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  1. The Hornet's radar is a buggy (pun intended) mess right now. Surely those Hornet updates from 2.7 won't persist into today's Stable update.... it's just really bad if you try to dig down deep into the radar operation at any level. **EDIT** Sorry, just read BN's latest posts.
  2. No, ED has acknowledged it as a bug already. And if I play a 1v1 guns only mission (which I do incessantly ) against an opponent that has no jammer, it still does it... and 8 out of 10 times.
  3. I'm more inclined to wonder how no one caught the Auto Acquisitioning of ghost bandits at 99.9 nm when locking a guy 2000 ft in front.
  4. Indeed, though I've been perplexed in the past with some of the Hornet-isms that seem to be realistic, but silly. Maybe Hughes was to blame?
  5. I'm not quite following you with what you've said above? I get operational flight program (OFP), but the other comment I'm not following. "But once again radar=/= flir" and "The differance between the 2 ofp's described are the modes you can enter them." Which two operational flight programs? I don't own the Radar manual you're citing.
  6. Ahhhh... got it. So, -100 says that Spot mode is not entered until the release of the TDC? It's a strange quirk to me given that FLIR works differently... but if that's how SPOT is in a Lot 20, then that's how it is.
  7. Several things written in our Open Beta module manual have been inaccurate/wrong over the past 3 years regarding the Hornet's complex systems, HOTAS behavior, etc... and ED has been gracious enough to take user feedback (like mine) and run it by their Lot 20 SMEs... changing things in the current O.B. to reflect the more realistic behavior in some cases. In other words, the manual is just as Open Beta as the Open Beta systems are in the Open Beta Hornet. I may be right or I may be wrong... but I do know how long-press works in other more well-baked systems like FLIR (and SPOT literally just ca
  8. Try reading my post again... "With the FLIR long-press functions, you long press and after 1 second, you get the mode/feature you wanted without having to release the button (much better in my opinion)
  9. Agreed on the 9G problem... though I'd bet ALL my money that DCS's Viper is going to be closer to reality in its FM and performance than that other Viper sim. My guess is that a lot of our Viper FM complaints here stem from folks who've come to believe that the other Viper sim is canon when it comes to the jet's performance...but ED's work is or will be much closer to reality I do believe...but it is still VERY early access.
  10. The HOTAS 'long-press' function that brings you into "SPOT" mode does not function like the other HOTAS long-presses. Currently, you have to hold the TDC button down for about 2 seconds and release it, which is tedious and too long when in the heat of an engagement. With the FLIR long-press functions, you long press and after 1 second, you get the mode/feature you wanted without having to release the button (much better in my opinion). Additionally, "SPOT" is only available with the radar when you're in A-A master mode. I'll assume that this is realistic, though a little bit odd.
  11. Indeed. The Radar is pretty messed up when you really start putting it through its paces. Albeit, the APG-73 system is probably the most complex thing for the programmers to nail down; but in my mind, the two most crucial parts of a Fighter simulation are its flight model and its radar. I was flying yesterday and got into a situation with TWS that was so strange I can't even explain it... though I can explain that it ended up with 20 deg azimuth in TWS and I could not change it to another setting. Oh well, they'll get to it.
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