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  1. And the simplest, least scientific method is the AoA tape: 5 units for climb, 8.5 units for cruise.
  2. I hope they have such tools for their own use. If they do it would be a huge benefit to standardization across modules if they shared them, never mind the massive amount of time saved by third party testers.
  3. Took a couple months to get mine but I hear they’re always trying to speed up orders. Not sure what it’s like right now. The grip itself is really well made but the weapon selector can be a little sticky if you’re thumb isn’t on it just right.
  4. Getting that slow in the vertical is the only time I've stalled the TF30s in the A so far and splitting the throttles at the same time is likely to cause a flame out in one or both. The F110s in the B are less likely to fail, but you're still throwing the plane into a spin on purpose. Better to not get that slow in the first place.
  5. Minimum RPM is governed by the Mach lever on the TF30s and it will increase both at high AoA and at high speed.
  6. Probably. In landing config the entire wing, including flaps, is above the centerline of the engines as well as over half the speed brake.
  7. sLYFa's response seems pretty clear. The AP steers the plane with the roll and pitch SAS servos so turning them off ensures that a faulty AP can no longer control the aircraft. Seems to be an issue with simple analog electronics since in DFCS planes the paddle switch only disables AP.
  8. Well, no... It says it was designed to survive hitting 9 g once, not on a regular basis.
  9. If I’m seeing that right, in your screen shot it’s correctly changing the reticle from gun sight to radar/missile symbology, yes? If so, that’s especially strange. All I can think of at this point is out of date mods but I don’t use them myself so I wouldn’t know where to look.
  10. I have the same stick and have not had this issue. Are you sure each position of the selector is bound correctly? Has it ever worked properly?
  11. It’s on the nose gear under the landing light and functions the same as the AoA indexer in the cockpit.
  12. It's a gate, like the shift gate in a car. Not a detent but performs the same function.
  13. Well, this part seems to be working, at least. Prior to the big update, the wings were always in auto at start. Since the update, every start in the A has had the wings back already.
  14. Is the left engine always ahead of the right? I'd expect light off to be more random.
  15. I had the same issue in that mission and found that hitting the master reset as soon as I started cleared it up.
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