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  1. I always dive from high in the Hornet in order to get my Mach to 1.4+ ish in order to get some inertia on my second shot... but my offset, chaff-ing, and diving isn't consistently enough against a Viper-supported 120C.... I do get kills on Viper's sometimes, but they seem to absolutely dominate the big public servers at the moment.
  2. You're correct if the opposing Viper is lower and co-speed or slower than me. But going higher in a Hornet against a high and fast Viper is suicide. This is where most Viper's that get me are operating: b/w 35k - 40k, doing M. 1.5-1.6. Going up there in the Hornet is a big mistake against a high and fast Viper. Trust me, I've tried.
  3. I typically end up taking that initial shot b/w 20K-30K ft and around M. 1.2, from 24-25 miles out (This is really just a warning shot to trip their RWR as there's VERY little chance I'm going to hit a maneuvering Viper from 24 miles out when I'm only doing 1.1-1.2 mach. This is all moot, though, because they're shooting at me from 25-35 (ish) miles and they're doing 1.5 - 1.6 Mach... and they keep shooting as I'm evading. More than anything, I need to be a part of a 4-ship of Hornets...
  4. My biggest struggle in the Hornet on the MP scene (other than not having the time to commit to a squadron on a private server that actually flies realistic missions/scenarios/tactics) is that the Vipers' 120C's always go active while my 120C still has another 8-10 seconds (or more) TTA... making my defensive evasion offset 70 deg max (I always descend to the gimbal's elev. limits as well) before I break gimbal. If I break off for an aggressive defensive evasion, my 120Cs of course go dumb... and while I'm turning back towards the bandit(s) for another shot, they've already fired one or two mo
  5. Nice! Were any of these 9 kills in one sortie against Viper's...and with no groveling in Valleys? And you don't seem like a 10 amraam missile truck guy, so 9 kills in one mission, in the Hornet, on a public server, with as many Vipers in the air as the GS server... THAT is an Amazing accomplishment to be sure!
  6. So hop on the GS server in the Hornet and do show us all your successes against those Vipers lobbing 120C's from 35K+ at Mach 1.5.
  7. To anyone who thinks the DCS Hornet is "Over Powered" - jump on the Growling Sidewinder server any given moment, hit 'tab', and watch the near endless stream of: "[so & so] in F-16C block 50 has killed [so & so] in the F/A-18C Lot 20 with AIM120C AMRAAM" "[so & so] in F-16C block 50 has killed [so & so] in the F/A-18C Lot 20 with AIM120C AMRAAM" "[so & so] in F-16C block 50 has killed [so & so] in the F/A-18C Lot 20 with AIM120C AMRAAM" "[so & so] in F-16C block 50 has killed [so & so] in the F/A-18C Lot 20 with AIM120C AMRAAM" "[
  8. Yeah, this one has been around for a little while for me as well.
  9. Yeah, it's still there. Hopefully 2.7 knocks this bug out.
  10. Upgrades, if we are speaking of GPU's, are not available and may not be for quite some time. Secondly, one who would like to upgrade from their current, say 1070, to a 2000 series card, or even a 1080 will need to pay in excess of $1200+... the GPU market right now is an absolute nightmare. Used 1000 and 2000 series GPUs are more expensive than the msrp of the 3000 series cards... which are all out of stock. For perspective: I purchased my brand new EVGA 1070 SC card for $393.89 on Amazon in 2017. You can now get a used one for $701.99 (plus $8 shipping ) Perhaps the moral of the
  11. This kind of illustrates the point of my original post above: I think it would serve the community (though we're certainly in no way entitled) to have the Hornet developers speak to what those "several issues" are and what they've actually tweaked in order to dispel needless speculation.
  12. While it's certainly too draggy to be practical for my purposes, it is no fantasy.
  13. Hey, Team. A humble request/wish: Having looked at the (attached) mini update from Wags today, it looks really really great! However, I have one concern regarding the upcoming flight model, drag, FCS changes coming. Namely, after having gotten used to (read "fallen in love with") the current FM and how the jet performs, I and I'm sure others will be experiencing some real or placebo'd changes that will leave us all wondering: - 'why is the jet slower?' - 'what happened to our turn performance?' - 'how could the already draggy Hornet get more draggy
  14. And it shows, no doubt about it. Let's cross our fingers and hope that Top Gun: Maverick increases Hornet/Supercarrier sales, yes? Appreciate your work and passion, Wags. W
  15. I know this isn't a solution necessarily, but I strongly suspect that, in MP PvP scenarios, something as complex and delicate as the ever-more-complex Hornet radar we have gets borked because of high pings/lag in the MP environment (either on your PC's end, or the guy that you're trying to lock up). I'm sure we've all experienced it before in PvP when you're tracking a guy visually and trying to fire at him, and then his plane disappears and then instantly reappears a half mile from where he'd been. This kind of thing HAS to affect the radar as well. I suppose the moral of the stor
  16. To Wags, Mr. Grey, and the entire ED Team: Just a quick word of encouragement and praise: Your DCS Hornet module, which I've been flying nearly exclusively since day one, and which was a day-one pre-purchase for me, is an absolutely amazing achievement. The user-community has been spoiled (speaking, at least, of myself) by all that DCS has to offer at such a high level of fidelity, so there's often much (childish at times) whining and demanding that goes beyond helpful bug-squashing-constructive-criticism that is needed from the community to be sure. However
  17. Here's some nice praise for the Legacy Hornet from an Eagle Driver, when asked by (the delightful host) Mike about the most challenging fighters (including the Viper, Rafale, Typhoon, etc.) he'd ever DACT'ed against... "Dozen" gives special attention to the Australian Legacy Hornets @ 3:47. For those on these forums that struggle against the Hornet in DCS in WVR, BFM... just know that this seems to be pretty close to reality.
  18. Guys, screenshots and tracks are needed here or you're going nowhere. Also, there are other threads dealing with the Hornet's W.I.P radar glitches, so check those out as well.
  19. The Hornet is THE BOSS in the gunzo fight. Give her lots of rudder.
  20. Just finished mission 4. This campaign is absolutely fantastic so far! You and your little team have really put on display the maturing excellence of DCS as a platform and the Hornet as a module! What a great campaign, BD! Keep up the great work. Any Hornet content that you're associated with will be a day-one-purchase for me.
  21. SO true! ED, Heatblur, etc. are operating on a whole other level. It's quite astonishing how spoiled we are.
  22. Yes, I've noticed the same. It was introduced (apparently?) in one of the two latest O.B. updates. One of us will probably need to provide a track. It will also happen if the two inner pylons have single 120s vs. the double racks... but it may simply be related to the outer pylons being removed altogether.
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