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  1. Do any of you get a working map in VR? I'm asking out of curiosity to see if there's anything I can do to fix things temporarily. All I get is my location, the radio towers, aerodromes, bullseye and coastline shape. That's it. While I appreciate that it forces me to learn to navigate with bullseye and other old fashioned techniques (alt tabbing to google maps hah!) it's a major overhead in MP.
  2. I'm not sure which mission it was, but if you load instant action -> f15 intercept you'll get two bombers dropping dozens of bombs on an airfield. On my gtx980 and vive it dips down to as low as 13fps when they hit.
  3. One trick I've done with the vive recently is to remove the foam velcro face padding and cut up some felt, the velcro will hold it on and your eyes sit a bit closer, increasing the FOV. You get some nice red marks on your head but for me everything is a bit clearer and the FOV bump is fun.
  4. Thanks for the detailed post. I should have mentioned that I play in VR, so the bounding box for my enlarged radio text menu is causing issues and clipping text. Also, the f10 map doesn't show anything other than aerodromes, radio towers and my location. Loading it in regular 2d mode made everything a lot clearer, so I may even have that running on a seperate laptop so I can at least get some kind of map going.
  5. Are there any common reasons I can't join the server? To be specific, I can connect, and it will partially render the 3d environment, sometimes even load the aircraft selection screen, and then I will immediately disconnect. I've tried checking game cache, and also replacing all script files with the defaults. Is there a way for DCS to output networking debug info? I've tried disabling the firewall and no joy, though I can connect to other servers too. I've also registered here and on the buddyspike.net site.
  6. edit: moved the post to the blueflag 7 thread
  7. Thanks for this, I had just discovered the '-ag site' info commands, so that seems like a common starting point. I'll fire it up again and get out the ruler etc. What I was concerned about is whether all the ag missions were for destroying stuff, or would I end up bombing an area I am supposed to be defending. Maybe the f10 map will provide more info on that etc.
  8. I've joined the server a few times now, mainly to fly into the conflict zone and shoot at whatever my radar picks up as an enemy aircraft. But I'd like to be a bit more aware of the way objectives work and where to go for AG missions, what they are, and how they are set up. Is there anywhere I can go for documentation or an FAQ as to how the entire system works? I see that I can get the status of targets and things with chat commands, but I'm not sure what to bomb, protect or evac etc.
  9. Yes the game's fps takes a hit when bombing or explosions occur due to the massive amount of objects it must draw. This happens on both the vive and cv1, and even a gtx1080 won't fix it. The reason it looks so much better on the cv1 than the vive is because cv1's Asynchronous Timewarp doesn't require a clamped 45 fps to work well. You can be at 20 or 30 fps and it will do a reasonable job at interpolating frames when you rotate your head, so the goggle's screen can keep providing a new image 90 times a second or whatever it is. This makes things much smoother and obfuscates the card's performance. I think that over time the two headsets will even out in terms of performance, and seeing as they are identical resolution they aren't worlds apart. Here's an article with a link or two re ATW: http://www.pcgamer.com/why-the-asynchronous-timewarp-added-to-oculus-rift-matters For now, you just gotta deal with it and hope for the best. I play on the phoenix 104th server and it's fine, also sometimes on Open Conflict (forget the actual server name). The latter map has a lot more objects so it can be a bit jittery, but unless someone is dropping 20 bombs it's ok when away from airports. I'd love it if the server admins could open up those missions and delete units that aren't necessary to gameplay. Set dressing is cool and all, but only when on 1080p 2d screens please! Here's my post on how I got to playable vive settings: http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2800507&postcount=1101
  10. Thanks for that! Looking forward to this update.
  11. A titan might be nice though ;) http://ocaholic.ch/modules/news/article.php?storyid=14871
  12. Lonewolf registering for Operation "Blue Flag", BLUE SIDE. Callsign: Shabi Preferred aircraft: A10-C, F15-C, A10-A (to be superseded by A10-C once I get enough stick time)
  13. Turn mirror reflections off altogether, it makes the card draw more frame buffers, and then all the objects behind you (which is a huge issue in urban environments or in a forest).
  14. It looks like the game is more CPU dependent than I previously thought: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=168056 So OCing might make a comeback. Not looking forward to the inevitable mid flight crashes.
  15. I didn't think it would be so CPU dependent, but then again it's not your standard first person shooter is it. Maybe it's time to OC again hah.
  16. haha I've had to go to the doc (more than once) to get muscle relaxants the next day. Maybe I should stretch before going into VR... Who would have thought this would be some sort of new yoga. Last night I was in an F15-C loaded with spamraams working with two mig29s down low and in front. They were playing rabbit (baiting the enemy) while I circled at about fl15 10-15mi back from them. When I got the call I would point downrange and turn TWS on, it was epic.
