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  1. I have had a request for the stl files for the collective lever, and I have put them here in case anyone else is interested.. Collective lever.zip Be aware that this was designed around an old length of aluminium tube I had in a junk box. The outside diameter is 22.3 mm so it appears to be some 7/8" tube that was used before we went metric. In case you can't get tubing this size, I have included the Fusion 360 design files so you can make any changes required. Two 6mm bolts and some rubber tubing for the handgrip will also be required. Collective fittings v18.f3d
  2. Suggest checking all your axis controls. The default values have things like the rudder also wanting to control pitch, roll and throttle. The default settings bind anything that can control an axis to everything it can find!
  3. I have been testing things and shifting between various missions in both Open Beta and Stable. I am now getting instances where the main program is not using the Saved Games (modified) file and the view is now that strange one looking forward from the left wing root. Until we find the cause (it may be the large file size for a mod) all I can suggest is to just make the changes in the main file in CoreMods.
  4. That would be normal for repeated key presses. I use Voice attack so that press and hold a hotas button gives me the rear view until the button is released and it goes back to normal view. When I press joystick2 button 17 the result is... Press Left Shift+F4 keys and hold for 0.3 seconds and release Start Loop While : Joystick 2 Button 17 Is Pressed Loop Continue End Loop Press F1 key and hold for 0.3 seconds and release
  5. Sorry, there was a backslash typo error in the path. Try using CoreMods\WWII Units\P-51D.lua
  6. Not additional entries, just alter the existing ones and and it should work. The hard part is finding the location of the chase view code and then setting a good position to look from. Lots of stuff in the cockpit wanted to get in the way. So far the only other one I have done is the TF-51. I'm hoping others will have a fiddle with the code for other aircraft and publish their results here.
  7. Are you tired of getting shot down because in VR you can't look back behind you to see those pesky bandits getting into your six? TrackIR is great with its 'Exorcist' or 'Owl' mode where you can rotate your line of sight as much as you like and looking behind you is no problem. In real life you can rototate your head about 45°, your shoulders another 45°, then your eyes 45°, and in your peripheral vision you might be able to see what is directly behind you. However, VR has a basic limitation. The VR headset I use (Rift S) says it has an 88° field of view, so eye movement
  8. Now there is a good idea.
  9. Japo32: I am working on restoring the old 'F4 Look Back' and I have finally discovered where the P-51 (and others) views code is now hiding. This looks like the file you need to edit to fix your problem. C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\CoreMods\WWII Units\P-51D The views settings are way down around line 1456. Added later: There is also a Views.lua file in the WWII Units directory which I am hoping is a default applying to all the modules.
  10. The last line of this bit of code in the server.lua file suggests to me that you can give the same settings to several different aircraft without having to repeat all the code.. If you can work out the correct name for the missing P-51, you can just add it to a list of P-51 types. Perhaps you could make a list starting with the generic "P-51D", then continue adding the various type variant letter. I expect the incorrect entries would just be ignored as I don't have any of the "Su-xx" modules and there are no problems with that. Perhaps your missing P-51 uses the "def
  11. Have you noticed that the Spitfire has very little longitudinal stability (by design)? This means that only very small trim adjustments are normally required in flight. I imagine that if ED increase the trim speed they would then get complaints that it moves too fast to be accurately set. I have no problems with it in flight; it is only a pain setting pre-flight where possibly a large adjustment is needed. Our main problem is that we are using a computer and a fixed rate, whereas in the real aircraft the trim can be manually moved as far and fast as you desire. I gues
  12. You will find the VR zoom commands in the UI layer. The recenter command is also essential.
  13. Surely the whole point is that you should be able to read the instruments easily. It is just not acceptable If you can't do that. I was considering getting the P-47, but not any more.
  14. Sorry. My error. I had put that as a global "Stop [whatever]" command located in another section and used to stop any running commands. Just add your own "stop seat" command with 'Other' -> Voice Attack Actions' -> 'Stop Processing All Commands'
  15. I checked it and the file downloads and installs OK for me. All I can suggest is try downloading again.
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