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  1. Me as well! Mine is getting worn out already.
  2. We are with you CAP and GR. I created a thread in multiplayer looking for a group to get into before CAPs campaign goes live. If anyone else is looking for the same, feel free to hi-jack and post in it.
  3. Hello all, as most of you know about CAP and the grim reapers needing help with their up coming kill CAPs cancer campaign. I am looking for a group to get to know and fly with before it goes live. I am asking if any groups are recruiting for a non hardcore player full time or at least part time for this campaign and possibly for the future. I am a fan of the GR videos and was touched by the ask of support by CAP in his recent videos. This serves as an excuse to get out into the community myself and fly with some organization in a group. I currently fly either offline or on a dynamic
  4. Thanks for the update. The Mig update looks awesome! Can’t wait for this update to be released. Truly my favorite bird to fly.
  5. Tried a fresh install to no avail. Get same error in single or multiplayer. Seems to be every module as well.
  6. Same crash here. i5 4k 16gig ram 970gtx dcs.zip.rar
  7. I absolutely LOVE the communication that comes from this team! Thanks for the update Cobra. Looking forward to this module and all the others Heatblur puts out!
  8. Would LOVE to see this as a full module some day soon!
  9. Just ordered the Viggen and a shirt. Much appreciated and Happy Holidays. Looking forward to the F-14.
  10. I can not seem to be able to assign a hot key to the target size slider to anything other than the keyboard. I want to be able to assign this to my joystick. Not sure if this is a bug or is intended. Thanks.
  11. Ah, there's my problem. Thank you.
  12. Can't seem to find the server anymore. Not saved under last visited either. What's the direct IP number to connect?
  13. Yeah, seems the only thing that breaks actually.
  14. ^Ok, I am halfway relieved to know that I'm not the only one having this issue after the most recent patch. Now I won't be spending my evening messing with settings with no effect. It's strange because no matter which settings I change (low or high) the low fps and shutter stay the same. Thank you for those that replied. I will be on 1.5 until the next patch unless there is anyway I can help the devs from here. Thanks.
  15. This new patch still has me at a lower FPS than v2.0.1 and has some shutter problems. I was getting 70fps on 2.0.1 with no shutter issues and since 2.0.2 it has dropped to ~32fps. I figured it was the cpu problem but this new update hasn't changed the fps only my cpu %. Now in dcs 1.5 I am getting a solid 70fps still. I messed around with nvidia inspector for hours with no change. Also set all of my settings for v2.0 the same as 1.5 with no difference. 2.0 does not have a vsync check box so I was thinking it might be that but I did try manually disabling vsync in inspector to no avail. I am j
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