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  1. Great, thanks. Hopefully it will get sorted before too long
  2. Hi, I’m not an expert either, however I think your problem may be related to the radio frequency being used for the tanker. Radio Frequency Range UHF - 225.000-399.975 VHF AM - 116.000-151.975 VHF FM - 30.000-76.000 It’s more usual for tankers to have radios set in the UHF range. I don’t think you will get a response on 126.5 for this reason.
  3. Hi Flappie, I have placed the file on file.io, thanks for that tip. Here is the link: https://file.io/bAgUl1OpPWUx In this track I am able to contact the tanker (blue tanker:texaco) on 251.000 using both radios. however the other player VikingActual cannot contact the tanker on either radio. So the issue here isn't quite what I have reported where all players can contact tanker on radio 1, but no one can contact on radio 2. If you need me to create another track I am happy to oblige. Thank you for your help.https:htthttps://file.io/bAgUl1OpPWUxps://file.io/bAgUl1OpPWUxfile.io/bAgUl1
  4. Hi Flappie, we just done a ramp start, got airborne and tried the tanker tonight, then exited. But even then the file is 30mb. I will have to organise something where a couple of us spawn in behind the tanker and will upload once completed. 5mb must be like no time! Unless I can email you a zipped copy? my email is will@crowebar.plus.com
  5. Ok thanks. It’s probably about 30 -40 minutes in. I can get a short track tomorrow as I am meeting someone to fly so can reproduce it on a short track before flying our mission.
  6. Hi Flappier, thank you for your response, and sorry for delay in response. Do you mean the .trk file? I have one with multiplayers but it is a 1 hour 40 min flight. Is there a way to cut the .trk file, or I have the ACMI if that could be cut. or what do you mean by the ‘short track’ thanks.
  7. While flying on multiplayer server, if I am on my own I can contact tanker on both comm1 and comm2 on frequency 251.00. If I fly exactly the same mission with 1 or more human players we are unable to get response from tanker on comm2 251.00. At this time comm1 was set to another frequency. However changing comm1 to 251.00 elicited a response from tanker. Appears to be an issue if more than one player on server. This was while flying F18, I have Voice attack and Vaicom, one other player had same, not sure of 3rd pilot setup.
  8. Hey Stearmandriver so I opened exactly the same mission, changed the carrier from Lincoln to the Roosevelt, copied and paste your example into script box, and it works. So wonder if it is an issue with the script and the Lincoln. But it matters not, a carrier is a carrier. I only setup on the Lincoln as it is the one I seen in real life a couple of years ago. A happy Crowebar! Thanks for your help. If I figure our why it wasn’t working on Lincoln will post it on this thread.
  9. Hi Stearmandriver, yes ramp hot, late activation. Have followed your instructions many times over. I think my next step will be to cx the carrier to Roosevelt so I don’t need to change script at all and see what happens.
  10. Stearmandriver simple steps on page 3 but just cannot get it to work. I downloaded moose.lua ‘static’ version and placed it in “DCS\Scrpts” folder. I have a self made supercarrier training mission using the USS Abraham Lincoln, unit name is CVN-72. So following the simple steps, I altered script to rename the variable to xxxxxxxxxLincoln, the unit name to CVN72. Didn’t work. Tried unit names of “CVN72” and “USS Abraham Lincoln” still no joy. I read on the ED forum that I should keep the “Moose.lua in the static folder to maintain the folder structure so placed the whole moose.lua folder
  11. Hi, having downloaded moose.lua, where do I place it in DCS? or is it a tool in itself for creating a new mission? I have an SC mission that I would like to add the rescue helo to, and probably the recovery tanker. So can I add this script to an existing mission or am I being dumb?
  12. Hi Home Fries, thanks for sharing these profiles with us, totally amazing what you have done. I will certainly be making a donation to your chosen veterans charity once Covid 19 passes over and we can get back to work.
  13. First time I got into a proper scissors dogfighting another human in MP. This was in Falcon 4 though.
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