  17. If you disable xHCI in the bios and use a usb 2 port does it help? I have a mobo that has usb issues and this solves a lot of them.
  18. Damn, I was really hoping to keep things above 45fps more consistently by getting a 1080. I find it hard to believe there's not an increase in performance, thanks for letting us know.
  19. +2 I'm not sure if it's possible that on the backend there would be separate controls for which objects cast and receive shadows, but damn that would be good! And if it were just the cockpit shadows on, we could jack the detail up separately too to avoid shadow bias flicker and jaggies. edit: while you're at it can we get a nice spec map too kthanx ;P
  20. Oops, my bad, I thought I had put my GFX card in there. I'm using a gtx980, and my other specs are relatively standard for a gaming i7. Motherboards, cpu specifics and memory clocks make for comparatively meager performance increases compared to the card (providing one doesn't use abnormally terrible hardware). Although I understand flight sims would be a bit more CPU heavy potentially (I have an i7-4790k). Yes shadows really add to the sense of space and presence, mainly I want shadows in the cockpit panning across instruments as I turn, it's another signifier as to which way things are pointing. The dirt/grime effect on the glass is also great for this, and I WISH we had a setting for cockpit shadows vs environment shadows, but I understand this might be difficult if it's lit with the same engine. As for AA, I'm not really sure what MSAA 16xQ means (gone are the days of simple AA names), but anecdotal evidence is that regular AA @ 16x left a lot more "shimmer" on the instruments kind of like a moire pattern. This seems lessened with 16xQ. Playing on an openconflict map tonight is revealing that I'm dipping below 45fps a lot which is a worry. Even at 12,000 ft and looking straight ahead, I imagine the map is packed with units. I may have to get a gtx1080... (searching for excuses to do this..)
  21. OK, did some tweaking and got DCS Vive back to a playable state, im using a gtx980. Firstly, I disabled the background services as per Hollywood's post on this page: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=139912&page=107 (I'm on win10 so used the Services thing in the start menu/computer management. MSconfig startup doesn't seem to be in win8, you can at least kill the processes in task manager). Next up I tweaked the graphics settings using the F15-C instant action mission (intercept), diving down to the urban area to check how it went. I can mostly sit with the FPS clamped at 45, so reprojection is doing it's thing. Stuttering is noticeable when it drops below that. When the bombers drop their loads it goes to hell, especially with explosion effects, but this is fine unless you are playing bombing missions I suppose. At any rate, I like trees, and I like shadows. But shadows and trees are a recipe for disaster. Indeed shadows with any urban environment kills it pretty quick. Below are the settings I chose to achieve a 90% hit rate on 45fps, after disabling those services: (Antialiasing is jacked up as I'm trying to make the cockpit gauges clearer). I then tested this in the Phoenix server and it is indeed playable, ROCK ON :joystick: (we need a VR emoji)
  22. I would try some downloadable setups to see how they feel to you, but don't stick with it too long or you'll get glued to someone else's idea of what goes where and what's important. Learn how to make your own and incrementally add functionality, experimenting with different layouts. For my (x52) setup I have radar slew on the main hat, radar elevation and width on the throttle hat (or sometimes pinkie-main). The secondary stick hat is the fire/radar modes and radar on/off. Shift sec hat is radar range zoom. Lock/unlock on the throttle, countermeasures on a stick button. The big button on the stick thumb is actually reserved for voice comms and things like that. The toggle switches are for low priority things like fuel pod eject, gear, nav lights, engines on/off etc. I fly in VR so had to get everything on there, if you are using a keyboard though it will be simpler. Learn and relearn how to assign things and you will fall into a groove eventually.
  23. Shabi


    The latest should work no? I was running it a few weeks ago with Oculus home and it was fine.
  24. Given a lower framerate, the Rift is better than the Vive.
  25. Having gone from a DK2 to a Vive I can see a huuuuge drop in playability. It's not necessarily the frame rate drop but rather the fact that Vive reprojection doesn't work as well as Asynchronous Timewarp (in DCS at least). For vive repro to work well you need at last 45fps, while ATW doesn't need that high a refresh rate. You can have a lot of settings on high and still get a decent experience with the Rift, whilst it's much more limiting in the Vive. This seems to me a bigger issue than optics, where I really don't think they are that different, or at least the difference is an order of magnitude smaller than the juddering from repro vs ATW. THAT SAID, who knows what the drivers and dcs will do next week? It's all in development and you're a test rat in a cockpit ;)
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