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  1. I've wondered about the 120C's performance from the Hornet platform vs. the Viper for some time now. I watch, in MP, Viper kills galore from 120c shots... and they're not being taken from extreme altitudes or airspeeds. it's as if the Viper's radar is somehow more supportive of the missile.
  2. I only own the Hornet and the Viper (listen to Markus' "Omegatau" podcast on the F-14 in RL and DCS and Heatblur for AMAZING perspective and added respect for the F-14 module), I have really drilled down into the Hornet and LOVE it. The F-16 has always been one of my favorite aircraft, but every time I jump in it in DCS, I don't last very long and go back to the Hornet. I find the FLCS on the Viper feels too 'on the rails' compared to the Hornet, which is not AOA limited like the Viper. The Hornet is VERY capable in the air to ground role and VERY capable in WVR combat. For BVR, it is a really
  3. Not sure if I missed this in the changelogs of two recent OB updates... or maybe I'm just imagining things. But, the Persian Gulf looks absolutely stunning! The ground textures seem more detailed, realistic (with maybe a slight performance hit at 4K?) and overall amazing! This sim slowly gets better and better.
  4. Further more, it is a little frustrating trying to VID a bandit in the TDbox when the jet is small and the steering dot covers the the jet. I end up turning the HUD brightness down to almost nothing so that I can properly see through the symbology to the world out side... or I lean left or right to look around the hud.
  5. Are you kidding? All the Youtuber's "testing" them for us have purchased the whole lot. :-)
  6. Hey, fellas. Did some MP today in the Hornet and something happened that I've seen before and thought I'd ask: I had a RedForce Viper locked up and IFF interrogated in STT within 8 miles. Right before I squeezed off an AIM120C, the TD Box in the hud jumped as if the enemy plan had RADICALLY changed positions. I then fired and ended up with a team kill. Is this a problem in the Hornet (it's all I fly) or is this a problem in other aircraft related to server lag?
  7. Here's another cool pilot (F-14) story about the nastiness of the Hornet in a turning fight (at 1:21:10):
  8. Agreed! This has been one of the best patches in recent memory for me. Well done, Team!
  9. From what I can tell so far... this has been an amazing update! Well done, team!!!
  10. Wow! What an update! The Hornet has never sounded better! That new in-cockpit M61 sound rocked me on first hearing. Great job, ED team!
  11. Thanks! And it comes up again at 35:00
  12. Some really good comments from former F-15 pilot about the AMAZING turning/low-speed handling of the Hornet.
  13. WOW! Just watched Wag's November OB update video for the Hornet. It's easy to take this sim for granted... but the Hornet is absolutely unbelievable as is and it is getting better and better! Well done, team.
  14. I'll just say that, from what I've read and heard, the AZ/EL page should be one of the most anticipated Hornet features for us that like the air-air fight. Hope it's coming along...
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