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  1. Are there any active F-86 squads that fly together online? If there is not one, maybe we should make one? There are some fantastic units with fantastic history and character just waiting to be represented! (I favor the 4thFIW of course!) S! Boots
  2. Was on here the other day flying around. I'm still working on figuring everything out. Boots
  3. I had to make an account here, I just bought the sabre and it's my first experience with DCS. I love the details. Here are some good books I can recommend: Best overall work Sabres over MiG Alley by Ken Werrell Good pictures, development and combat history F-86 Sabre by Robert F. Dorr Good small book, has tech and tactics etc Sabre vs MiG Osprey Duel Good for Technical info regarding various models F-86 in Action Hope this helps you get started. I have a few more on order that I have not read yet. S! Boots
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