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  1. For Mission/ Multiplayer operations and realism I know I'm not the only one who would like to be able to disable some of the ships catapults so that not only the crew are gone from them but things like shuttle covers and static objects can be placed on the deck and not overlapping crew. This kind of ability would allow multiplayer servers to have CAT 1 & CAT2 operational for recovery and takeoff ability and not have someone spawn on CAT 3 or 4 or taxi over to it when someone lands.
  2. :huh: Well I think the ones in the game are the KC-135RT which can A-A refuel themselfs. Examples A+B
  3. Thank you!!! I know some people will look this up as I did. Here is your answer! I will always do this!
  4. I have been wondering if this system is modeled as I was trying to figure out how to start the DCS F-14B Left engine with bleed air from the right engine. I have seen it done a few times from airshows with the F-14's The pilots always started Engine 1 with the start cart, disconnect the start cart and air and then spool the engine up a bit and use the bleed air to turn the second engine. Does anyone know the procedure or know a retired pilot who can whip out the check list?
  5. I had an odd issue today on a multiplayer server. In offline I have launched off CAT1 at Mil power without burner needed since I was just doing patterns and was light. I would go to MIL power and salute and nothing would happen. They did the whole salute and shoot animation and I just sat there. Nothing happened. I needed to go into burner for the cat shot to happen which shouldn't be required.
  6. Just tested it and having the SA Page on the center display will cause massive FPS loss
  7. You can't as of January, 2020.
  8. Yah, I assumed that is most likely a majority the reason as well as there hasn't been a reason to introduce changes to the plugin since no issues regarding Autodesk support have surfaced until now. That being said reasonably it would take a few weeks to create a branch of the EDM tools on or close to the release. Pull out all the specific code that would open up options and tools that only ED and 3rd parties are allowed to use. Internally test it, then either merge that branch into the new build for release or, remove support for the old previous tools and release the new branc
  9. I haven't been able to get anything to work for them. I asked Nine Line and another dev contacted me and I asked her to please add support for newer versions of 3ds max since you are no longer able to get 3ds max 2016-2017, Soon even 2018 will be unsupported by Autodesk. Since the Mod tools only work up till MAX 2017, anyone above is unable to do anything with DCS. I have asked every two months for something to be done but nothing has happened yet. I did get a reply back that licanced 3rd party teams with all the dev tools do have a more advanced set of plugins that work all the way to 3ds MAX
  10. I second this, because if there wasn't already an aircraft the possibility of a player spawning on another while sitting getting refueled or such will make this annoying
  11. Hello All, With as much anticipation that this module will bring I was looking at it more closely and noticed there are some missing crew members and incorrect crew launch positions. I know its not out yet and that there are lots of features to be added and fixed, however if someone doesn't bring this stuff up or post about it then its a slim chance if it will be noticed or added. Missing Catapult Centerdeck Operator: In between CAT 3 & 4 there is a green shirt that will usually sit inside a open panel. This green shirt is the Catapult Centerdeck Operator's job. Inside the panel
  12. No I can confirm None of the Theme Songs are present, tried the A-10C, F-14B etc nothing works but the F-16C theme
  13. It looks like 2017 is supported but I did ask if they could add support for 2018 and 2019 as that is the most recent and readily available software. This probably wont happen until the dev team update their license from 2016 to 2018 or 19. However if there is a Eagle Dynamics developer in here please add support for atleast 2018.
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