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  1. Just seen ED have given me 8500 miles ($8.50) for delay in release of Apache, as a good will gesture. I'm impressed, very nice of them. Really good customer service. I think I will put this towards buying the JF-17, whilst on sale. Thank you ED, nice touch.
  2. Yea no real surprise, I was very doubtful it was coming Dec, just with the timings of the video's, and start up video not able to be made as they were waiting on stuff to be completed. Despite Wags keeping saying 2021, I was hopeful but remained sceptical. Just as well. Roll on January
  3. Base Station SteamVR™ 2.0 base stations track the exact location of your headset. Base stations are a mandatory accessory for using Varjo Aero. Guys, I am reading this correct? As well as 2K + tax. You need to buy 2 x base stations at 500EUR + tax as well? That 2K just became 3K if thats the case!!!
  4. This is amazing news, with everyone benefiting from arguable the best developer in DCS. I was concerned at the start that the Eurofighter was such a big project for a new developer. Now with HB on board this will be an awesome aircraft and a day 1 purchase for me. So happy to hear this news. Good luck to all involved.
  5. nawarren


    Outstanding effort from all involved. It's like flying a new sim, flying in VR everything looks so much better, cockpits sharper, clouds & lighting amazing. Great job. Best patch ever!!
  6. Hi NorthStar, Might be a longshot, but worth opening up the base, with desktop mount, only 4 small screws, and checking the wiring, make sure it's not catching or routed in a way where movement of the gimbal can interfere or pinch a wire. Cheers Neil
  7. Hi, I have exactly the same issue. Totally useless at night. Also laser range finder is stuck at 5860 m. No matter where i point the sight and lase.
  8. I thought It was broken or something. Had no Idea this was a design choice! Wow, it's truly awful. Please bring back the old one, which was great to navigate and view.
  9. Hi K51, Please also add me to the list. Cheers Neil
  10. Thanks for both your inputs guys, much appreciated your help and efforts to try to help me out. I will try again with everything you have all mentioned and see how i get on. Cant wait for next mission :)
  11. Thanks for your feedback. I can handle difficulty. I spent a long time landing, taxiing taking back off and re landing all around the crowd with no success. That is just frustrating. No skill involved in that whatsoever and just makes for a very frustrating and frankly annoying experience. As is landing on the roof and if the helicopter is slightly misaligned you have to take back off and try again, you get a mission failed message! That's just a waste of time and in my opinion annoying. Will try out those videos, thanks for your info.
  12. Ok then, give us a clue. How do I open mission 2 in the mission editor. I can't face flying misison 1 over again trying to find the right pixel space to land in!
  13. And I switched to 136 and heard the message to hover taxi red by crowd, I did all that.
  14. Ok I give up, Just wasted another hour on this. Landed on roof flew back to base. Hovered over the crowds/people, landed in front of flags/people/moved around. No acknowledgement of completed mission!! I quit mission and guess what, it starts again from first mission.This is just a massive waste of my time and totally frustrating. How can I progress without having to keep repeating the same thing over and over? Without trying to be rude I have to say that this campaign seems like an exercise in frustration.
  15. Ok, will try that . Thanks for your help on this :)
  16. Ok thanks for advice, I landed ok on the roof, I get that it's not meant to be easy, just that i think it needs to be made clearer what is expected. So any way after taking off I then returned to the base and landed and shut down, waited and nothing happened so i quit the mission. Now when i load the campaign again it takes me back to the first mission! WTF? It shows 1 mission flown with 50 mission success rate. This is meant to be enjoyable! I am just finding it very frustrating. What hoop do I have to jump through now to move on? Not impressed so far...........
  17. Thanks guys for your help, will try again. Seems very sensitive, first time i tried the mission failed and building burnt down :) Even though my helicopter was fine!!
  18. Very very frustrating. Have flown this mission twice now and am about to give up! Looking at the briefing I presume I have to land on the flat roof of the building? Really not clear at all. When i approach to try and land I get a mission failure message and i end up going through the roof and crashing the helicopter. At the moment I feel that this campaign is a waste of money. Please give me a clue to what I should be doing.
  19. Yea, real shame they didn't include any IA missions for Syria in other aircraft. Hopefully this will be added soon.
  20. Wow, That was some fantastic flying. Must have taken a lot of practice. Outstanding display and very like the real thing. Great job, I really enjoyed watching the display. Do you use VR may I ask. How do you get such precise control, I am very sloppy on the controls when i try 4 point rolls, etc. Very impressive watching your manoeuvres.
  21. Hi all, AAR is fine, but with the gear down I have trouble flying circuits, the response seems way too slow, even at over 200kts I really struggle lining up for landings, seem to need a lot more airspace than in real life. I have to plan the turns way in advance. or I will overshoot due to slow roll and pitch responce. FYI I am in config 1. With gear up all is fine. I now lower gear much later when on finals or lined up with runway. Hope this gets fixed.
  22. Thanks Nineline. Loving the F16 it's awesome!!
  23. Hi Nineline, sorry yes that's what a meant to say. There is no diagonal markings at all. Just the dots (9). Is this a bug then or not?
  24. Hi all. I noticed that the speed brake indicator only shows 6dots when in any position other than closed. I thought it displayed different symbols depending on what stage of extension. Just thought I'd mention it in case.
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