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  1. Ah okay, I see. Thank you for your input! I will check if my GPU is sitting in the slot correctly. Didn't want to hijack this topic. I thought it would be the same problem because of the Metashaders being empty.
  2. Same problem here. DCS crashes after a couple of minutes (1-4) ingame. I did a complete fresh install with no luck. Also, my Metashaders in my saved games folder are not building up. It is completly empty! Hope there is some fix for it soon! dcs.log-20210226-200218.zip
  3. I've got another 6900 inbound. Will test and report how it works on my system.
  4. That, sir, really helped me out a lot! Not only for my script I am tweaking at the moment but for so much more of my missions. Thank you very, very much!
  5. Okay, so i found a way of doing it. I dumped the old script and looked after what MOOSE would be capable of (what a powerful tool!). It looks like this now: local MyZone = ZONE:New('ropezone1') local MySetGroup = SET_GROUP:New():FilterCoalitions('blue'):FilterCategoryGround():FilterStart() if MySetGroup:AnyInZone(MyZone) then MESSAGE:New("At least one GROUP has at least one UNIT in zone !", 10):ToAll() else MESSAGE:New("No UNIT of any GROUP is in zone !", 10):ToAll() end Does anyone know, if it's possible to run the script for more than one zone?
  6. Gents, i really feel stupid to ask again since i'm really a lua noob, but i don't seem to get on with what i'm triying to achieve. For now, I'm trying to send out a text message if a blue helicopter unit (will be a client) enters a zone. This is what i've got so far. But i doesn't work: local blueunits = mist.getUnitsInZones(mist.makeUnitTable({'[blue][helicopter]'}), {'ropezone1'}) -- return any blue helos inside "ropezone" for i = 1, #blueunits do if Unit.getByName(blueunits[i]) then local u = Unit.getByName(blueunits[i])
  7. Works like a charm! Thank you very much again!
  8. Excellent! I'll test this tomorrow as soon as I get back from work. I knew that I was basically working with a unit function but didn't find a way to deactivate them (since there is none). Thanks a lot!
  9. Hey guys, i'm trying to find a way to deactivate all my current red air units with one trigger. I stumbled accros the following function from MIST: mist.makeUnitTable so i thought about something like: redair = mist.makeUnitTable({"[red][plane]"}) But now i don't know how to use the table that i just generated and deactivate the units from this table. I'm really sorry, if there is maybe a lot of stupidity in what i'm writing. I'm really not good with lua and till now basically just copy and paste codes and do trail and error. I woul
  10. Could you screenshot your amd software settings and post it? Would be nice to see if that works with SteamVR too.
  11. I know what you mean and the problem has been discribed in this threat a few pages before. It seems to be a driver problem or a steamvr problem. We don't know yet. That is maybe a good idea since we shouldn't hijack this threat anymore and the problem is purely amd specific. As an addition, please post on which amd driver you are on. There was a new one released two days ago.
  12. Somehow I just experienced this the first time. All I did was to run a repair of dcs and now after hitting the f10 map I got stutters and bad frametimes gpu and cpu wise. Is there a fix for this? Edit: since I didn't update dcs but steamvr updates itself on a regular basis could that be the problem?
  13. Cool! I really appreciate your work and am really curious about the results. Just to clarify: The tests I did (206%SS Reverb G1) was at a resolution of 3160x3100. This would match 100% SS on a G2. I will also do further testing when the new drivers are out and there are signs that the motion smoothing issues are fixed. I hope I can then get a hand on the 6800XT/6900XT again.
  14. Well, the test is already there. Look at my post on page 5 of this threat. I compared the 3090 vs 6900xt. Overall it is faster than the 3090 but not really faster than the 6800XT. Just as a reminder for the benchmark: SS was at 100%, PD 1.0 and ingame settings as given in the ingame VR preset to keep benchmarks comparable.
  15. Checkout this threat and take your time to read it through. You will find all the information you need regarding pros and cons: Cheers!
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