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  1. I would probably just go a 5600X if you wanted to save a bit without sacrificing much. Where you would really be making a mistake though is "Secondary 2TB (2TBx1) Seagate SATA-III 6.0Gb/s 256MB Cache HDD". Don't get spinning disks, replace those with SSD. You wont have enough space for DCS and other games on your NVMe drive.
  2. There's a key combo to fullscreen DCS. Do that and then you will never lose focus
  3. 3090 is a waste of money imo such small or possibly no benefit at all over 3080. Anyone getting a new VR headset now should be getting a G2 and definitely not a Rift S. The G2 looks much better then the Rift S even at the same resolution and oculus have given up on the Rift S it will shortly be a dead product. OP your pc will be fine for running a G2
  4. DCS doesn't scale well. A way better gfx card only gives a little better experience. I have run a Rift S and a G2 on my 1070 and the G2 was far far better then the Rift S. Even if you turned the G2 res down to match the Rift S the screens are better in other aspects as well. Eventually I upgraded my 1070 to an amd 6800 but only got a minor improvement.
  5. It doesn't make any sense that a blurry g2 picture is somehow related to a motherboard chipset. More likely due to something like DCS being more resource intensive it's causing reprojection and the steam games you tried are designed and optimized for VR.
  6. There is no correct number but there is a number/position at which the headset is at its native resolution. At which point below that would be more significantly degraded image and above that will be a less improved image by comparison. I haven't used fpsVR but there is a good chance it just uses an api call or just reads a config value to get the resolution from steam vr which may or may not be reporting it correctly. Yep, an official word from steam or hp on the issue would be good
  7. Yes there is obviously an issue, my assertion is only that the 1:1 value appears to be somewhere above 50% in steam vr. In contradiction to a few posts in this thread which say to set steam vr to only 50%. Is the bug in the % number or is the bug in the listed resolution at that % number, it could be either. People say they get great performance with the G2 set to 50%, well I get better fps in a G2 at 50% in steam vr on a GTX 1070 (over 50fps) then I do with a Rift S set to 1.3 pixel density on a GTX 1070 so I have a lot of doubt that 50% in steam vr is producing the native panel resolut
  8. Up tp you if you believe it I guess. Plenty of references to it being a thing for anyone who is interested, 2 sec google search here's an example. "To account for lens distortion, a render resolution of 3024x3024 (x1.4 supersampling) may be optimal, but it's unclear at this point exactly how much is needed" Reverb G2 SteamVR Resolution Setting : HPReverb (reddit.com)
  9. From what I have read and my own testing seems to indicate, setting the steam resolution to 50% will output to the G2 at a lower resolution then the headsets native resolution. I believe that stated resolution is before the image is distorted/warped to what is displayed on the headset panels and that 3024 x 3024 would produce a final image that is closer to the headsets panels native resolution of 2160 x 2160.
  10. Damage to my plane looks great but it seems to me like the AI has gone invincible. Plenty of hits, flashes and info showing up saying hit AI (without % indication though) but they never go down. Anyone else having issues like this? edit: nevermind found only the spits machine guns was mapped to my stick trigger
  11. Its been normal for pcs to come with only SSD drives for many years and they definitely don't crap out the drives every three years
  12. The Flying Kiwis run a server out of Australia and fly helis on Chopper Tuesdays 8pm NZDT (New Zealand time). Mostly kiwis and aussies, at least one based out of asia (Thailand), typically 20+ flying on Tuesdays Pretty casual but best to jump on the discord first if your keen, then youll get a heads up about what the mission is that week plus they also use it for general voice comms https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=255540
  13. Couldn't AAR when I only played single player but I never really needed to so I never practiced much. Now I play a lot of multiplayer where AAR is normal in a mission and general formation flying is fairly common as well and can now AAR with hornet and harrier fairly easily. Dont bother, some people just don't develop the social skills to become a fully functioning adult and communicate in constructive ways. Best ignored.
  14. People are like DCS runs crap, its always going to be slow etc etc. I don't know what you guys are on about, min 45fps in a 4k headset like the HP G2 sounds pretty awesome to me. It looks like OP here isn't able to push a 3080 with his current vr headset. Still very interesting to check out and read about and probably informative with people who have and will stick with low res originaly VR headsets. Seemingly not all that relevant to people who have or are getting higher res headsets.
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