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  1. I created a MOD to change the color from green to black for day and brownish Orange for night. Works perfectly for me. Drop me a direct message and I'll send you a copy. Works with JSGME and passes integrity check.
  2. I had my default view set using SNAP views in the old system... and my center view TIR was perfect for me... they changed the default setting AGAIN but this time I can't get SNAP VIEWS to work as they did before ,,, and the a10c2 is not even listed in the default lua... E:\Program Files\DCS.openBETA\Config\View\SnapViewsDefault.lua.. so How do we now set our own snap views (ie proper command procedure) and can we adjust the default "center" view for TIR??? PS I have flown the REAL a10 simulator and you are up front and personal in the cockpit.. and with a much better view of the hud.
  3. I have beta installed and purchased the A10c II but it does not show up in module mgr... account shows purchased, have order number and status delivered.... no show....?? sent in support ticket..
  4. MIZ cleaner For anyone interested.... here is the source directory for the mission cleaner and a copy of the executable that was built from it and that I tried to use... After running it there is no SAVE option you just exit... have no idea if works or not. Using a compare program on the orig mission file and the copy that was "cleaned" there are diff's and the cleaned version actually got larger by 2 Kb??? Anyone interested... here ya go... let me know how it works for you OR if you rebuild the pgm and it works differently repost your results here... mizcleaner-master.zip mizcleaner.zip
  5. log files Sorry.. I was trying to respond from my phone and did not properly zip the log files.... These are from my Orig. user dir.. that was failing... I have since rebuilt the savedgames folder and the problem appears to be in the UNITPAYLOADS lua files... At this point the problem appears to be solved, I am bringing back each of my missions and testing. Someone said they found a program that cleans up missions. Apparently you have to build the executable and add the license, which I do not know how to do. One of the guys in our squadron did and so I tried it... "mizCleaner.exe". I ran it but, it did not appear to do anything other than display a bunch of stuff in the app window. After that is when I noticed the problems starting... In any case I have attached what I believe are the logs from the BAD version...For anyone's ref. if they find the same issue... For me the issue appears to be resolved so.... thanks for the reply and help...!!! logs.zip UnitPayloads.zip
  6. log files Here are log files... at this point I can't even add anything to a brand new mission map... and DCS hangs and I have to force shutdown to exit. going to try full rebuild of user dir...
  7. I am away from my computer right now as soon as I return I'll try to submit a log file
  8. Removed all mods Still had the same problem. Deleted a machine editor directory did a clean & repair, Now when I create a brand new mission I can't even add a new aircraft to the map
  9. When I select an aircraft on any of my existing mission files the top half of the menu is not displayed. See attached picture.
  10. Did some Jdam testing and they are really screwed up. Using the laser to set the mark point makes the error even worse. If I don't use the laser when I'm setting the mark point the error is less .
  11. Bummer, cuz many of the TAW pilots for A10 are reporting the same trouble... I thought it might be the server but I'm seeing the same issues in SP on PG and Cauc.. H-MAV's when launched in FC mode seem to just go off into la la land. Others like in the PG Quick Start mission "STRIKE" head in to kill ZSU23 when I'm targeting a tank a mile away... All shots taken within 12 nm well within range and with good target lock... seeing this in OB, latest release
  12. Is anyone else finding it hard to hit targets with any of the weapon systems in the latest REV... MAV's seem to go off into LA LA LAND or in one case hit another real target that I was never aiming at. In the PG Quick Start mission the mav heads for a ZU23 but I had a Tank locked up... 38s are missing by a bunch as well... Been flying for over 2.5 yrs now and have never had this much trouble with A10 weapons... I used to be able to FC a mav H into a target from 12-15 miles out... Now I can't get it to hit from 6 miles. And it doesn't even head in the direction of the target I have locked or FC on...???
  13. Min runs SP just fine.... Multiplayer throws the error
  14. Blessings to you For the incredible amount of work you've done... Guys like you add to the enjoyment of flying the Sims rather than listening to those who have nothing to do but complain about the problems...
  15. Can created flight plans be fed into A10 CDU
  16. UPDATE.. For what it’s worth.... the issue with 2.1 connecting for repair or update appears to be resolved. I've completed a repair and update on 2.1 ( and all came back OK. However, as soon as I hit MULTIPLAYER I get the DCS login window and in red below it says "No Internet connection", which is wrong since I have Discord running just fine and I’m already logged in to DCS AUTOLOGIN. If I hit the right arrow I finally get the server window... Still cannot connect to Viper but TTI allows me to select it and JOIN. I have a PURE install if 2.1 the shield is green, vis No IC check so irrelevant. But as soon as I join DCS start to connect then crashes with “DCS has stopped working”. Several attempts yield the same results... Both versions have full access thru firewall. I can play 2.1 in standalone but multiplayer is NFG “ No Frapping Good”...
