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  1. Oh, the polarized glasses are for civvies. Randolph also took over the military contract for HGU-4/P non-polarized glasses from American Optical in 1978.
  2. Well if you want standard issue… https://www.randolphusa.com/collections/the-military-aviator?usf_take=360
  3. Let’s say ED agreed to share all the SC assets. They won’t work on the Forrestal without setup and testing by HB and who’s gonna pay for that? Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to see it happen as much as the next guy but remember, the Forrestal is a free carrier, much the same as the Stennis is a free carrier.
  4. Fair, the actual definition is pulling power, I misspoke. However, it’s still proper procedure to go to mil on touchdown and I’m curious if you still get an EGIW if that’s the case.
  5. I think the misconception here is that EGIW means you cut power on touch down. What it really means is that you had insufficient power to recover from a bolter, were that to happen. Not moving the throttles was the cause, not the solution. You should be going to mil on touch down.
  6. Lack of hydraulic pressure after shut down seems plausible. With the engines running I don’t think there would be any movement, given the irreversible controls.
  7. Which MiG? Each M39 has pretty much the same rate as a Gsh-30-1, the F-5 just has two of them. Together they’re roughly comparable to the Gsh-23 in the MiG-21 but the 20 mm round has a ton more velocity so you don’t need crazy lead. The obvious downside is a lot less explosive so you need more hits.
  8. Side note, I always found it curious how easy you could rip the wings off in game in the early days because the eddy damper should prevent loading G that fast.
  9. There’s no difference between the F-14 and an FBW plane in that regard, both have irreversible controls.
  10. This is the post I was referring to. Haven’t flown in a bit, though, so not sure myself. Felt pretty tight the last time I taxied on deck.
  11. I would love to see animated airbags, too, but I’m not sure how one would go about it. I don’t think DCS supports soft body physics of any kind.
  12. I never noticed… Is it a DCS limitation? Is the Hornet similarly handicapped?
  13. NATOPS recommends not using toe brakes for min radius turns because the inboard main gear will roll backward at full steering and braking that wheel ends up increasing radius.
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