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  1. Make sure the "Coupe-Feu" switch is set to the right (down). It's next to the fuel pump switches (and starter). It's the switch covered with the open orange cover. It's for the fuel shut-off valve. And has to be down to be able to start the engine. *This has been the procedure since 2 updates ago or something (on the beta) :) And if you manage to start it, you will encounter a DECOL warning light on the warning panel (= no takeoff clearance)l. To get rid of it you have to perform FBW test (lift red cover by your left butt-cheek (says test over it somewhere), wait for green light, flip switch back, close cover). It's in the manual
  2. With beaming, you mean him pointing his radar towards me? Because it was a (radar-less) Mig-15. Or do you just mean keeping him above my horizon to avoid getting (keeping..) him between me and the ground? Is this just some sort of "prone to error" rate (which will sometimes work and sometimes fail), or something that the mirage just can't really do? Because losing contacts that fly just 500ft below me, at 8000ft and 3 miles range seems a bit.. basic. And a real handicap when it comes to pvp. Mig-21 sorta has the same problem with having to fly under enemy's. But thats a 1950s era piece of kit :P *edit* Ok, think I kinda get it now. (after looking at the tacview and 90 degrees explanation from Bacab). The sharp turn from the mig caused the mig's speed (in comparison to mine) to be practically zero == background for the filter, so byebye lock. So I get it now :D (and still think it's a pita :) )
  3. Yeah, i'm sure it's just a matter of time before it's working :thumbup: On another note. I have been getting radar loses for some time now, (yes, i am familiar with the TWS issues). But have the problems even on STT mode (at pretty short ranges). But I have finally managed to capture it on video. I get a good lock on TWS, get in the kill range, switch to STT. Fire.. target is still in front of me, few seconds, radar contact gonzo.. Is this a bug, expected behaviour, or am I just failing? :smartass: [ame] [/ame] *I am running the latest beta
  4. PRF Selector on the radar panel. [HFR / ENT / BFR] Not to sure how the implementation of it is though. I have tried it a couple of times (last week while flying very very low) en saw a change in icons (squares) in the radar at BFR, but felt it wasn't working properly (yet). I guess because of problems with the antenna elevation (read somewhere it was still very much a work in progress). *edit* I was to slow in typing my message :D Nice one Hydrox
  5. CrashO

    Start up changed?

    Don't forget the FBW test either (left from the pilot, cover up, flip switch, wait for green, flip back, close cover). Or the DECOL light won't go off. This how I do it at the moment. But i'm sure it won't be the official way/order of doing things. But hey, it works and is fast :music_whistling: [ame] [/ame]
  6. Thanks for the update !! Love these guides :D Minor note about the refueling part, "so air-to-air refueling will only be performed from either an Il-78M or a S-3B tanker." KC-135's work fine too. Albeit a bit... weird, but still.. they can fill your tank without a problem. [ame] [/ame]
  7. CrashO


    Sort of successful carrier landing :D
  8. Why not do it "manually"? It's only one single red button to shutdown the engine (for stuff like repairs).
  9. Since the last beta it is possible to (mis)use the magic pylons for more armaments. So I tried loading the following: (rocket, 530, 82S, 82S, Fuel, 82S, 82S, 530, rocket) Loads them just fine. External view looks fine. So I taxi, take off, arm. Select Magic <DCS has stopped responding>. I have tried it on the DCS-NL server and on a local server. A friend tried it on his setup. I tried pressing the magic selector on my stick with master-arm both off ànd on. While in the air and still on the ground. Results where the same every time, full DCS crash to desktop. :(
  10. If you like the extra magics, use them. If you don't.. don't. How hard is that?
  11. Just received both updates (1.5 stable and 1.5 beta) and did a quick look in de mission designer to look for the eclair en new Magic options. No joy for the stable branch (to be expected), but... the beta has them :D :D :thumbup: :thumbup: :pilotfly: So I assume everything else from the changelog is part of the beta branch too now. :D
  12. Something seems to be wrong with the PRF selector keybinds. (To toggle between BFR/ENT/HFR radar modes). I tried assigning joy buttons to it under controls, but couldn't. I could only bind it to a keyboard key. Which I did, but in game, nothing happens. Clicking it by mouse in the cockpit works just fine.
  13. Ah. My bad. It seems to be me who appears to be the knob in this case. :D
  14. The Course heading selector on the HSI is still broken (since 2 updates ago). Thought it was fixed? Or was it one of the changes lost in the recent harddisk crash? The radar == game crash occurs to me on both the "stable" and beta branches. On the stable since the update from friday.
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