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  1. One day it would be nice to have a V version of the hind for flexibility. I can definitely understand the choice for making the P version first and it is the version I generally prefer. But the V or earlier D versions seem to be the most widespread versions. So as to represent other countries and showing the history of the hind it would be nice to have one with the YakB turret.
  2. Love this, Widen! Downloaded and ready for some studying!
  3. It's been a while since I read it, but in Chickenhawk, the author has a part where he describes taking off with a severly overloaded Huey in the Vietnamese highlands. It amounted to something like "Pull as much collective as allowed, push stick forward, slide the skids along the steel mat runway until enough airspeed to start bouncing into the air". So it is possible and has been used, how popular it is I cannot say.
  4. Those specs for the accuracy GAU-12, do they include the mounts? The A-10s gun mount is possibly the most rigid and sturdy there is, whereas I can bet there is a bit more shaking going on when firing the podded GAU-12 mounted on the belly of the relatively light Harrier airframe.
  5. I'm not as updated on the A7 as I would like to be, but the main parts are the aerial refuelling method, boom instead of drouge and probe. Mavericks. Some more Air force only bomb options. There is probably some avionics differences beneath the hood as well, but I don't know any specifics.
  6. Now I am convinced you're missing my point on purpose. I can make them ACT like earlier planes by not using the systems you thankfully have listed. I am not saying they are the exact same. How is that so hard to get?! I like many eras and therefore make my planes fit that way, instead of limiting myself. I'm done with this discussion now. I see no way to get my point across if the other end won't even listen to it.
  7. I don't even know what you're trying to get at with this. You're just putting words in my mouth. I said I like the 1990s era and I am well aware of how things changed with the fall of the USSR. How do I know that? Well I am also a big fan of aviation of the 1980s, same with the 70s down to 1940. The only time I have compared the 1980s and 1990s is in Intruder capabilities. So please, criticize that and not your perceived idea of me not knowing the difference between the 1980s and 1990s.
  8. And a SWIP is close enough to a TRAM that we can get a plane that spans 1980 to 1997 with a small bit of imagination! Is my point really that hard to get? I can make a F18C from ~2007 act like a 1990 hornet. I can make a 2017 AV8B act like a 1990 AV8B. I can make a 1995 Viggen act like a 1970s Viggen. All this without all of those era appropriate versions of the modules existing. But I can't do the other way around. So with a small sacrifice on the 1980s missions, I can get an intruder that gives me some extra capabilities and fits into missions further into the future.
  9. I really don't like your "Some want more realism" generalisation. I VERY much want it to be properly realistic. But I also acknowledge that there are more eras in DCS than the 1980s cold war. This is why a version that can fit many eras come in. Because I can pull the same argument as you for why a non-TRAM intruder is the best, or a A version intruder, or no intruder at all, because neither fits in my 1953 Mig15 Vs Sabre matches. Because by your reasoning, a TRAM would not be allowed for early 70s matchups, like a MiG-21Bis Vs a F-5E. Can't have a TRAM there. Yes, 80s cold war is expanding, b
  10. Oh! let me try this! Oh no, my 1995 AJS-37 Viggen is ruining my 1980s cold war setting! What shall I ever do?! Well, it is quite simple, don't use the new fancy weapons, turn off TERNAV, use the datacartridge or the outer wing pylons. Tada! I've turned my 1995 AJS to a 1980s AJ approximation. And that is what i'm gong for, a SWIP could fit more timeframes than a TRAM, yes, TRAM was the backbone for quite a while, but the differences between a TRAM and a SWIP are small enough that some simple omissions mean that you can use the same module for a wider era, even if it was outdated by 1990.
  11. Scoobie and Art covered the main points I could think of, so I'll just put some more emphasis on the VRS part: The bitch will VRS if you let her, it will happen when you least want it and it happens fast. One of the main tricks is to always watch your vertical velocity as you get slow. Never drop below... 3.5m/s I think? But the helicopter is kind enoough to tell you when you need to be on edge for VRS with the shakes. As you exit translational lift (translational lift is when you're going fast enough that the rotor system no longer is affected by its own turbulence and it gains so
  12. I agree on a D model, that is something I'd pay a little bit extra to get. The E version is of course the main deal and can in a pinch be painted in SEA and play Airforce. But the D version would be a nice addition, since it represents a different role and slightly unique capabilities. But it is of course up to you developers whether it is feasible or not. And that cockpit shot looks really nice!
  13. Yup, that is the sad reality for all the Republic aircraft, all of which I have an immense love for. Even the P-47 is hard to recreate, even though it has a solid place in history. I'd like even an F84E or G, but it just might not be possible to find all the needed information.
  14. This is an interesting debate, since a SWIP Intruder would be nothing but a TRAM with some extra weapon capabilities and some extra panels in the cockpit. I don't see why people are calling the SWIP a bad option when you literally can just... Not use the fancy weapons? In the end you can still use it exactly like a TRAM, flying those old missions with iron bombs. I am all for the old mission, going low, fast, in the dark trying to dodge SAMs and raining snake eyes on baddies. But having the option of some newer weapons to somewhat fit with the Hornets and Vipers? I am all for that. The best wo
  15. I am all about that F105. Any version is fun, D for that Vietnam canyon run feeling, hauling 6000lbs of bombs to a target. G for that old school weaselin, though most of the fun stuff in that version is probably classified still. But I just like those low level, fast bombers. So Aardvarks or Fencers are also good in my book.
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