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  1. Sorry to hear that Mower. Hope it gets resolved soon.
  2. Always auto start. I don’t have the time to remember how to start up all the modules I have.
  3. Please add me to your list. K-51.. I would love one too.
  4. Nice to see another developer making planes for DCS. Welcome, looking forward to seeing more on this plane. Would buy for sure.
  5. Warthog is on the heavy side. Best joystick I have ever used though. You won’t be disappointed.
  6. Ya 60 would be nice. Lots would buy itt, maybe even a navy version for carriers. I would prefer a Chinook though .
  7. Jethro11

    Easy refueling

    I would love a AAR cheat as well. I find it the hardest thing to do in the game.
  8. Any chance we can get a new video or live stream with the Kiowa, please.
  9. Agreed, I would like to see this too.
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