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  1. I *almost* love the Orion stick. It's smooth in every direction and I quite like the softer force required to press the buttons/hats, though it's unlike real mil-spec buttons which are generally much harder to press, so that might not be to your liking. They have a good definite click when pressed though. The sensor hat and weapon hat are gated four-way as per most mil-spec hats which I like. The only problem for me is the small physical deadzone due to the single cam design. It's only a few mm movement, but the stick is free to physically wiggle a little ar
  2. That's not what an opinion is. It's been shown to be different to the throttle WW is trying to replicate. Several people have commented that it could be better, here and elsewhere. It's a non-issue for you. You don't need to defend WW so hard.
  3. Received my Orion yesterday and, as expected, it's great. I don't mind the alignment of the throttles. The alignment would be better if they were 'level' at the rear as per the discussion, but i don't find it uncomfortable and don't notice it when in use. TLDR : Could be better, but it's fine... for me.
  4. Claiming that ergonomics is only relevant if you're a real Hornet pilot is one of the dumbest things I've ever read on this forum. That's quite an achievement!
  5. It's a fair point to raise, the throttles would be far more comfortable in the correct alignment, I'm interested to know why WW would model it differently.
  6. This photo seems to show the alignment of the real throttles. Looks like it aligns more closely with the natural position of the left hand.
  7. If I assign TPOD Zoom In/Out to a joystick button it only acts as a momentary button instead of held. This means I have to keep clicking the button to zoom instead of holding the button.
  8. I didn't even realise the in-game model wasn't correct, it's been a while since I've looked at it. That's a bit poor.
  9. The aircraft captain can sit in whichever seat they prefer, however it is 'normal' for the aircraft captain of a helicopter to sit in the right seat, both civil and military. Some aircraft or missions are different, in the Chinook the captain sits in the left seat, long-lining is often conducted single-pilot from the left seat. As for the video, perhaps that guy preferred the left seat, perhaps it was his unit's SOP for the captain to sit in the left seat, perhaps it's just been so long that his memories are incorrect. For example he states that the synch el
  10. Nope, have a good look at the co-pilot's collective. It only has the throttle, governor RPM switch and starter trigger (which usually isn't electrically connected). The co-pilot would have to reach across to the pilot's collective to control the searchlight and landing light.
  11. Stick pinky button doesn't toggle Mav FOV when not locked.
  12. Picture of it here : https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=2238561#post2238561
  13. Contact409, are you also Tonylin409, the WinWing social media rep? If so, you should definitely state that commercial interest in your forum signature. Did you create the marketing video you linked?
  14. Fox 2 Studio is a distributor for WinWing in the US market. Although the title claims to be a simple comparison video, it's purely marketing with a vested interest. Aside from the dubious video title they're not hiding it, so not really a big deal. Still funny though. :)
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