  17. No worries, didn't think it was something I did.. thanks for the reply. Perhaps you or ED can post back here when solution is avail??
  18. Heres the log === Log opened UTC 2017-07-27 00:43:13 INFO : DCS_Updater/ (Windows NT 10.0.15063; Win64; en-US) INFO : cmdline: "C:\DCS World 2 OpenAlpha\bin\DCS_updater.exe" --apply repair STATUS: Initializing... INFO : basedir: C:\DCS World 2 OpenAlpha\ INFO : dcs_variant.txt: openalpha INFO : DCS/ (x86_64; EN; WORLD,A-10C,NEVADA_terrain,P-51D,WWII-ARMOUR,NORMANDY_terrain) INFO : branch: openalpha STATUS: Connecting to update servers... INFO : Got reply from http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com ERROR: Conection to server 'srv9update.digitalcombatsimulator.com' failed: Couldn't connect to server ERROR: srv9update.digitalcombatsimulator.com replied HTTP -1 ERROR: Couldn't connect to server === Log closed.
  19. Tried doing an update and msg comes back "cannot connect to server", cleanup works ok but repair fails with same msg... So how do I fix the installation if it won't connect. My account is good, I'm logged in, 1.5 works ok, and nothing has changed in my firewall, but just for grins I shut it down... still no JOY.... So what gives ED?? Any back door suggestions ?
  20. My biggest problem is trying to see that ugly green color in the Hood against the light background or sky. I've changed the colors in the HUD INIT file in the main directory to black and a pinkish Brown. This works great for me in single player but fails the Integrity check on any server using it. I tried putting the same path name in under the user directory what the HUD colors do not change. So obviously just putting the path name in the file in the user directory is not going to work at least for this case. Something as simple and harmless as changing the color of the HUD should not cause an Integrity check failure but I totally understand the reasoning. Perhaps if you're listening Ed you might make this an option that could pass Integrity check. I'm sure many old farts like me would really appreciate it
  21. this is a bit confusing... I'm getting dumped by two DDS files for planes that I don't own... the files are located in C:\DCS_World\CoreMods\aircraft\AJS37\Textures This one "lns_vig_fuselage_l.dds" is dated 2/19/2017 3:32 10,913 KB is this the same for anyone else??? I DONT HAVE ANY MODS.... my install dir is pure, cleaned, repaired and updated... The files the IC is complaining about are in the dir I listed above.. AND THIS IS A DCS DIRECTORY... I have no mods or edits there. The files are dated 2/19/2017 they are DCS files and the IC is rejecting them...????
  22. Was flying on the INFERNO server... flying for over 2 hrs with no problems... then Got dumped after 2 hrs of flying with "CLIENT IS TAINTED" ERROR....???? I've installed and run the updater Ran cleanup, repair, and update... all finished and indicated clean... Got in with no problem, flew a mission and then returned to base for repairs and rearm. All went well, headed back out to join with others in group and bammm got dumped by system with the above error...?? So why does it let me fly for 2 hrs before deciding to dump me...??? did the IC on the server and get the following two files marked as bad???: textures/lns_vig_fuselage_l textures/lns_vig_ext_fus_l_n Did a search for them in my install dir, which is totally free of any mods... this is a bit confusing... I'm getting dumped by two DDS files for planes that I don't own... the files are located in C:\DCS_World\CoreMods\aircraft\AJS37\Textures This one "lns_vig_fuselage_l.dds is dated 2/19/2017 3:32 10,913 KB is this the same for anyone else??? ED I totally understand your desire for software integrity, people change files and then complain that the system is broke...!!! But.... these are YOUR files...!!! So why don't they pass YOUR IC???? Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated
  23. I guess I must be the odd man out. I enjoy flying single player and have created several missions of my own in addition to find missions that I purchased or available online. I have recently started flying multiplayer on the internal server. My level of a tactical awareness systems operation and just overall enjoyment has increased dramatically. The recent update with the new Integrity checks has really put a damper on several things. As a senior citizen trying to fly and see the Hud with the ugly green color is nearly impossible in light situations. A simple modification to change the color of the hood to Black for daylight and light orange for night totally negates using the multiplayer server. This is quite unfortunate. I totally understand Ed wanting to maintain Integrity in the software when inexperienced users make modifications and then call support when things don't go right. What I don't understand is I can make these simple and harmless changes in single player but not with multiplayer. If someone is cheating in a multiplayer environment I should think it would be the job of the server administrator to either deny or kick them off. But then again that's just my humble and novice opinion.
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