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  1. Does not seem to be recognizing any "Link Host" commands either
  2. Well just tried TACAN tune as well, and discovered this is also giving me the same issue. Both TACAN and Link Tune commands do not seem to function within DCS yet show as recognized in Voice Attack. Though other AIRIO commands such as Radio Tune and Scan Sector commands seem to work just fine as well as all the other VAICOM commands. I'll attach a another screenshot as well.
  3. I have been having the same issues and under the same/similar scenarios as listed above. I have tried to reproduce the issue in single player but have had no crashes at all. If more tack files and logs are needed I can try to reproduce in hoggit again but looks like there’s been plenty enough.
  4. All other commands seem to work fine from what I can tell. Just previous I requested as Scan Range change. Have also tried this the sel/auto TX as well
  5. Did you ever find a solution for this? I am having the same issue currently
  6. Well I’ll be dammed should of just checked to see if it was a sub forum. Just came to this thread as it was what was linked in the manual for support.
  7. Is the Data Link "Link Tune" Command working right now for everyone? It seems to be recognized in VoiceAttack but Jester does not respond or change the DL
  8. Has anyone gotten this to work on a Amazon Fire 7 after getting the google store working? I only have an iPad but this app looks amazing. I fee may be worth it if I can find a cheap enough tablet
  9. I’ve been getting into some rotary stuff but mostly the Ka-50 and the mi-8. But did get the Huey from my brother for Christmas, been wanting to learn the thing. And when the Kiowa FINALLY comes out I’m pretty sure that’s going to become basically my go to module
  10. Thanks for doing these up! Can’t wait to see your Low Vis work
  11. Hey Doom, I’m out in Edmonton. Not sure if you are still looking as this is a pretty old post but if so send me off a message on here or Discord Tye | WompRat#2280. Would be fun to rep some RCAF Liveries sometime on MP. I’m usually out flying on the Hoggit severs. Happy Flying, Tye P.s. as long as you’re not a Flames fan
  12. Thanks for the reply! I'll definitely take a look, I'll try to get some flight time in DCS first.
  13. Been wanting to pull out the o'l hotas and rudder pedals here for awhile. I've dabbled in a few sims here and there but have yet to become an ace or anything rather close; I'm kinda more around the safe landings without gear failures/anything else catastrophic 80% of the time kinda skill level. Would love to actually take some time and get proficient with a specific aircraft. I am pretty open to flying whatever as I currently have outside the freebie SU-25T the FC3 module, and the A-10c. I have also been eyeing up the Mirage 2000 something fierce. I am not super interested in joining a virt
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