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  1. Ever heard of a little Viper sim by the "micro pros"? Goodness. Time spent on a Dynamic Campaign is time well spent.
  2. Wags, SERIOUSLY! Watching this latest Hornet video... you and your team have created a MASTERPIECE! Well done!
  3. I'd think so, but certainly if they could pull it off w/o a performance hit, that'd be amazing.
  4. Nobody here wants the performance penalty of terrain rendering many, many miles out from your a/c. There have to be some compromises... and that's what we have with the current TGP, which is reasonable.
  5. The Syria map is by far the most detailed map I own, but it isn't as well-optimized or polished as PG or Caucasus. I feel like ED's in-house maps (PG, NTTR, Caucasus, etc.) look more clean, sharp, and tidy. Syria looks a little rough around the edges in terms of textures, but many here have disagreed with my assessment. I'd still go for the Syria map over the Viper when you already own the Hornet, but that's just me.
  6. Just take a screenshot of the info bar airspeed data on the jet in question in the f2 view and post it.
  7. Agreed. As a full 4K res. user, I should (to Hawkeye's point) never spot a single F-16 at 18 miles away... But I SHOULD see him at 5 miles... assuming I'm looking at his sector of sky. The new spotting has made that closer range spotting more realistic at 4K... they probably just need to reign in the farther out stuff.
  8. Does anyone know if, in the real BLK 20 Hornet, the AZ/EL page displays a NCTR print? It seems as of now that you only get the a/c ID on the AZ/EL page if it is already confirmed via some other friendly on Datalink. In other words, if I'm flying alone, with no AWACS or other Link 16 support, my SA page is the only Hornet display that will give me NCTR.
  9. I'll try again as my first post was apparently deleted by Mods (I'll assume accidentally ;-)) In this track, all of the below items occurred at least once in the test mission provided: These are in no particular order: - AACQ (SMS right) failed to STT lock the '+' plus sign priority target - STEP button on SA page didn't automatically take me to STT aircraft I was locked to - Viper & Tomcat do not get a NCTR print - Radar got stuck in RST/BST multiple times, not allowing me to undesignate my STT or return to search - AZEL page did not display NCTR print whe
  10. I'm confused: this thread is now labeled "Correct as is" and has the additional comment of "30 degrees off nose or tail." In my track I'm literally about to put my nose up the Viper's tail pipe... and still no NCTR print. I'm literally dead-on nose-to-tail aspect.
  11. Yeah, it seems like (possibly) the problem is associated with multiple 120C launches in the air. Again, this is a newer bug for me from one of the last two (I think) updates.
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