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  1. OK so zoom speed goes like this: Deg per second = x * framerate I want to increase x.
  2. Seems like you could change the rate per frame of FOV change no? It would be fantastic if this was exposed as a lua option somewhere.
  3. Is there a way to change the speed of the VR zoom slew? It makes me sick waiting for it to warp in. Ideally I'd just snap straight to that FOV. An even better way to do it would be to flick up a 2d canvas/panel that floats in front of you with the zoomed image on it, though this would probably need to be drawn on another frame buffer.
  4. Nice! So DCS does enable all axis and button press events to be output? This is good to know.
  5. Is there a way to visualise the HOTAS input? Likewise is there a log of button presses? (ie shoot, flaps, radar slew etc).
  6. It was an interesting experience, we saw the tank early on, but later no-one could see it, and it progressively shot through at least a dozen units. What's weird was that it wasn't desync for just one person, everyone had this happen.
  7. Hi, I'd love it if multiplayer worked again, Sincerely, Shabi. Sent from my LG-H818 using Tapatalk
  8. OK now it appears I can move blue units AND red if in tac commander. Can we please sort out unit permissions soon? Sent from my LG-H818 using Tapatalk
  9. unfortunately the scripting API made available by ED limits a lot of what we would like to enable. Hopefully one day they will divert attention from making new aircraft available to fixing fundamental engineering concerns. Naturally, this needs to be balanced against cash flow concerns, so we can but dream and deal with what we have.
  10. This is my go-to server now. If you ever wanted a bigger story arc than "respawn, fly, die" this is the place to be. Full map reset does not happen for a week+ with the front line moving across the map as airfields are captured by tanks, which you control, after sling-loading in choppers. Ever wanted to make your own SAM setup in an online server? Ever wanted to command an armoured convoy in a combined ops? Ever wanted to do GCI? Ever wanted to scramble to stop an A10-C attack on an airbase? This is the place you can do that.
  11. +1 same here, renders the DMT useless.
  12. I tried it two nights ago in the harrier. The cockpit was blurred but the terrain somewhat sharp. Gave up, might try deferred shading off later. Sent from my LG-H818 using Tapatalk
  13. Thanks RE "momentary flip switch". Half the trick is knowing the right hardware term to search for when looking for a switch. The other that they use here is "spring-back switch". Seems like I could throw a few of those on a box and get an Arduino to push buttons. Looks like Hempstick might be one step up from that, thanks.
  14. I've been doing a lot of Harrier VR in the Dynamic server, with some success using these tactics: Fly on the deck It will silhouette any other contact in the sky to make it easier to spot. Turn pixel density up To get something to register as a dot it helps to oversample the render (just like antialiasing). It'll still be a dot, but get used to it. Know your SA and vector in Ask GCI if available on discord/SRS for a vector. Watch your RWR popups to see where a contact is likely to be, watch that sky. Turn in that direction and peek over the HUD to get a better register on any of those dots. Know if they are friendlies or not Kind of goes with the above point, you have no IFF in the Harrier so you are going to need to ask everyone to flare each time your heaters lock on. Not ideal. Best to know if the area you are attacking is 100% going to be threats, and just fly in. Cross your fingers You have no range measurement! So you need to watch that dot and figure out how far it might be. Be careful, firing too early will give your position away! You didn't think this would be easy did you? At least you can hide reasonably well when on the deck ;) Edit: One advantage you do have, is that flying on the deck with full depth perception is damn fun and easier than using a 2D monitor. Use that advantage.
  15. I suspect it might be a particle emission thing? Saw similar lag with smoke, but oddly enough not with cluster bombs. Sent from my LG-H818 using Tapatalk
  16. I've watched it happen as multiple patriots launch, lagged the whole server.
  17. Hi, I used to use the x52 Pro and had a love for the paddle switches on the base of the stick: They're great for things like gear, engine on/off etc. Can anyone suggest a similar stand-alone USB switch deck, or a set of switches I can rig with an arduino? Even better if I can hack it into Thrustmaster TARGET ;) thanks.
  18. RE Rolands, I launched about 4 Sidearms last night over 2 flights, took out 2 Rolands. Not bad. I knew where they were so pre-emptively lobbed a sidearm in that direction before it locked me. Seemed to work OK! Will try a more pop up style next time VS boom & zoom.
  19. Right, after un-installing the module, re-checking DCS and re-installing the module it appears to work. Will post back here if any more funny business...
  20. That's how it *should* work. I really hope I don't need to re-install this thing... Anyone else had inconsistent experiences?
  21. I've been having a frustrating problem this week, whereas I used to be able to change the laser code but now can not. Steps: - take-off - master arm on - go to DMT on right MFCD and hit CODE - shows 1111 on central up-front panel - press CLR (does nothing) - type in any 4 digit number, 1688 for instance - press ENT - press mfcd CODE to unbox the code text - press mfcd CODE again to check code, .... and it's back to 1111. This can be replicated with a TPOD and GBUs loaded, or flying empty. It can also be done when starting mid-flight and trying to change code from 1688 to something else. Does anyone else have this problem? I've tried every combination I can think of... And yes trying sensor select DOWN to do it via the right MFCD that says ARM LST too, including pressing CODE twice before I type anything in.
  22. Easy to do too! As long as players don't get snitty when their reflection looks a bit bland. But relatively few VR pilots use the mirrors, as far as I know. Perhaps there's a shader switch to turn the helmet off for primary rays, and only for the shadow, who knows.
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