Manual No.64 Fighter Gunnery, Rocket Firing, Dive bombing for download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dvywtfij2m8...
  9. The BBC managed to block all the UK VPN links I tried. However, they can't stop you searching popular torrent sites with 'Spitfire 2018' and finding plenty of live links. :D
  10. That's the difference then. I don't have aux buttons, just a plain version 1 setup. ( I use voice attack if I run out of hotas buttons)
  11. Hi Miles. This may help with Mr Mojo97’s problem above. I had a similar problem trying to cage the artificial horizon on the P-51. This required a double command: hold down left mouse button and scroll forward to pull out and then turn the knob. This cannot be done on just one FCU, but commands on BOTH FCUs can be recognised at the same time. My solution was 1. Left FCU off target – click button 1 then hold button 3 to give continuous scroll forward command. 2. Right FCU – select target knob and click button 1. 3. Knob is pulled out and rotat
  12. The Spitfire instrument panel has been almost unreadable for many years now in spite of many complaints to ED. However, here are some mods by NAKE350 that will fix the problem. For me, it has madr the Spitfire playable, and I can't thank NAKE650 enpough for this. Spitfire High-Contrast Cockpit Gauges Simple mod to improve clarity of cockpit dials and gauges https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3302602/ Even better is this one, as it also gets rid of the over-bright cockpit floor. Spitfire Cockpit Refurb Refurbished cockpit to improve depth of shadowing on the stock
  13. Not fixed in the latest update. Still not visible.
  14. Thanks Harker. You have made my F-18 flyable again. :thumbup:
  15. There seems to be an unusually large number of update servers offline right now. ( around 0200 UTC) However NBN in OZ (Melbourne) is giving me an OK speed around 6 MB/s. :thumbup:
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