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  1. Posted this in another thread, figured I'd post part of it here if this is the right place. Basically would like more mapable options with jester making controlling him alot easier/quicker. some examples of what would help imo. Green: Can already be mapped RED: Opens to a sub menu mapping the commands inside to a key should be an option if possible. Some things can't reasonably be mappable imo so the sub menu should be mappable as a way to quickly get to that menu (Scan Alt at Distance menu for example) Default Text: End command that should be allowed to map.
  2. This 100% there needs to be a way to tell jester to prioritize targets (something like set priority target to targets within x nm or something. Just something so we can reset the priority to targets that are closer instead of targets that are 100nm away.
  3. Anyway the devs can make all jester commands mappable? This way players have more freedom/control on what they deem important to map vs leave in the redial menu format. It would make managing/commanding jester alot easier compared to going through all the menus. You've already done this with a few commands like range 50, 100, 200, etc. but I'd like more options that I can just set to a hotkey. Why not just allow all commands to be mapped and let the player choose what they need to map vs leave in the radial menu? The main thing I hate about jester is going into the menu
  4. I recently got back into the F-14 and Jester is the only thing that keeps me from enjoying it 100%. If I have to do the RIOs job for him that kinda ruins the experience but I would much rather have easier/quicker control of the radar than having to go through a bunch of menus. If jester was more autonomous/smart with the radar I wouldn't have much of a problem because then I really wouldn't need to tell him anything at all. I think they made jester a bit too dumb (maybe dumb isnt the right word, a bit too reliant on the player is better I think). I understand they didn't want to m
  5. Anyone else like the idea of having a MH-53E in DCS? I don't know why but it's my favorite Helo. I'd love to fly one in DCS since I'll probably never be able to do it irl. I know attack helicopters get all the attention but there's just something about these big helicopters that I really like. EDIT: Not sure where else to post this so just posted it here. If I need to delete it or something just let me know.
  6. Been hoping for an Iraq map for a long time along with Afghanistan. Iraq would certainly make for some very interesting scenarios and timeframes. DCS definitely needs more historical conflict zones. Syria is a step in the right direction, hopefully Iraq will follow.
  7. 56" 2700rpm should get 310mph (sea level) at least when not using water injection at. 56" with water injection should be around 340mph on the deck. Also depending on the fuel being modeled 60+inHg wont kill the engine even without water injection, it'll just be slightly slower than when it uses water injection. (slower by about 8-10mph)
  8. Either way, the speeds I listed are accurate for the D-30 at 64" WEP.
  9. Curtis Electric Blade 836-2C2-18. Pretty much the standard paddle prop on all P-47s (except for the D-22, D-25, and D-27. They used the Hamilton) D-23, D-26,D-28, and D-30 all used the Curtis prop. I should clarify that the speeds below 29,000ft were achieved at a design useful load of 13,020 lbs. The Speed at 29,000ft was at a weight of around 12,700 lbs. From other documents I've seen at 13,000lbs it would be closer to 436mph at 29,000ft.
  10. Top Speed of a D-30 IRL. at 64" WEP SL: 345mph (555kph) 5,000: 370mph (595kph) 15,000: 404mph (650kph) 24,500: 437mph (703kph) 29,000ft: 443mph (712kph) Once the P-47 is finished we should see speeds very close to this.
  11. Razorbacks weren't outclassed imo. Performance was pretty much the same as the bubbletops, the main disadvantage was the limited visibility. Razorbacks served until the very end of the war in the ETO.
  12. P-47 has an engine driven supercharger and a turbosupercharger. You shouldn't need the boost (turbo supercharger) to get to 52", the engine driven supercharger is sufficient for that (at lower altitudes)
  13. I just meant that thats what I use. Strange, you don't need the turbo to get to 52" at sea level but if you have a heavy load using boost for takeoff is recommended that way you can get to higher manifold pressure.
  14. I don't use turbo for takeoff, all you need it 52" MP for a good takeoff.
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