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  1. I seem to be stuck with this common problem where the aircraft rolls left, making it unflyable. It is a known bug affecting people for years for DCS. I'm flying the tf-51. -I fly with the keyboard -I have ctrl+enter activated, everything is centered -I have reset all trims after take off -Yes, i have raised landing gear -I also have RPM and Throttle values for operating range. This means no over RPM or over throttle causing the aircraft to torque to the left. Really need help with this. The aircraft cannot fly level. It just rolls left slowly as if the left aileron is heavy. This is the tf-51 module. No weapons or arms. -Also don't tell me to get a joystick. If it occurs with the keyboard, it will still be there with the joystick Please help!
  2. hey i started like 4 days ago too... i have a question. i'm being hit by this common problem where the aircraft rolls to the left. everyone on the web playing DCS experiences this. how do i get rid of this problem?
  3. Hi! I need help with configuring an old AV8R joystick from 2009. It is the Xbox 360 version with "M1" and "M2" switch on the right side. M1 being Xbox and M2 PC. It is made by Saitek. reference: http://www.amazon.com/Saitek-Aviator-Flightstick-Xbox-360/dp/B001EYU1W8 Can anyone help me configure this? I am playing the tf-51 module. I have successfully learnt to start, trim and taxi in just 2 days. I have problems taking off with using the + and - keys. I need more of a progressive input. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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