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  1. Recruiting remains closed because our training slots are full and we've reached the maximum limit for pilots our Wing has chose to accept. We do have a wait list for training and joining, so if you're interested please contact us to be added to the wait list not everyone completes training, which opens a training slot for the next guy/gal. cheers
  2. Thanks. We ended up cleaning our server install, reinstalling DCS and that fixed the issue.
  3. It seems we can only run Syria and Caucasus theatre mission on our server; Nevada and Persian Gulf will not load.
  4. Since the hotfix we can get one server only running. Anyone else having this issue?
  5. I just updated to the latest Open Beta update and I am not able to start our 3 servers. Has something changed, or is anyone having issues getting their servers up? I start DCS, start the GUI, put the port in and the server is detected. Connect to it and it doesn't try to load the mission or start. Just stays in the offline state. Thanks
  6. Recruiting is closed for the North American side of our house. Thank you to those who applied. Unfortunately, we do not accept all applicants.
  7. Currently OPEN for both North American and European squadrons.
  8. On behalf of Carrier Air Wing One I'd like to wish all a very Merry Christmas.
  9. Merry Christmas to all from Carrier Air Wing One.
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